Didn't use my sub - Asc Mogul


Hi all,

I bought a sub called Ascended mogul and a stack “Limit destroyer” but didn’t use them for more than a few days. I left the forum and now think I should give the sub a go again. Is anyone using Asc Mogul with great results? I’d love to hear about your progress if care to share.



Have you already looked through the journals?
Type this in the search box: “ascended mogul #journals-major-programs

I haven’t gone though them all, but there are definitely some good ones there.


Yeah here and there. I lost motivation and went away and kinda stopped listening to any subs. I feel that I owe it myself a chance to run it and see what happens. I’ll read more into it on here


To see real change from the subs you should give them a month or more.
Changes can happen in a few days little things but other things take time.
It also varies on how much you are listening to them per day.


I’ll give it ago for a month and see what happens. Thanks for your input.


How long do you listen to them daily?


I think I was doing four hours daily but wasn’t consistent with it


Try listening when you sleep, you might get more results then. Especially if you manage to sleep more then 5-6 hours.

I usually listen when i’m sleeping, or working, or gaming on my computer.


That would be tricky. I don’t want to expose my partner to subs aimed for men:thinking:


You could sleep with earphones in or maybe 1 earphone in with masked or ultrasonic


maybe I’ll try it with the masked version. Ultrasonic will be too risky with earphones


Wasn’t there… yeah, here it is:


That’s interesting! I’ll attempt it and see what happens. Cheers