Dragon shed your scales

Day 1 (first cycle)
So I made the jump!
Somehow I knew it when I read the email, but I did take a few days to think it through.
6 weeks of Reneration and Elixir seems like the perfect prelude to this sub.
The world crisis as a background for personal transformation and development.

My loosely plotted flow-chart for Dragon Reborn is 40 days per stage. Starting with 2 loops per day, 10-12 hours apart. The last stage will probably play for a long time.
I might also play a loop of Elixir to support DR, but I´m not sure yet.

I´m finished with the second and last loop of today and I have a couple of early observations:

  1. This is a strong sub. It takes up a lot of brainpower and I feel the whole brain-activation in a powerful way.
  2. Heat! The energy starts at the feets within a minute and travel up the legs and body. The warmth are welcome, as the weather is chilly in Sweden this time of the year.
  3. Emotional Disturbance. (expected) The heart takes a punch. I feel sorrow and sadness during, and after loops. Deep issues are being adressed.
  4. Lightness and clarity. I was out with my daughter, shopping for a riding helmet and I had this feeling of mental clarity the whole time.

I’m on Regeneration and Elixir right now and planning on switching to DR soon too. Why did you decide to take a 10-12 hours break between the loops if I may know, please? Why 40 days? I deem it reasonable to play Stage 4 for a longer time too. I’m going to support Stage 1 and 2 with Elixir, and Stage 3 and 4 with Rebirth most likely.

One loop hits hard. It´s like a brain within the brain are working really hard. I don´t like to feed it more loops until it calms down. I might do more loops when I´m used to the script.

It might very well turn out to be 60 days. I will feel myself through this. I won´t go under 30 though, as that is the recommended minimum.
I saw that you will be doing 42 days. We will get close to the same exposure if we follow our plans.

I´ll keep Elixir aswell. Did a loop before bed yesterday. Rebirth I have no experience with, but on paper it is a good sub for transformation.

When will you make the switch?


Thank you for your answers.

I was planning on doing my healing stack for 42 days but right now the results have dropped a lot and it looks like very little was happening so I think I’ll switch to DR on Sunday night sticking with Elixir. Don’t make me wrong, Regeneration and Elixir have done great work for me.

I listen to Q subs at night only so it’s going to be 2 loops with a 4 hours break between for a start plus 1 loop of Elixir during the day since I listen to Ultimas during the daytime only because at night it may cause sleep deprivation.


Day 2
20 years ago I had a girlfriend that I loved very much. She dumped me over the phone.
I have almost the same feeling now - but for no apparent reason.
Heat and heartache is what I´m getting from this sub. But also the strength to endure.
I have no problem to carry on with my daily activites. When shopping for groceries I still had this sense of confidence and clarity. Weird.
Yesterday my girlfriend asked me if I was hot as I had sweatrings under my arms. (in November - not normal!)

I feel good and bad at the same time. Depths and inner space.


Did you feel detached from those feelings and experiencing them at the same time?

Mostly detached. But I can enter them and investigate.


Day 3
Only one loop today. Meetings and work all day. I think I will skip Elixir aswell.
There is a part of me that wants this sub straight up, undiluted.

Like yesterday I have this deep emotional state. I listened to Roxanne by The Police on the radio when driving and it was like a hammer to the heart. I mean it is a good song, but today it was extraordinary.

I really like this sub. Happy that I followed my impulse on this one!

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Agreed! It’s like taking the medicine straight up, no stupid sugar along with it (with all due respect to dear Elixir).


I see a simple path before me:
Listen to loops - Live life - Welcome the results
If I can follow this recipe I will be a completely new man when the spring comes.
I know it!

And every program we do after this will be better. Motivating!



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Day 4
Yesterday. Rest day.
Spent the whole day working, from morning til morning.
I had the dragon fire with me during the day, and it made me less reactive when relating to other people.
Other peoples mood just doesn´t stick to me and I can choose how to respond instead of just reacting.

I started Intermittent fasting the same day I started Dragon Reborn. I had the date planned since a long time, so it is a weird coincident.

The day before yesterday, in the evening, I accidently slammed my foot in the kitchen furniture and messed up my middle toe. I hurt like hell and the side of it blackened. I don´t know if it was broken or something so I tried to tape it together with the toe next to it for fixation, That hurt to much so I had to remove the tape and chose to ignore it as I´ve learned from my father (which is why he has a pacemaker today). Health problem? Just forget it so it can go away…
A couple of days later it is way better. As long as I´m not touching it there is a warm, fussy feeling. Quite comfortable really.
The Dragon will have this healed in notime!


Day 5 (second cycle)
Just started the second and last loop for today.
The heartache is still present when listening, but to a lesser degree. Great!
Feets are buzzing and heating up and the injury in the toe is activated but not hurting.
It´s weird how the heat start at the feets and rise upwards. It´s like I draw from the fire at the centre of the earth.

I have a question regarding cycles. The standard cycle seems to be 5 days on, 2 days off. I do 3 days on, 1 day off. Are there any cons to my way of listening? (I´m new to these things.)

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This is fine. In fact, you take rest comparitively quicker than the “normal” 5/2 schedule. It’s a good thing in my opinion.


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Yes I´m quicker to take my rest, but my rest is shorter. So far I´m “hungry” for the sub after my rest day. I take that as a good sign.

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All the best for your journey Gemstone

To you too, my friend!
Let´s see whats left of us when we reach st.2!

Somehow I have this feeling that you can’t say for sure— do one month st1 then 1 month st 2…
I think DR st 1 Wil be longer with me.
I Wil do it until I get a the feeling of moving on.

Anyway good Journey Bro

How long do you think or do st 1?

My plan is to run it for 40 days per stage, but it might turn out to be 2 or 3 month instead.
We shall see!