Digging myself out of a hole - A Q Journey



So shortly after Ultima tests, I ordered a custom sub with Q-strength. This consists of the following modules:

  • Ascended Mogul Q Core
  • Ecstasy of Gold ST4 Q Core
  • StarkQ Core


  • Dominion
  • Financial Success Reality Shifter
  • Jupiter
  • Leader of Men
  • Naturalizer
  • Omnidimensional
  • Gorgeous Manifestor
  • Aura of Craving
  • Sultan
  • Wealth Limit Destroyer

So looking at the modules, it’s more aligned to wealth and status.

Starting today, this will be my stack for now:
wealth custom

In addition, I have just ordered another custom sub, this time for both my mind and body:

  • Emperor Fitness ST4 Core
  • Quantum Limitless ST4 Q Core


  • Epigenetics & DNA Modulator
  • I.Q. and Cognitive Booster
  • Informaticon
  • Mosaic
  • Serum X
  • Asclepius
  • Mastermind
  • Physicality Shifter - Sexiness

Once my health custom is available, I will be shifting my stack around and maybe play around with Stack Rotation. Hopefully the primer would be available by then.


How would you go about with stack rotation?
What are some effects of mogul?
I run AM and i noticed a very high status from it…i feel very unique and like i deserve the best like a VIP.


I’d be rotating 2 subs every other day. Something like:
Mondays, Wednesday, Friday:
Wealth custom

Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday:
Health custom


Ultima subs would be as needed. Say during school days, I definitely need SanguineU to keep my cool. While BLU would be played in the afternoon or when I need a productivity boost.

I believe that Mogul has helped me find ways to save and be more productive.


Good plan!



Played 3 loops of my wealth custom, and 1 loop each of BLU and Sanguine U. Was able to keep my temper in check. Though, not much on productivity.

My boss messaged me asking if I could present my project today. Was either too damned lazy or too tired the past few days, I wasn’t able to get much progress on it. Good thing I had 1 more week, so I told him no.

Had the impulse to schedule my retake exam to next week. Not sure why. I didn’t feel I was really ready, but then even during the times I was, I still failed. So what the hell.

Will be playing QL ST4 tonight while I sleep.


DAY 2 (early update)

Still feeling tired and sleepy. Not sure if it’s still reconciliation or just because my sleep schedule is a mess.

A few weeks ago, I took my car to the shop because I’ve been smelling something like burning rubber. I thought it was a belt or maybe brakes, but the mechanic couldn’t find anything. He suggested it could be oil, but couldn’t be sure because the engine was very dirty. I had to get it steam cleaned first.

Engine steam cleaner guy said there’s some oil, but he couldn’t find where the leak was coming from (if at all). Took the car home and could still smell something. After a week in the garage, I took the car out to buy groceries, but there was no burning smell. Then just this morning (a week after grocery shopping), I took one of my kids for an early dentist’s appointment. When we got back, I could smell a faint burning smell again. Not sure if it’s the oil, but it was faint. My wife couldn’t smell it. Could it be that QL heightens my senses? It kind of reminds me of my Khan experience a while back:

And if so, then my senses seem to be definitely heightening. I was a smoker for 20 odd years (and only quit about 3 years ago) and my sense of smell really took a beating back then. So I’m not really sure if the subs have anything to do with my senses.

But going back, I guess I need to bring my car back to the shop. If they can’t find the leak, then they would need to put in a dye and then come back after a few more days. The thing is, every time I go back there, I need to pay. And simply looking under the hood is already costly.


DAY 2(update)

Not sure if it’s synchronicity or what, but my gmail showed 777 unread emails. Lol.

Played 3 loops of wealth custom as my health custom is still in the works. Hoping to get it by next week.

Productivity is really a problem. Can’t really focus on work today as it’s been a school day and I had to run another couple of errands during the afternoon. Add the fact that our IT dept is doing some maintenance, so I wouldn’t have VPN access to the office network till midnight or maybe longer.

Movie night with the family was nice. We watched “How To Train Your Dragon”. Had a few good laughs.

Been feeling rather like a comic/joker to my kids. Giving them a few laughs. Which is nice.

Will still be listening to QL ST4 tonight. So 2 subs/day. Until my other custom is ready, I’ll be sticking with this stack for now.


DAY3 (early update)

Had a dream last night. In my dream, I failed the exam I am supposed to take next week. Not sure if this is a premonition or my fears coming up.


DAY3 (update)

Decided today was a rest day of sorts. So only played 2 loops of SanguineU just to keep my cool. Kids weren’t behaving.

Funny thing is that even if I was more or less composed, wife got easily mad at the kids.

Back’s been hurting lately. Hoping that once my 2nd custom arrives, these things minimize.

Will probably be working on my office project tonight. Need to get my shit done so that I can prepare for my exam.


DAY4(early update)

Went to bed around 2am, and even though I slept a bit late, I woke up early feeling fine.

Checked my computer in the office (remotely) to see if my project’s working as expected. Found that I misspelled some commands/syntax so I basically wasted about 7 hours of run time. Hopefully this works after doing some bug fixes.

Currently playing SanguineU. It’s still a “rest” day for me. So I’ll just limit myself to this for now. I’ll be going back to my custom and QL ST4 tomorrow.


Another update. I have use 2 Yahoo accounts for my emails. And I haven’t been doing much housekeeping so my emails have really piled up. Looking at my phone’s email app, it showed 5757 unread emails. Synchronicity?


DAY4 (update)

After playing 1 loop of SanguineU in the morning, I immediately took a nap.

Played 1 loop of BLU shortly before dinner. I think I needed some boost as I found a lot of minor bugs in my code. I also found some things for improvement. So I’m hoping this doesn’t become an all nighter.




That’s actually why I played BLU a little earlier @Simon. I noticed that I tend to think waaaaaaaaayyyyy more than needed after running BLU.

After about an hour of coding, the program looks good. (This is really why I love BLU so much) Just need some minor tweaks that can be done tomorrow. I’ll just let it run overnight then and hopefully the damned thing doesn’t come crashing down while I sleep.



Busy busy day. Played 1 loop of SanguineU first thing in the morning. By lunch, played 1 loop of BLU.

Was somehow able to multitask watching over my kid while working on my office project. Found more bugs in my code and was also able to listen in to the teacher’s instructions.

After 3 loops of my wealth custom and an extra loop of BLU, I am still here in front of my pc working. My program’s currently running and I’m really hoping it works as expected.

Almost got pissed at my boss during our meeting. He gave me 2 weeks to have my code running. And yet, he’s asking for updates and even telling me we should talk tomorrow about how we can make my work go faster. I almost blurted stop wasting my time with all these meetings.

Hopefully, this works so that I wouldn’t need to meet with him tomorrow. I really need to prep for my exam.



Just got my health custom. Will be playing it later today. For now, I’m currently playing BLU and will be taking a short nap. Went to bed around 2am last night as my code was not running as expected. Hopefully things go better later.



Went to bed past 3 last night, and only had a little over 3 hours sleep. Looks like my code is working. Still testing it, but may need to distribute it a bit.

Played SanguineU when I woke up. Feeling calm, though sleepy. May take a nap in about 2 hours or so.

Was feeling rather pissed at my boss last night. He gave me a deadline for next week and yet he’s rushing me to finish it now. He says he wants to use the system now. And yet until now, I can’t use my other teammate’s project which started 2 years ago as he’s still working on it. I started working on mine last month! It’s shit like this that really discourages me sometimes.



Finally got my project working. Seems to be good enough for production. No bugs seen for the past 12 hours of running non-stop. But…

Fuck! A little over an hour ago, my boss suddenly messaged me asking about the output of my project. Given that we already discussed about it earlier today, I was a bit surprised. So I had to take his call and use a Zoom-like app to screen share and talk. Turns out, he was looking at old logs (which he himself asked to be saved). And then he goes on looking for things for me to modify. And then when he tries to “cobble” together the logs for his end, it turns out his system cannot handle my feed. Hah! Good luck with that.

He insists on doing it his way. But I knew, just knew that it wasn’t feasible, or would need a lot of modifications on my part. Given what I knew of my system, and what I knew of his preferences, it would mean another big code change on my part just to squeeze all that data to him.

I really need a little more patience with this. With all the things he’s telling me that he wants and/or that he already took from me, I might as well just throw the whole source code at him and let him handle this by himself. As if he knew how to use containers and NoSQL databases and distribute all this data. Then tell him I haven’t slept well because of this, and what’s the use of the deadline, if he insists he wants output way before it, and then drop the mic and leave. Buuuutttt… so much wishful thinking. I still need this job, as I don’t have other options right now.

I know I’m not ready for my exam this weekend. I was, a few weeks ago when I scheduled it. But given that I’ve been too focused on my work project recently, I’m just hoping that all my hard work in the past weeks would be enough and that I would be able to remember everything I learned and did while studying.



Really had to put my foot down during today’s meeting. Turns out my boss doesn’t really know what he wants for my project. So even if he wants me to change my code again so that his system can accept my output, I just had to raise my voice and tell him no. Every meeting he keeps on saying we need data, data and more f’ing data. Turns out my project was churning out too much data for his beloved systems to handle.

Told him straight to the point that if he doesn’t know what he needs, why should I trim the data? If all of a sudden he realizes he needs something more, I would have to go back to phase1 to modify my code just for that. Told him that for every data-related system, there is always an intermediary to transform the data, and my system isn’t that.



Played 1 loop SanguineU first thing in the morning. Then played 1 loop of BLU after lunch. Also played 4 loops of my wealth custom, and will be playing a few loops of QL ST4 while I sleep tonight.

What can I say today? Was able to do some bug fixes for my office project. Very minor, but big impact (at least it made my boss happy). Funny thing though, given that my teammates and I know the projects each of us is doing, a female teammate of mine actually volunteered to take on one task of mine due Tuesday. Very minor but it really freed me of an irritation today, especially when Monday is a holiday and I will be taking my exam tomorrow night.

Speaking of exams, I’m not really sure how I feel right now. I’m a bit nervous and anxious. As I said before, a few weeks ago, I felt prepared. But as time draws nearer and I haven’t really did any studying due to my office project, I’m starting to grow worried.

Here’s to hoping that Informaticon, IQ and Cognitive Booster, QL and BLU help me with the exam. Some say stuck knowledge. Some say it’s really thinking out of the box. In either case, I need all the help I can get.