Disconnected from People and Society

Hey guys, I’ve realised this has been a stepping stone to get over for a while but now I’m at the point where it needs addressing…

I go about my day and genuinely feel like no one is like me. No one knows what I know (subs and the lies of society) and has the same views. People my age are able to have fun (in this instance drink and talk about TikTok or sports). I’m awake and want to talk about real stuff, but everyone isn’t about that, especially at my age (early 20’s).

I think partly why I haven’t moved forward in networking and making friends is because of this way of thinking. I literally feel like an alien compared to everyone that is happy to just go along with society like in a bubble.

I’m too far away from all this, I’m not sure if it’s half me thinking I’m better than them because I understand certain things about how reality works that obviously to the average person, I’d just sound like a crazy person talking about subs and whatnot. But I just want friends who don’t change subjects when I talk about something I genuinely am interested in. It’s easy to say, Oh just run Inner Circle right, but i haven’t got enough slots in my stack for that.

Has anyone got any solutions or feel the same disconnection to people?

Because I’m just worried I’ll be alone or have to constantly be catering to everyone else’s way of viewing the world without being able to live what I know is true.

Thanks in advance.


Which subs are you listening to?

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I’m sorry you’re feeling this way. Just in personal experience it’s part of the process of becoming aware.

Most of the world doesn’t care about remote viewing for example. They care about things that match their model of the world.

Im not an rv expert. I played with it minimally but it blows my mind more people don’t talk about it. I’ve seen it’s something that can be developed (way more developed than what I’m capable of) and defies the model of the world the media and society portray.

Tbh before I lived through some stuff if you came to me and said x is possible I would have probably said that’s nice while waiting for the convo to end thinking about if I was going to get pizza for dinner.

People who get bit by non physical phenomenon might never give it up if they have success in replicating it. People who don’t experience it will think it’s goofy. Just perspective.

I think it’s better to get a peak, learn what you can, use your learning to attract what you want, be open and respectful of other peoples maps and try to have some fun.

That’s just me.

I think it’s be interesting to get really into weird stuff you can replicate that others can’t and run inner circle or something. I wonder what the results would be. There’s a lot of people who believe in and can replicate weird stuff.

I’m with you though. I don’t have the resources (time, energy, processing power) to do it at this time.

If you do and you wind up with a group of explorers doing cool stuff lmk. Sounds like a wild ride.

Also maybe be careful who you let in. Think about a product with anti manipulation scripting. Freaking out and out magic has the potential to be used with Ill intent.


so you want people to share your thoughts, correct?
not being able to talk about something you’re passionate about really sucks.
a simple way to fix it is to find a community of people who think the same, then make friends there.


AM and PCC.

This. use meetup, fb/linkedin groups, or local events to find like minded people


I’ve been kind of in the same situation. I really want/ed to add in inner circle but at this time I’m staying focused on my stack as is.

I also noticed that even finding people who talk about certain things that I’m interested in, everybody still has their own personal reality and issues that they haven’t worked through yet. So it can be still seem challenging to meet those one or two close “true” friends. Kind of like dating I supposed, you might get lucky but it’s also likely that you’ll have to play the field.

I found that for me since I’m always working and improving and doing those self development things, you can just move through situations, and people (not in a bad way just a side effect of your growth). So for me I like to stay focused on the now and my work as much as I can. Just kind of take life for what it is I guess.


I’m in the same boat


Thanks for the response. Yeah you’re always going to have things that separate you from other people in a cool way. It’s finding and being with people that are open and show interest too. Think this is why the forum is so great :slight_smile:

It’s having people like in this forum in everyday life around you that would be fulfilling socially.

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I agree totally.

Great idea. Linkedin I can do, thanks!

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Yeah that’s a similar reflection to how I’ve been living really. Also when you cut too many out for self improvement (in terms of not wanting to hang around people that only drink for fun religiously for example) but don’t end up finding those that kind of replace that close social circle, it gets lonely. Guess it means being more pro-active and confirming that there will be people out there, maybe just been walking past the doors without knowing they’re there type thing perhaps.

How’s your ability to form relationships in general? I’m not saying this is you, but I used intellectualization and more “deep” topics when I was younger as a barrier to emotional connections. They were safe zones and what I knew, but it severely limited my experience of what relationships are capable of being.

Granted, yes, there are people you just won’t match up with on your wavelength. But it’s important to know there are like minded people out there.

Try not to go too deep into your head with this stuff. Laugh, have a good time, take life less seriously. I wish I did when I was in my 20s. Life really is both deep and isn’t, it’s such a paradox.


Stark is what your looking for my friend :wink:

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I find that talking about things that others tend not to can often be a good thing. It can make you the most interesting man in the room. While that might turn some people in a given crowd off, it can attract (in all senses of the word) others.
You probably aren’t the only one in any given group who feels that way.


One loop of inner circle and following the hunches it gave me helped me with this immensely.


Once you decide to step outside your comfort bubble, you become uncomfortable and people might not like you, friends will find you different, then if you continue listening to the subs - you become legendary.

You will realize the world is not a place to set your foot into but rather hold it into your hands.


Take it easy, it is what it is, if you want to connect with normal people again just offer them Sausage and Beer, they will love you

Then you scream :YEEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAA FOOTBALL and voila you are accepted

Supidly easy but no place you wana be, so enjoy your Journey wherever you are and you can have a smile on your face knowing that you are on a exiting path.


In 2015 my girlfriend (now wife) bought me a copy of Marie Kondo’s book “The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up”… in addition to clearing out about half the stuff in our apartment, after reading it I had a jarring realization that most of my social circle most decidedly did not “spark joy” either… so I decluttered them too. It started as an experiment in early 2016, and… I assumed at some point I would start to miss at least some of them, but… it’s nearing the end of 2023 now. I’ve only been on FB once since then, enable some setting for my ads manager, and I don’t even remember most of the phone numbers for the majority of people I used to spend all my time with.

To further put that in context; most of them only found out I got married because someone else congratulated me on Facebook. I never did even mention that my wife was pregnant, and now the kiddo is in school already…

I don’t think I feel any better OR worse without them; I think if anything, it highlights the disconnect I always did feel. I can walk into a crowded room and feel more alone than ever… So I don’t do that, as much as I can avoid it.

When I occasionally look at news headlines, I’m instantly reminded of the vast gulf between what’s important to me and what appears to be important to society at large… same with any time I overhear conversations while out and about.

Every so often I think I ought to get more friends, as I understand the psychological and pragmatic basis for social interaction… but I just don’t connect well with most people. haha. I can get along with them just fine, but when the conversation turns to anything significant, our differences and interests become too apparent… and they invariably steer the conversation back to something trivial and mundane.

I’m often told I was born in the wrong century… I like to reply “Or I was born into a world of NPCs…”. For some reason people don’t like hearing that. haha :crazy_face: :rofl:

Best of luck with networking; I hope you find what you’re looking for.


Same here, I have learned to keep quiet and adjust myself to the group I’m in, I blend in but I am my own individual. A skill I’m developing more and more, it takes a strength of character and also of will.

But I also yearn for friendships with people who dare to look beyond the ordinary.

And the status quo.

My relationships are now based upon mutual interests. So I will have friends who like sports, I like sports and we share those activities and then we can also chat and communicate about those activities.

You can easily connect with people surrounding your commonalities rather than not to seek connection because of an indifference.

That’s what I do? Learn to build character and be strong in your convictions but always be neutral and never hold prejudice toward the way of life of another. Don’t be imposed upon but don’t impose upon others, be free in your own thought while allowing others equal freedom.

If you do this others will naturally be drawn to you.

There is always a commonality you can share and find mutual interest in, a hobby, a sport, a topic of interest, anything. Find it and you can connect with each other that way.

Anything like this makes life interesting and worth living because now that you are evolving you are challenged by society and those challenges can be used to grow in wisdom and understanding, and to mold yourself to approach it wisely. Be adaptable but have a very strong and solid foundation of who you are and what you stand for; while being able to blend in and communicate with any class of people without looking down or up.

Be neutral in your approach.

This is how I do it, perhaps it works for you too.

In a society like this with such a big diversity it is always useful to develop emotional intelligence and to be skilled at human relationships. We are social beings after all.

Know how to navigate social dynamics masterfully.