Discussion of Business Related Topics

Good afternoon Ladies & Gentlemen.

So, this topic might be the beginning of a long-form discussion of business related topics. Any business related questions on start-ups, product/service based businesses such as hosting platforms for a website, shipping carriers, etc.

I thought this would be a worthy thread as many different members here are building there businesses, in order to work as a community and help each other out unconditionally on there personal/business oriented developments alongside there subliminal journeys.

(Caution – this topic is not for advertising other businesses though).

Working as a group is always many times more powerful then working alone on a project. Here at SubliminalClub there are many intellectual & competent leaders ready to concur society, aid and grow humanity to a higher potential. I see this Thread as a way for members to share, trade and give knowledge on various topics, specifically related to building businesses.

Let’s hope this is an initiation into a group of friendly, helpful and beloved people that want to grow themselves and there businesses to the next level, and to be able to change the world on an immensely large scale. Anything related to Sales & Marketing, System & Processes, Administration, Website Building, Accountancy, etc. may be discussed in this Thread.

First of all let’s just quickly verify with @HypeDaddySovereign & @Fire to make sure we’re eligible to do this here? Perhaps every now and then they may even step-in and share some of there long-standing business related wisdom here.

Be welcomed,


Sure, why not?

Attention business owners, first questions incoming.

To create a product based Business, which hosting platform and online store software would you guys recommend and why? There’s some interesting things out there, but I’d rather get confirmation/information from people in the field rather then YouTubers with affiliate links down below in the description as they’re obviously biased.

I am starting a multi-product Business, including a community-based learning platform, probably gonna have a wiki or blog inside there as well for people to acquire in-depth and detailed information on certain specific topics.

Open for recommendations, throw them at me…


Weeeelllll…do take this with a pinch of salt, in,the sense of: I’m using it, but can’t compare in-depth to all the rest. I did some research before getting started and this combination did convince me. Wordpress as a base platform offers a huge set of extensions, and for shops, woocommerce merits a look. For this combination you can hook up to B2B interfaces (in case you’re looking at dropshipping products) and it has all the shop features you’d expect, orders, billing, warehouse etc., plus extensions for label printing, local laws etc. It’s definitely worth a closer look.

I’m not sure about courses. Wordpress offers blogging and I’d be really surprised if there weren’t a wiki somewhere. There might be a course module as well, given just how much there is. If not, I’d look at teachable - that’s a dedicated online course platform. You could probably hook that up to a wordpress site without too much effort.

Most useful business books you know would be interesting. I’ll start with my top three:

Michael Gerber - The E-Myth Revisited
Mike Michalowicz - The Pumpkin Plan
Mike Michalowicz - Profit First

There’s lots more, I know. Including topics such as negotiation etc. These are the three I would recommend as “don’t start without them”.

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For the best all-in-one, Wordpress is ideal. Woocommerce is highly customizable, and of course Wordpress is built for blogging. Wiki plugins are definitely available, although I haven’t got any specific recommendations for that. I’ve also got a course site built with a Wordpress course plugin called LeanDash, which works pretty well. I started with Teachable for this project and that was easier to set up, I just wanted to bring it all in-house.
As for hosting, WP Engine is my #1 pick. I’m currently using SiteGround but based on number of incidents over the past few months I don’t think I’ll recommend them. If I wasn’t about to move to a dedicated VPS, I’d be on WP Engine.

Wordpress is always my #1 pick for blogging and content of any kind.

If you’re looking for an easy to use course platform though, I’d look at Teachable. You can set up your own subdomain for this portion, like learning.domain.com so it retains the connection to your main site/brand.

Easiest solution for products is Shopify. Wordpress front end for content + Shopify ecommerce is what I do right now for my ecom stuff, and it leverages the best parts of each.


100% Agree! I’d also add:

Fix This Next, by Mike Michalowicz - starting framework
Traction by Gino Wickman - starting framework
Clockwork, by Mike Michalowicz - automation & scaling
Rocket Fuel by Gino Wickman - Explosive growth by finding a partner to fill in any strength gaps you might have

@jay_s & @BLACKICE, thanks to the both of you, haven’t looked into this until now. Been working on my business and this was totally adequate, thank you!

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Any idea whether you can have a Shopify linked to the same domain as your Wordpress website? Following into my next question, is SubliminalResults Wordpress and Q-Store or SubliminalClub the webshop Shopify?

Well, it certainly seems like it, and if Saint & Fire do it this way, there’s probably no reason to re-invent the wheel, saving me only costly time if I we’re to research all of it myself. Appreciated!

One of them needs to be a subdomain, it depends which you want the focus to be on.

If you want a shop with an add-on blog, you’d configure the shop as the root domain and the Wordpress install as blog.domain.com


If you want the content/blog to be the main focus and the shop separate, you’d configure Wordpress to use the main domain and set the shop as a subdomain, such as shop.domain.com

The latter is the setup I have.

SubClub is using Woocommerce, on Wordpress.

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Same thinking here, although I’d love to have the exact same name no matter the web-page. But from what it seems that doesn’t look like a possibility?

Ah, I see Woocommerce is a Wordpress addon then? Gotta look deeper into that tomorrow, I used to be into developing I can code and stuff but it’s been ages. I’ve been to busy studying esoterism, occult and alchemy, lol!

Seems like I’ll be delving into the cyber world again… dammit… haha

You can definitely do Woocommerce on the same root domain as Wordpress, I was just thinking Shopify as it’s simpler to set up. :+1:t2:

AH, in terms of development that shouldn’t be too much of a problem. We used to program in notepad, lmao! It’s been a long time though, gonna need some refreshment.

So Woocommerce > Shopify? At least I’ll be able to have more modification and the ability to use it alongside Wordpress, right?

I used Woocommerce for a couple of years, and now I use Shopify. They both work great, but for my needs Shopify worked a bit better. That’s really specific to my situation though, as I needed certain accounting integrations and other stuff that was just too much custom work for Woocommerce.

Otherwise, Woocommerce is fantastic, and is highly customizable if you know what you’re doing.

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Going for WooCommerce then, thank you @BLACKICE.

Not sure whether many people are actually monitoring this Thread, anyhow I’m curious, those that are currently running or administrating a Business – what would you recommend as hosting platform?

Previously, I’ve been using Bluehost, let’s just say they haven’t let me down, although I’m open for recommendations. Upon typing in cheap domain name, I was guided to following website; namecheap.com, which seems to have some cheap domains available and provided an overview on different hosting providers, see below.

Overal, not a huge difference and I used to be with Bluehost which is second on the list, but also seems to be quiet an expensive, lol. We’re investing all we have in this Business as it is for the future of humanity, so of course we’re going for the best price/quality at all costs. Is anyone familiar with EasyWP?

Gonna rock some Quantum Limitless and get this Wordpress Site, WooCommerce overlay & Logo done ASAP.

As always open for recommendations, which are greatly appreciated, any efforts are returned in value by me personally. And of course by the Universe as through the law of Cause & Effect :slight_smile:

That is awesome. Enjoy designing the layout.

I use namecheap for all of my domains, they have great pricing and I’ve never been let down by their support. Their hosting isn’t the best though. Same with Bluehost; it’s ok for a tiny website but if you get any meaningful amount of traffic then it chokes.

If you’re considering a custom theme, I highly recommend Elementor. It’s got some great templates with the free version, and even more with the free Envato Elements plugin. I have a pro license for both, but that’s probably not needed for you at this point.


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Yeah, I was kind of surprised about that, those prices caught me off-guard lol.

How so? They are literally advertising to be on top in terms of server speed. Are there any alternatives you’d recommend? I mean if there hosting isn’t the best, then which one is, and if you know a better host they why are you using Namecheap?


I use Siteground for my hosting but am moving to a dedicated VPS to handle more load. I use Namecheap for my domain registrations, but I don’t recommend them for hosting.

Lots of hosts are fast with a light load, but slow to a crawl very quickly if you get too much traffic or have any sort of other resource-intensive tasks going on. I’ve used hosts that stopped serving the website every time my site security scan was running simply because it couldn’t do both at the same time.

Interesting. Namecheap does have that lovely interface, and it’s seems very convenient to work with EasyWP.

Will have a look at Siteground instead. By the way, what are you using for DNS & SSL, I’m assuming you’re having an Organizational Verification for SSL and then you just you’re using VPS for DNS, is PremiumDNS anywhere close compared to VPS in terms of loading-speed? I surely do not want a turtle speed website, same goes for trustworthiness & security.

@BLACKICE, thank you for your time, buddy!