Ascended Mogul: A Woman's Perspective


Since starting Ascended Mogul, and ACTUALLY noticing a difference, why not start a topic right?
At first when I was educated on what subliminals were and how they worked, I was a bit afraid to try it. I had many questions and was afraid to expose my mind to anything new.
However, curiosity got the best of me and here I am a couple of weeks later amazed at how this works. The insane part about it is you can actually feel the subliminal working.
Before Ascended Mogul I was a very depressed person. I was down for quite a while nearly reaching my breaking point. I remember the morning that I knew there was a complete change in me. The day before what I call “my moment”, I was letting my insecurities get the best of me and arguing with the people closest to me. The morning after one of the most stressful nights ever, I woke up, looked at my boyfriend and said… “today is going to be a great day. I can just feel it.” He smirked at me and we both knew it was Ascended Mogul working on me. That night I had a very strange dream. Each part of the dream dealt with a specific aspect in my life that had me insecure, down, afraid, and depressed. I felt myself overcome each and every feeling in the dream and woke up feeling like a fresh new person. Almost like I was reborn in my skin, and ready to start over a new chapter in my life. I felt brave, confident, self-assured, overall I just feel like a better me. It is amazing what this doing for me. I can’t wait to see more results and improvements.

Didn't use my sub - Asc Mogul

Thanks for giving Ascended Mogul a chance, it’s nice to have more female experiences. How often are you running the program?


I’m doing the set and forget method. I just leave it running all day on my laptop. Things are getting even better on Ascended Mogul. I just enrolled back in school for business with an emphasis on entrepreneur. I also got a promotion a few weeks ago, as well as an opportunity to become a potential franchisee of the company. I’m still a bit shocked at how well everything is going and i’m a lil afraid it’ll all come crashing down.

Titles appropriate for women?

@DarkEmpress : How are things going for you since using Ascended Mogul for almost a year now?


@DarkEmpress Ascended Mogul is a definate Game Changer. I ran months and it turend my life upside down from negative to positive.


Just got a notification in my email box and realizes i forgot to ever come back and update this. wow, i don’t know where to start.
i actually ran it for about eight months i think and stopped. I ended up losing about 30 pounds, hit the gym everyday which i still do, i got a huge promotion at work from working the front desk to a well paying commission job. my bosses and coworkers respect me so much more. i also ended up meeting and dating someone who i absolutely love, best boyfriend yet.
The best thing is that my depression is completely gone. There’s a few days where I feel down, but I feel more normal than ever. I’m hoping more women’s subliminals come out, I’d love to try Emperor.


I just stumbled on this thread. Amazing results @DarkEmpress

For @Fire and @SaintSovereign, I want to make sure I’m not confused here. Isn’t AscMogul scripted primarily for the “male perspective”? Or is it indeed gender-neutral? Asking mainly because if there isn’t any real “danger” of my wife listening, I’d love to invest in that or Emperor as a first for us both.


Was here posting my rvx results, so I will update on my Ascended Mogul results. I recently started my own Etsy business / boutique selling handmade crafts. At first I was really nervous and had lots of limiting beliefs. For example, I made a really blinged out mirror and I wanted to price it at $300 after seeing similar people price their stuff that didn’t look as good at the same price. But I kept telling myself “who would pay that much for something from me.” My boyfriend (he is running Khan) urged me to price it at that price and it sold almost immediately for $250. Now i’m working on getting the raw materials cheaper and i noticed that I’ve been really assertive in getting the best wholesale prices.

When is Monarch coming out??? I really need this because I’ve gotten amazing results from Ascended Mogul!


Soon. :wink:
Admittedly, I’ve been taking a bit of a break, but we’re gearing up for the next slew of releases. :wink: