Dragon Reborn Journal

Hey guys,

I have been exploring Subliminal Club subliminals for about 3 months now…I explored a friends subliminals for about 8 months prior to this exploration.

My first sub was 2 loops of Ascension Chamber just to see how I could handle it!

My first stack was Paragon, Seductress and Minds Eye ~ 1 loop of each every other day for 21 days.
I did a wash out for a few days…

My second stack was Paragon, Chosen From Within and Ultimate Artist ~ 1 loop of each every other day for 21 days.

I did a wash out for 2 weeks after that “heavy” stack!

I started a third stack of Paragon, Ultimate Artist and Minds Eye, but stopped after a week. Wasn’t feeling it at all and got the advice to try Dragon Reborn exclusively.

I am on day 3 of DR. 1 loop every other day for 21 days of stage 1.

I got to hear the updated version today!


Hey! Awesome! Ride the dragon!

Does the new cut of it feel different to the first one you did?

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After dabbling with various subliminals on here - Ascension Chamber, a stack of paragon, seductress, minds eye, another stack of Chosen From Within, Paragon and Ultimate Artist… I started a stack of Paragon, Ultimate Artist and Minds Eye…

I had to do a longer wash out with my stack that included Chosen from Within. There was a lot of intense recon with that one… deep profound sadness as I grieved the loss of my old self… the one who people pleased, felt guilt for choosing me first, manifested shit etc.

It was recommended that I give Dragon Reborn a try, so I dropped the other stack I was doing!

I am on day 3 of DR S1.

My first listening day I felt good all day but then suddenly felt the sadness creeping up on me! I was watching my daughter play with the neighbour kids. I want her to move back full time and return to her old school. I’d love to have all my kids but then I orbit around how to make it all happen as a single parent who desires a marriage and family life instead.

I had a dream about talking with my ex fiancé (whom I still want) about my school career. I was seeking advice and debating on my future plans. I remember seeing chocolate Tim bits and helped one of my most challenging students. this is something I swing back and fourth about. career or business person… how to have it all!

I also dreamed of leaving my bass guitar outside in the rain and it got damaged. I was thinking why would I do such a thing?! That isn’t like me! I started wondering what my ex fiancé would think of that. Everything was falling apart on my bass guitar! I was trying to find solutions to fix the damn thing. I suddenly shifted to remembering my bass guitar was in my music room safe and sound, but remembering it has a slight rattle and needs some adjustments by my guitar repair friend.

I have noticed an increase in some behaviour patterns I was working on eliminating. I like the awareness but I don’t want to be experiencing that crap anymore. Googling physical symptoms and self diagnosis. It’s not productive and takes my focus off what I want rather than what I don’t want!

I had a big cry when I woke up yesterday followed by deep yoga and a long walk where I ended up under a tree for quite some time. Thinking lots about everything that’s happened and where I want life to go.

Today I listened to the updated version of the sub.

Curious where this will take me!


I feel almost like I’m in a dream world after listening to the updated version today!


Dream world…like “Inception”? “Matrix”? What kind of dream world?

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@Earth_Angel Trees have given me some life changing ideas and decisions why sitting under then with my back touching them.


Disconnected from my surroundings or environment… in a dream world… sort of how I’ve felt on mushrooms long ago!
Robot-like almost… and then I find myself apologizing to people for my possible “off” behaviour and try to explain what recon means!
Then I feel like I’m crazy and get slightly anxious or depressed over it, but it shifts more quickly.

Are they judging me?

Then it brings me deep inside of myself with memories flooding in from the past…

The people pleasing care what others think character I created.,

I abandoned myself for others to be happy…

This could be chosen from within after effects possibly!


Me too!

I find myself putting my legs up against the tree sometimes and do some deep belly breathing… get myself into a state akin to sleep… go to a place where I have it all… it feels lovely…

My sacred place or “sanctuary” which seems to be by the water with rocks and mountains, birds, a lovely breeze, and the perfect warmth.

I find peace calm and serenity there…:heart:

Minds Eye has definitely helped me tap into using more sensory vividness with this!

When I got out of my own way (the old man ego)

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Day 4 of DR ST1 ~

I had the strangest dreams last night… Which I will share in a moment, but I woke up feeling like staying in bed longer to relax and meditate… without guilt and far less monkey mind!

I only remember bits and pieces from my dreams but some specifics stood out for me…

I went to meet an online friend whose a hypnotist and NLP coach… he pulled out his penis which appeared to be very small and crooked like. I was thinking to myself, “how do I not offend him but show that I’m not interested in that?” (This relates to moments in my life where I was afraid to hurt someone’s feelings, so I would just go with something to make them happy, which in turn would only hurt me.) I was worried he would try hypnosis on me to change my mind…
His penis suddenly became very massive in length and girth and I remember thinking, “oh, maybe he’s a grower and not a shower!” :laughing:

Foreskin suddenly appeared… (This relates to experiences where I was afraid to tell a guy about my lack of experience with foreskin and how uncomfortable I felt. I’ve ended possible relationships over this issue with myself. I’m not grossed out or anything, but seemingly lack confidence in that department. Having preferences doesn’t have to mean you’re a shitty person who limits them self with finding the ideal partner. :thinking:)

This really had me questioning a lot in my sleep!

The dream seemed to have ended there with no conclusion, but I’m going to revise the experience and play it out how I’d want it to actually go for me!

I dreamed about an old friend having this concerning looking mole on her body. (Since doing 3 rounds of Paragon I have had a lot of dreams relating to physical ailments in other people or with myself ~ stemming from deep rooted trauma around di-sease and losing people from various illness and disease.) I have been exploring Dr Joe Dispenza and other people who have had miraculous healings through the use of their imagination and tapping into the quantum realm, etc.

My old self depended heavily on mainstream western medicine until 2020 when I went through a “spiritual awakening” and became a healer, but my new self has changed their beliefs.

Since subliminals my old self and new self battle it out, which presents in my dreams. It creates heavy recon and I have wanted to quit many times but stuck it out.

I was resisting journaling or sharing my real progress with my dear friend who led me to this page and these subs!

The old man laughs at me and mocks me! :roll_eyes:

But I’ll laugh right back as I keep persisting, living from the end of my wishes fulfilled.



ROFL! I love this! I needs a MF dragon too!:joy::joy::joy:


Today is day 5 of DR ST1 ~

Yesterday was my rest day. I had this feeling of being above everyone and high off life all day. Like I was on top of my game. I didn’t feel any recon until about 8:00 pm.

A surge of anger came over me while listening to a recording by my mentor where he said, “explore where you’re finished with what doesn’t matter.”

I started to feel sad and began to cry, with all kinds of shitty thoughts appearing related to my self concept over the years.

I was able to shift quickly by going outside and stretching under a tree. Lots of deep breathing and revising what just happened.

Today was listening day. I felt recon almost immediately upon waking. I don’t really remember the details of my dreams and felt anxious when I woke up. I thought maybe I am being brainwashed and this stuff is just creating a state of regression for me or another distraction instead of lasering in on my goals. :roll_eyes:

I received some shitty texts from my dad, which all showed me reminders of what to heal inside of me.

I grew up not wanting to become like my mother because what people thought of her. That she was mental and not a good mom. That she made some poor choices and stayed stuck in low vibration. She was “sick” and stuck in the state of di-sease.

I’ve always cared what people thought about me. I wanted approval and acceptance from others because I didn’t feel approval or acceptance from my own parents, more specifically my dad.

Deep down inside I have felt like a mental case or a shitty mom.

I went to college, majoring in psychology around human behaviour and personality disorders. I felt like I was becoming what I was studying. I would find any relation or connection in myself from the studying or the people and things around me. I notice where this still shows up even more now for me since these subs.

I felt like the person who wasn’t trustworthy and didn’t follow through on what they said they would do. (Unconsciously) I no longer want to hold those beliefs over myself.

I am so glad this stuff is showing up to release for good.

The sadness has subsided and I became eager to journal my thoughts, which is progress for me!

What’s on the other side of all of this? I am excited to see where I go with this journey.


Day 6 ~
I had a dream about being somewhere where I had to pay for something but they added an extra fee to it (like $100 more) and I quickly noticed and got out of there before they noticed. It was so strange. I was in this foreign place trying to find my way out. I was then at an end of school year work party (my old school) where all my old colleagues were. I wanted to be a part of the experience, but I didn’t work there anymore. Not sure what this means! I do want to eventually be all in as a business woman but hold on to my school career. 10 years in the making…

Had a weird dream relating to worries and fears I’ve had. The meanings I have added to physical things on/in my body. Looking for physical problems and orbiting around finding solutions. An endless and not very fun game I have played with myself for far too long. Remembering a lifetime of researching disease and how I want to erase it all from my mind!

A fresh clean slate. A new foundation to build off of.

Would I have done it differently if I had the chance? Absolutely!

Been questioning adding other subs to this experience…

I can handle recon but have been feeling unloving thoughts towards myself. I also keep revisiting my past but to see it from a different perspective. I feel obsessive thoughts relating to mental and physical aspects of myself have become heightened too.

I wonder if I just stick it out with DR solo without anything else added, but then I wonder about adding lovebomb maybe.

I have kids, career, business and artistic endeavours I want to continue working at during this process though!

I’m noticing very quickly where I give violence to my desires relating to things I am working on manifesting and the things I am working on de manifesting… :laughing:

I’m a follower of Neville Goddard teachings and have been exploring there a lot since almost 2 years ago.


Day 7 ~
Recap from yesterday “rest day” …

I had some recon late in the evening yesterday with this feeling of frustration about giving advice and hearing peoples problems for free. I have invested a lot of time and money into my training and skills as a professional of my field. I love to teach, coach, guide, mentor, and “heal” but not for free!

People come at me all the time with their problems and now I am noticing this deep inner pain around it. Where do boundaries come into place here? Friend vs professional.
I got in an argument with someone about this. They said they listen to their friends problems all the time. I said to them, "would you go and fix someone’s drywall after work for free? I am a professional problem solver and value my time and energy.

This rang a chord for me. I was someone who didn’t value their time or energy and wasted it in many ways. I would choose partners, friends and things to fix in order to not focus on me and my empire.


Lets shift that right now - “I am someone who values their time and energy. I do what I say I am going to do and it doesn’t matter what other people think about that!”

I had super high energy at bedtime and couldn’t settle to sleep. I had a bunch of dreams with minimal recall. I notice things I have worried about happening were showing up in my dream so I feel this is a nice clearing to have more space for what I want instead!

Today I added Love bomb with DR ST1 as suggested.

I listened to DR when I woke up, followed by mobility and yoga outside. I felt this cleansing feeling through my body and began to cry. Feeling like everything is going to be okay. I listened to LB shortly after. I feel a slight headache and a bit anxious but nothing too crazy.

I am wondering about adding Paragon to my stack, but maybe that would overwhelm the crap out of me? I had Paragon in my 2 previous stacks before this new journey with DR!


Days 8&9 ~ **I left for the weekend to see a friends band two nights in a row. I was able to enjoy myself while managing the recon.

Day 8 was my first resting day after pairing DR with Lovebomb. Heavy recon that day!

I spent the night at my friends Friday, but wanted to be alone. I didn’t sleep well and left pretty quickly when I woke up.

I sensed my friends weak aura and bluntly told them not to be a weak ass b**** or something along those lines! It actually helped him though. I can’t believe that came out of my mouth.

I had a realization that I had a history of attracting men who felt weak inside/needy and I’d work on fixing them, as a distraction from my own goals.

This realization brought out some anger and deep frustration. I ended up crying a lot over it.

Day 9 ~ Today I cried off and on but overall was a nice day. Lots of aha moments. Spent the day by myself in nature and at the lake.

I know what I want and I’ll persist until it’s all mine!

My ex’s mom and dad were super friendly with me today when I went to visit my toddler. Normally there is some tension.

I accidentally almost cut off a driver on the highway. They smiled and gave me a thumbs up when typically you’d get the middle finger or a horn honked at you! Cool.

These subs paired are awesome.


I was thinking you could use some Love Bomb and…


LB’s working great combined with DR.


What is your listening schedule plan for the next 8 days?

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Every other day ~ I will do one loop of DR ST1 and LB. Rest day in between.

Do you have a different recommendation?

Yeah I am enjoying the LB addition!

I’ve realized how strong I really am on this subliminal journey and I am enjoying the healing process. :heart:

Looking forward to future subs after this process.


I would encourage you to try 3 days a week, such as M W F.


Day 10 ~ rest day

I had some very intense and vivid dreams all through the night. I didn’t want to get up today, so I slept a couple more hours. (Without guilt)

Woke up desiring a nature adventure. Packed up quickly and left.

A lot of reflection about leaving my ex fiancé, breaking up my family, and the choices that followed. This had me feeling sad and angry with that part of me who made those choices.

Feeling like I’m missing out on what could have been if I hadn’t left the relationship.

Realizing when I was full of shit and tried convincing myself otherwise. I was such a fake and fraud in some ways but glad I am more aware and can put that state to rest.

I was going to meet a guy today, noticed he was taking too long so I bailed on plans. I also sensed some heavy recon kicking in. I took myself on a date and then went for another walk in nature. Found myself stretching in the grass with the bunnies.

Happy with the choice I made to keep my evening a solo experience to focus on my inner healing.

I find myself holding back less about how I feel with people and speaking more freely. Not so caught up on what they might think about it.