Do eqalizers or track amplifying techs/Noise canceling effect the subs?


guys do you think equalizers or other technologies the mess up with the track in some way could affect the outcome?
I’m listening through my phone now its a sony with sony headphones that have an option that’s called DSEE HX, supposedly amplifying the quality of a track to near high definition, I’ve been experimenting a bit with it and I’ve found out to sound better with most mp3 tracks if they are not lower than 320kbps that is

Could a vocals equalizer setting give any better results?

So I’m just wondering if equalizers or such technologies or Noise canceling could could have a negative or positive effect ?


Equalizers and noise canceling could definitely mess up the ultrasonic track. You probably SHOULDN’T, but you COULD play around with equalizers on the masked tracks. Feel free to test and report back.


Alrighty then! I’ll test the voice equalizer with the headphones and report back :slight_smile:

Thank you brother