Drugs and Subs 🍾


I was going through severe reconciliation yesterday due to my custom when I decided to smoke a joint on my own and meditate. It was incredible, I gained so many new insights saw symbols and colors and just had the fun of my life. Today I woke up and my reconciliation was gone. I felt incredible and easily conquered my day.

Anybody else having similar results? This thread is also meant to discuss the effects of certain drugs on the subliminal input itself. But of course all “theoretically” and don’t do drugs blabla


A user here just informed me about MCT oil that had effects. I noticed that I have do ease of reconciliation when I take huge amounts of ASEA.


I get a “Runners high” while riding my bicycle long distances, really helps my anticipatory anxiety when I wake up and before I want to socialize. I was getting a lot of action reconciliation on the alpha subs I was using, that also contributed to my morning anxiety.


the few time’s I’ve been drunk on Emperor, I feel like my identity is even more that of an Emperor,
and my ability to relate externally is just as powerful. This had me very happy about confirmations of these subs effectiveness, on previous companies subs, when I would be intoxicated it felt like I was back to normal.


I am experiencing that as well on Khan. It feels like the whole Khan instructions got downloaded into my brain and my subconsciousness has now the room to execute


Why is it that it’s so slow to execute?
What are the factors that affect execution?

What I noticed is that when I up my nutrition I can process faster and handle more Q loops without any negatives…


alcohol is a behavioral disinhibitor, through cognitive inhibition.


Funny, I actually just smoked for the first time in forever last night. Some reconciliation before as well. I wrote a whole journal post whilst high but didn’t submit it haha. But yeah, overall it was a great experience, and I was definitely way more confident, more in the moment, and way less in my head while talking to people than in the past. Just felt great and it helped me understand one of my best mates who is so charismatic and bold with people and girls even while high. Could tell that the subs have eroded negative beliefs and self talk. I just felt good and wasn’t overthinking… which wasn’t the case most of the time in the past while high. Felt like I could’ve hit up anyone and been calm and collected. I’m also doing the carnivore diet since last weekend and the weed made me feel better cause that transitionary/adaptation phase was very rough. Today was the best I’ve felt so far. I don’t want to give credit to yesterday’s weed making my body feel better today though cause I did up my electrolytes yesterday and over time your body will naturally adapt to running on fats.

Definitely some synchronicity here lol. You’re running Khan too, right? Hmm.


I think weed might help in the short run due to some of its effects, but that in the long term it also lowers the amount of processing that the brain performs during sleep and in general is a drug that slows down/inhibits change in your life. No stress, less feelings of annoyment and in general fun vibes that weed helps with - this doesn’t help light a fire under your butt to get things to change so that your situation will be better. And this goes directly against what we want from subs - a way to change to the better in the ways we want to.

At least, that’s my experience with this…


Note to self: When in reconciliation smoke WEED!


Trust me, I am aware of this. That’s why that was my first smoke in forever.


@Hermit may have some insights on this. Mentioned something about it recently.


chronic mj lowers hippocampus volume or density, cant remember…


If I you don’t overdo it, I see no harm in smoking joints from time to time. I have been smoking a joint everyday for the last two days and will probably do so today aswell. I use it for meditation and expanding my consciousness and it feels great. You really cannot compare it when you take it with friends on a party or alone when you do your spiritual practices. And to be honest, the last two days have been my most productive in weeks!

Reconciliation is also completely gone


@khan - you’ve found the cure !

I have no judgement of use of drugs

I fortunately/unfortunately can’t smoke weed as in turns me into a paranoid recluse who leaves his body or feels like I’m trapped in cartoon hell lol

I have been an addict of other drugs before though- again like a literal addict-who had to be hospitalized and rehab.

My standing theory is drugs are self medication -to cover up or not feel unresolved emotional charges

Control substances -amphetamines, cocaine, nicotine–for those whose emotional charge seeks control or masculine empowerment (looking for masculine energy)

Sedative substances-alcohol, downers-for those who seek sedation/numbing or for those who seek feminine (life flow surrender) empowerment-- tend to have stronger natural or unhealthy masculine.

Weed is super powerful cause it does both :slight_smile: it’s a sedative and a control agent- so even though it’s not technically addictive in the way nicotine or cocaine is- its psychologically addictive- like Ultima subs

If mitigating those emotional charges helps one be a better human being in life–or have a better life–and it is sustainable -awesome

if it doesn’t or causes backlash --then better to take precautions

But in either case IMO when those emotional charges are resolved the substance loses its appeal and value.

PS. I understand that, and have quite a few friends who consciously use weed and/or other drugs for spiritual practice and development and I totally respect that. That may fall into a different category-still with its upsides and downsides but possibly different


I don’t want to sound argumentative, but this is precisely why I dislike being around mj users. I can just feel the anxiety of their sobriety.


@Azriel Great insights. I am that I am.


I’d be very curious what happens while listening to subs while on psychedelics. Given how they tend to give more power to the subconscious, with stronger doses even allowing it to take control over the conscious experience. And they increase activity in the brain to allow for more open communication between the conscious and subconscious.

But I’d be reluctant to test it, a deep psychedelic journey is tough enough as is. Imagine adding a T or T² amount of subliminal messages on top of it.


It would be the same as the traditional use, dancing around a fire with your tribal mates influencing the whole experience.

I found that it would depend on the hallucinogen as well. Some need to be directed by something. I imagine something like DMT is too weird to speculate on.


Let’s just say that Saint has some experience with experimenting with these things, but when I suggested it, he advised against it. My main interest in it is because most psychedelics not only give control to the subconscious at higher doses but also open your mind up enough to recognize what the subconscious is telling you. So if the subconscious is being bombarded by subliminal messages that it has to process, those may very well influence what it is showing you. Massive confrontations with your limiting beliefs, images of what your life could be, it might be like vivid dreams but without the dreaming part.

On the other hand, subliminals are “artificially” steering the experience, which is against the natural flow that one is supposed to have during a psychedelic “journey.” So the effects may end up more like a Salvia nightmare or an Ayahuasca purging rather than a pleasant journey showing you how to grow as an person.