Digger’s Ultima Stage3 Testing Experience



So I just couldn’t help myself. I just had to go test this out.

So I downloaded the sub last night and it’s only now that I have the opportunity to listen to it. Am currently halfway listening just 1 loop. So there’s really nothing much to say about it.

Given my experience with Stages1 and 2 of Ultima, I’m trying to keep a neutral position here and not compare it with the previous tests.

I’ll update later in about 5 hours.


DAY1 Update

So it’s been about 5 hours since I listened to 1 loop of Stage3. I’m not sure if it’s the headache I had (completely unrelated to the sub as I was already alread a minor throbbing when I played Stage3), or not. But I really don’t feel much different.

Been having some spasms around the temple area, but it can also be due to the headache.

Although, I must say, I had this restless feeling about an hour after listening. But now am a bit subdued. Similar to when you drink coffee. After a few hours, the effects wear off.

Been feeling some tingling sensations all over, though I don’t think they’re sexual by nature.

Also, funny thing is, my wife got furious at my kid. Normally, when any of my kids get my wife mad, I get mad too. Yet, I just couldn’t care less and simply ignored them. My wife even complained to me, and still I just laughed it off and even tried to joke with her about it.

Need to do some studying tonight. Hopefully I get something done. Already took Advil so the headache died down a little.



So last night, even if I was yawning while writing my journal, I still went ahead to work a little on my personal project and study a bit. Not sure what happened, but it looked like I got a 2nd wind. I was able to finish updating my blog. And I was able to study until past 3am. Only stopped because my wife told me of the time.

So I just woke up about an hour ago. Am still a bit sleepy. I just started listening to 1 loop. It’s only been a few minutes and I’m starting to feel a slight tingling sensation mainly on the lower part of my body, but also some on my back.

I’ll update later today.



So it’s been roughly 5 hours since I listened to 1 loop. Tingling sensation started while listening. An hour after it seems to be more focused around the genital area. And tingling has not stopped. Maybe related to horniness? I don’t really know.

Been a bit flirty with the wife. Wife seems to be flirty with me. Though with kids around, it’s a bit difficult to actually “explore” any flirtatious behavior. Did I do it wrong this time by listening after waking up? Maybe I should have listened shortly before sending the kids to sleep? But then, I would be forced to use my in-ear LETSCOM HiFi BT earphones as I need to be moving a lot (washing dishes, getting kids ready for bed, etc), and I’m not sure how well these would affect Ultima Subs.

@SaintSovereign, your opinion on this would be greatly appreciated.

On another note, been a bit proud of myself as I was able to accomplish a lot of stuff I’ve been putting off. Installed the RING doorbell, changed our fan’s filters (kids are allergic to dust and pollen) and other stuff. So that may account where I put my energy in today.

In any case, I’ll update if there’s anything new to add later.


Yeah, if you can, run it closer to the time when you anticipate some alone time. You can move about while listening, shouldn’t affect anything. I do that all the time.


Thanks for the clarification @SaintSovereign



So I slept late last night. Or should I say this morning. Went to bed past 3am. Not sure but I feel that whatever energy I get from the sub becomes something like a push for me. I was able to study what I wanted and finish what I planned to finish last night. I even found that I was able to help others in the Discord channel I joined for those planning to take the same cert I am preparing for.

As for my wife, I think there’s this tension building up in her such that she gets easily mad at the kids. Normally it would be me getting mad at our kids. But last night it was her. Unfortunately, the kids stayed up late and by the time they fell asleep, my wife was tired.

As of now, I’m listening to my first loop while cleaning the A/C vents. As I mentioned earlier, I feel like I need to get shit done!


DAY3 Update

It’s been about 4 hours since I listened to 1 loop of Stage3. Feel like although I’m tired, I was able to accomplish much today. Been more playful with the wife and kids too.

My wife, on the otherhand was very flirtatious. She keeps on “accidentally” rubbing her ass or her breasts on me. And I wasn’t even flirting or anything like that.


(Malkuth makes mental note to order whatever this turns out to be.) I know, I know. My mileage may vary.



It’s been about 3 hours since I listened to 1 loop. I’m not sure what happened but while I was in the bathroom, I passed by the mirror and saw my belly. Suddenly all my insecurities about my body came out. All my confidence suddenly vanished and I started hating myself.

Not sure if this is reconciliation or sub overload or just one of those days. I really don’t know. But what I do know is that I will still get up and continue with this journey.



Finished 1 loop shortly before dinner. While washing the dishes, wife suddenly came up behind me and started rubbing my chest while her breasts were rubbing my back. I didn’t know you can get a woman horny by washing the dishes for her. Lol!



Took my first loop in the morning. An hour later, I took an hour long drive to get food from an asian restaurant that my wife missed so much. Given it’s her birthday, I decided to go.

When I got there, the women were all middle-aged and seemed to be menopausal, so I couldn’t see any such reaction. On leaving a pair of college age girls caught my eyes. They seemed to be looking at me, but given that we all were wearing masks, I’m not really sure.

Took a 2nd loop bout 3 hours ago. Everything looked well. We were having fun, kids, wife and I. And then 1 kid got mad because the other one was cheating. Broke the mood really.

Here’s to hoping things get better later.


This made my day…just thinking about what they might have been like for you to conclude this :joy:


I don’t know really. But when I approached the lady, it was like she was grumpy. And then she had me wait for 30 minutes after taking my order. And when she called me when it was ready, the bag only contained 1 item. I even had to show her the receipt and explain to her I was missing a lot of items from my order. I then had to wait some more.
Given that we were wearing masks, I really can’t tell. But it looked like she kept looking at me weird.


Wow, based on that I can only imagine how good the food must be to compensate for that level of service! :blush:



Got bored while on a morning meeting this morning so I decided to play 1 loop while patched in to the meeting.

I don’t know why, but after the meeting (which finished after 1 loop ended), I got mad at my kids. Maybe because they ruined their mom’s birthday yesterday. Maybe because they did do as they’re told (I asked them to clean up their stuff) or maybe because I was also disappointed I didn’t get some last night because wife was crying and bawling and shit. Or maybe a combination of any of them? Or maybe something else? I don’t really know.

Anyway, I felt bad while lunch. Then I had to attend a 2nd meeting. My boss was still there and basically just relayed what was talked about in the 1st meeting. I’m like “Fuck! If this is what was gonna be discussed, why did I have to attend the afternoon one?” So I played another loop.

After, I noticed that my wife was still a bit down. But was also a little flirty. Not as the other days. But it’s better than none.

Anyway, I just experimented and decided to play another loop. Just finished listening so I don’t know what to expect really. Feel tired. I know my wife’s tired and still thinking about yesterday.



Shortly before going to bed last night, my wife and I kissed good night. While kissing, there was some light petting. Then I looked into her eyes and saw how tired she was. I was tired, she was tired. So I just stopped and we both slept. I didn’t want to force ourselves into doing something I knew wouldn’t be as enjoyable to us both. I mean, I was horny, but I didn’t want it if we couldn’t bring ourselves into the right mood.

Played my 1st loop shortly after waking up. Was still bummed over the past few days.

During lunch, the wife was “cuddly” and a bit clingy. But then I had to get some work done so we didn’t really “see” each other much.

Just finished my 2nd loop. We’ll see how it goes. Although I may play another loop later tonight.


DAY9 early update

Am currently listening to my first loop of the day. As noted by others, not feeling anything in particular at the moment.

So last night was fun. After putting the kids to bed, my wife took some “me time” to relax. Her idea of “me time” is soaking in the tub watching Netflix/YouTube/any movie or series she fancies.

Given that I wouldn’t be seeing her in about an hour, I decided to go to my nook in our room and study. I was pleasantly surprised when my wife came up to me just in her birthday suit and started kissing me. She never did that for some time now. So I guess you know what happened next…


DAY9 Update

So it’s been about 4 hours since I listened to my 2nd loop for the day. Wife’s been “snuggly” though I can’t reciprocate much because my head’s hurting now.

Will probably go to sleep early as I also feel tired. Not sure if it’s too much subs, sleeping late, stress or any combination.


DAY9 update

Head’s pounding like a jackhammer but I can’t sleep. And then I find out we’re testing Libertine Ultima (or at least a prototype for it). And all I can say is wow!

Wife’s been fast asleep for bout an hour now. Not sure if she was cuddly earlier because she wanted to make love or because she wanted me to feel better or both. Either case, I’d rather not wake her up now.