Dreams Interpretation


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Is there any authoritative source with regards to the interpretation of dreams? Or do the meanings of the dreams depend on the background of the dreamer?


Dreams are the brain’s poetry.

Every symbol has many meanings.

But there are real messages in them.

Self-exploration is both the key and the lock to understanding.

But you can start by looking to universal archetypes. The Jungians are very helpful.


Wow this is really good.


Most of my dreams are easy to understand but if not i found this site to be helpful:
For sure there are many resources like books and so on but for a quick look its good enough.


I have a question regarding dreams.
I am not sure who here is an expert on dreams but I think @DarkPhilosopher, @SaintSovereign and @Malkuth are the right people to ask. Anyone else is welcomed as well.

When I dream of not archiving something, for example getting an scholar ship. The dream is pretty harmless so there is no fear involved and it is not something I wished. Is my subconscious then letting go of the idea of me archiving this? And when do I know when it does?


Dream symbol “meanings” aren’t universal…But one thing i’ve read about (and can totally agree with) is that if you take a comprehensive dream dictionary and start to study it…your SubC mind will start to shift dreams to match the meanings from the dictionary you’re using.

It could take time, but I figure it could be worth it if you go that route.
I don’t necessarily look at dream symbols themselves, but more look at the meaning of the relationship BETWEEN SYMBOLS.

I treat dreams as metaphors, and then imagine I’m telling the dream to someone else as a bedtime story, and see what meaning comes from that story.


You know by observing and reflecting on your feelings and perceptions while you are awake.

Your conscious mind has something to offer to the conversation as well.

You can think of your dreams as contributing to a creative process. You are working with these elements to create the meaning in your life. You’re not merely a passive recipient of fixed meanings.

It’s almost like your subconscious says ‘okay, we’ve got red, blue, orange, and brown. Those colors are nonnegotiable because they’re just in us right now’. Then your conscious mind says ‘Thanks. Got it.’ and proceeds to create an image that uses those colors.

They work together to create the meaning. You have some degree of say in the process.

(Instead of colors, we’re dealing with symbols, emotional tones, issues, dynamics, and perceptions.)


Is it possible for the “Dream” subliminal to send you direct intuitive messages or premonitions about someone or a situation ?

Or would your dreams would just be reflections of your subconscious , rather than a direct intuitive/psychic message ?


Want to understand your dreams? Begin and keep a journal of them, writing it down right after wake up.


Perhaps I already have, and needed further clarity - Did you consider that ?




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this is an anonymous forum. people don’t know what your personal practices are.


direct psychic messages can be received via the subconscious. but often they are distorted or muffled by the ‘static’ of other mental contents. so, for most people most of the time, a purely premonitory dream seems to be comparatively rare.

People who have practiced disciplines leading to clarity of mind can experience more of this kind of thing. Other people are just naturally talented or inclined to receive such types of messages. It seems that there are other factors too. For example, if you have a strong emotional/mental connection with a particular person or situation, messages/information about that person or situation may be strong enough to ‘pierce through the static’. this latter happens to me from time to time.


Have you read the tone of his reply to me BEFORE casting your ‘WTF’ remarks?

Yes - Despite my vagueness, he could have rephrased his answer in a polite manner i.e. “Have you considered journaling your dreams” , rather than being condescending.


Are you using Dreams subliminal already? Or are you thinking about it? I’ve been curious about this one too.

I’ll move into that phase at the end of the year.


Does anyone know a good website/service for dream interpretation?

I am not talking about the normal dream symbols you can find with every google search but about someone who is actually reading your full dream and then interpreting it (with some context one can provide).


Jungian analysts generally have a good grounding in dream analysis. If your local area has a C. G. Jung Institute, that would be one option to explore. Or you could check out an associated website.


I’ve been listening to Emperor for around 4 weeks now - approximately 2-3 hours daily. However, my dreams have been quite violent in nature (people attacking me). Could it be that my subconscious is not accepting it and should I discontinue listening to it?


Ever used the Commander super charger? It has very similar imagery.

Could you describe more? Give more background? About your mind and your life?

What are your goals for using Emperor and what are your perceived external and internal obstacles to reaching those goals? How much do you feel those goals matter to you?

Thinking about these may help you to find some of the symbolic meaning in your dreams. It may also clarify whether or not you want to push forward with Emperor.


Sounds like you are scared of what people think of you or the way you look. I might be wrong coz dreams are specific to an individual.


Thanks for your reply. I haven’t used the Commander SCharger.
One of the dreams I had was that a gang was trying to kill me in quite a gruesome way. But it was really strange as in my dream I remember telling myself that I have been listening to the Subs and should fight back. That itself made me more confident.
Another dream I had was that my 2 week old niece passed away and it was because I somehow infected her with Covid (I’m not even infected). And the latest dream I had was that I’d been bitten by a venomous snake.
I am into marketing communications but have been out of a job for around 8 months now and it was mainly due to murky corporate politics. However, one of the reasons I was given was that I didn’t seem aggressive or passionate enough even though my work was top notch. And I believe there is some truth to that. I am your typical laid back - really don’t care, don’t emote too much kind of dude. So I have been listening to Emperor to make me more aggressive and confident.
Like @blackadder mentioned I do care about people’s opinions, although I am trying to work past that. I do feel a very slight sense of confidence or the willingness to push myself in situations I otherwise wouldn’t, especially in social situations. But these dreams feel too real and I wake up with quite a bit of anxiety after they happen.