Dragon Reborn Journal by Dragonrider


Hi there and welcome to the nasty side of healing😁


Username checks out



Looking forward to following your journey of being reborn :slight_smile:


“Dragonrider Reborn” is what I’d call this journal!


1 loop
First 25 min I had headache in a particular spot
After that somehow it broke open and I was at the point where I scream: I don’t let me beat down. I don’t give up in life, I start again.
After that I feel something rushing through me and shooting energy out of my body.

After the first loop I wrote Saint Sovereign a pm he needs to make it available for a custom

2 hours later I felt very bad
2 hours later a Frend tell me he don’t want to talk to me anymore because he can sense how I want to dye.

I want this DR as a custom and give it to me Hardcore this Month


Sounds like you dodged a bullet. That’s a fake friend if I ever heard of one


No it’s actually my best Frend who helped and still helps me the most in my life

He didn’t hung up on me and is trying his best all the time😉


Day 1 loop 2
Start now… Update in 1-3 hours


What are your objectives and expectations towards DR?


Strong Healing.
I can say that from the first loop it targeted many different areas and is the complete package

  1. Loop now and headache begins again.


Could you be more precise, please? What areas do you mean?


First emotional
Then unhealthy actions I did
Unhealthy beliefs
Spiritual as well
Like in the description
But I get the feeling that this is a hard sub
But just read this tread it will be pretty informative


You know what I do it live for you and Wright what’s going on in this hour.

First 5 min headache
Realization : don’t let myself down I need to be strong
I can not watch myself any longer in this pathetic state I am in
I watch good to myself and do things that makes me feel god
I want to escape reality
I don’t want to be here
Its ugly here

Strong feeling of power from the sub
Activation of the head level
Feels like a Steadfast warrior
Feeling of cleaning out weakness in my root area
Power to proceed
Strong grounded state
Feeling of an exit is made in my head to shoot energy out
Pull up from weakness
Don’t fall into unhealthy emotions
Solid straight posture
Compact dense energy I feel
Feels like my whole being is targeted/cleaning
Afraid of what’s coming/ want to go back to my shitty state because it’s a place I know
I go forward it’s the only way
Now I feel pain in my heart
Feels like I am bursting
Don’t look away
Don’t escape
Feels like cleaning hot wind that blows from my feet upwards
Focus on the moment/even if it’s unpleasant
Stopping to ignore my feelings
No fear to feel and be here
Solid grounded power
This is hard to Wright but doable
Feeling of I am cleaner
Fire in my belly
Now fire in my balls
I can do this
Fire is rising
Ohh shit now it’s in my heart
Cleaning fire
I can not be alone starts to burn
Ohh shit loneliness arises
Holy fire is burning away loneliness and what’s connected to loneliness
I stand tall in my room. Can’t walk and move my body
Fire is rising upwards
my feet tingel
Posture like a Greek God
Pain in my heart
Headache in my left back side
Fire rushing trough me
Left eye pain
Fire reaches my back burning upwards
Stone Hard back starts to soften
Pain in my back
Hands and arms are burning comfortably
Fire is very comfortable and has healing energy not destructive
Some body parts are energy zed wit healing energy, warm an whole

Loop is finish
There you have it


It’s attacking your negative “side” on all fronts then. Looks impressive, I must admit.


Feels like a part of my brain is washed
Still more to clean
Very unpleasant backpain need to correct my posture and start flexibility exercises
Dizziness in my head
Ohhhh interesting I feel fire in my back at the sakral region
And now I fall into my bed
Over and out


Seriously? WTF???
I saw your follow up reply but I would be incredibly leery of anyone who said something like that


Thanks for being so descriptive @Dragonrider. I’m eyeing your journal


That’s an odd manifestation indeed. I wonder how it goes when he talks to some other people, especially family members.


This journal kind of shows that DR is beyond what I’m prepared to do or focus on right now. Khan ST1 + my custom ultima shall do.


I’m actually curious as to how old he is but what you said I well. He sort of reminds me of myself when I was in my early twenties. If that’s the case I could probably provide input if requested