Digger’s Ultima Experience


Day 1 Test A:

So last night, I downloaded both Tracks/Tests A and B. Given that we were instructed to journal 4-5 hours after listening, I felt that it would be better if I wait until today. I wasn’t sure if there would be any “residual” from my day’s listening to my stack.

Anyway, about an hour before lunch, I decided to listen to 1 loop of Test A. I could feel a calmness shortly after I started. I also felt some pressure in my forehead. I’m not sure but I believe it is where my 3rd eye is supposed to be (though I haven’t really delved much into trying to “open” it so to speak).

Again, this calming feeling seems to have helped me a bit as the kids were not behaving while I was listening! Normally I would be in a shouting match with them especially when they were already fighting in my room! However, I was able to remain calm and have them behave.

In fact, even as I write this, I still feel a little calm (it somehow subsided).

I also felt like singing after lunch. So I started belting out some GNR, Metallica and a little bit of Linkin Park (yep boys and girls, I am that old). No boy bands. And as I was belting out, I just didn’t really care if the neighbors would hear. I have been so conscious of my voice that I rarely sing out loud. But I just didn’t care.


Day 1 update

Took a nap shortly after writing my earlier entry. Wife, being on her monthly thing, suddenly threw out some skeletons from inside the closet. Normally I would shout back or argue with her about it. However, I suddenly found myself composed and still calm. Not sure if it’s still Ultima or whatever, as we hadn’t had an argument for some time now to compare it to. But am glad I was able to stay composed.

We were also told to journal any physical changes. So I’m not sure if it’s the weather but I’ve been feeling rather hot the past few hours. Even if the A/C was set to what we normally set it to, I was still feeling hot. And I didn’t even do anything physical. So I’m not sure is it the sub, the environment, the argument with my wife? I really don’t know.

I’ll try to wake up earlier tomorrow so I can test Track B and report back much earlier. But for now, I need to go and review. Night y’all


DAY2 Test B

As of now, I am currently listening to Test B. I know I said I would try to wake up earlier so that I could report much earlier. However, last night, shortly after writing my update, I had the urge to exercise and work on my blog. Didn’t know it would take me up to 2 am to finish my personal projects. If I had known, I may have started on Test B after writing my update last night. But then again, it would have been against the instructions as we were supposed to test each on different days.

As I listen, I’m not really sure how I feel right now. Kind of thirsty I guess. But then again, I just woke up and I haven’t had anything to drink in over 12 hours. Slight tingling on my head and limbs, but I’m not sure if it’s the sub or if it’s because my body’s still sleepy and I just forced myself to get up.

Will update later.



So it’s been almost 5 hours since I listened to 1 loop of TestB. Throughout that time I felt both stoic and sphinx-like. Not showing much emotion. Feels like the muscles around my mouth and jaw have been frozen such that I don’t show much emotion.

Also started speaking softer but with authority. Didn’t feel like I needed to raise my voice at my kids just for them to behave.

However, unlike yesterday, I didn’t feel the calming feeling today. Although I feel more like I had an aura of authority around me.


DAY3 early report

Slept at 1am last night. Not sure why but I woke up an hour later. Finally got myself to sleep after about 30 minutes. Slept soundly and woke up 5 minutes before my alarm rang.

Woke up with a coldness I cannot explain. Coldness in the emotional sense. More like unfeeling.

And then my kids woke up. Felt the coldness turn to cold anger. Easily agitated. Not sure why. Trying to keep a cheery disposition but am failing to do so.

Will proceed with TestA after a while.


DAY3 Test A

So it’s been roughly 5 hours since my 2 loops of test A. Been busy working while listening so I’m not really sure whether I did right today. Maybe @SaintSovereign can correct me if I should have been focused on listening or not.

In any case, while listening, I found it a bit relaxing, though also a bit difficult to concentrate on my work.

Later, when I took a break, I was still feeling stoic (maybe a residual from yesterday’s TestB). I decided to play some music, and this at least got me out of my funk a bit. Unlike yesterday, I was able to get into the groove of my music. Yesterday, I only played music as a means to drown out my kids’ noise. Today, I played music to make noise.

However, I’m not sure if it’s still residual from yesterday or not. However, I just didn’t want to be bothered when I am working on something. Wife came to me asking me to do some stuff and I ended up shouting at her. I felt that she’s bothering me and what she’s asking me to do interferes with what I need to do at the moment.


DAY3 Update

Conflicting emotions. As the day ends, I still have this drive to get shit done. And yet, I suddenly recalled past experiences at work that are some of the reasons why I hate my job right now. Could it be reconciliation? Could it be that 3 days of no StarkQ is causing this? Like a junky getting detoxed?

I still want to get some work done, and yet a part of me feels so tired. Either the argument with the wife earlier, my memories from work, or the 2 loops of Ultima? They can all be draining individually, but in tandem? I really don’t know.

Tomorrow, I’ll probably drop down to 1 loop and see. Hopefully it all settles down for me then.


DAY4 early update

Going to be busy today with the family in the morning. And then an interview in the afternoon. Will be listening to Test B later today.

As of now, I still feel tired. Although I woke up before my alarm rang. Coffee!!



It’s now way past midnight, about 4 hours since I listened to 1 loop of test B. Listened while working. Kept me concentrated throughout. Although can’t really comment about anything physical or mental as I feel like I’ve been running on fumes the whole day really.

Actually, looking back, I’ve been feeling really exhausted. I don’t even know why I’m still up right now. Either it’s the sub, I got a 2nd wind, or my body clock’s so messed up right now.


DAY5 early update

Woke up feeling sluggish and tired. Feel like I slept deeply and undisturbed, but still lacking rest. (Not sure if it makes sense). Either it’s the subs, or the fact that I’ve been sleeping late but waking up early, both?
And yet, even if I feel tired, I still feel like I need to do stuff. Kind of ironic, but something is like pushing me to work on stuff.
Will update later once I listen to Test A and get some coffee in me.


DAY5 TESTA update

So it’s been about an hour since I listened to 1 loop of TestA. While listening, I found myself getting some of my work done. However, I still felt tired.

Tried taking a nap after listening but I just couldn’t. Funny. I feel tired and yet my brains running on hyperdrive. Am yawning but couldn’t even keep my eyes closed while lying down.


DAY5 TESTA update

So it’s a little after 4 hours since I listened to 1 loop of TestA.

Found myself singing again before lunch. And was in a rather good mood. At least until an hour ago when I joined a meeting I’m not sure I was actually needed. Turns out our VP was scolding my boss and my boss’s boss. So I felt akward even listening in. At first I had the urge to speak up at the start. But then that urge faded when the VP started getting loud.

Still feeling tired. But I don’t know. Somehow I feel I can still work somehow. Like there’s something pushing me forward.

I don’t know. Maybe I just need a nap?


DAY5 TESTA (hopefully) final update

Been feeling rather good about myself lately. Tried taking a nap shortly after my last update, but just couldn’t fall asleep. Ended up wasting 30 minutes lying down in bed.

So had dinner with the family and did whatever things a father does with his kids. After having them go to bed, I tried some problem solving in preparation for my certification. And at the rate I’m going I feel confident that I may be able to take that exam by the end of July.

Funny thing now is that I’m not tired anymore! 2nd wind? The sub? The euphoria from studying? I really don’t know. What I’m afraid of now is that I’m not sure if I’ll be able to sleep well. Given that I have an early morning meeting tomorrow, I just hope I can get enough sleep.



Just as I feared. Went to bed almost 4am. I don’t know what came over me. I felt like I just had to finish what I was doing. Kept going and going and final just crashed once my wife reminded me of my meetings today. And even as I was lying in bed, I just kept on thinking about what I was doing and also replaying the meeting from yesterday afternoon (the one I didn’t need to attend).

So will probably be playing 1 loop of TestB later today (maybe while I’m in my meeting to save time?) but still unsure of when. TestB although improves my focus, feels like it gets my temper boiling if there’s any disturbance preventing me from focusing on my task at hand.


Seems like there are a lot of us on Ultima that are going to bed really late (or should I say early)…


Really early :joy: lol :joy:

Feels like after downing too much coffee, your body feels sluggish but your brain seems disconnected from your body. Still going on hyperdrive.


Yes, it’s quite energizing, isn’t it? :wink:



Currently listening to 1 loop of TestB while joined to a meeting. Need to wake up as I’ve been yawning throughout my meeting this morning.

About 3 minutes in, my heart suddenly started beating really fast. Not sure if it’s the coffee, the sub or the fact that I’m patched to a meeting too.


To be frank I did not feel energized since starting Ultima, but here I am wide awake after about 1 hour of sleep.

Is this supposed to happen?



Just woke up from my nap. Wishing the house was quiet. But with kids, it’s impossible while they’re still up.

My arms were twitching slightly earlier. Though I’m not sure if it’s because of the subs or if it’s something else.

Been thinking of my certification exam. Preparation is underway but am I ready?