Did sex mastery help you with ED and lasting longer?


On the sub club site there’s a testimonial that says how sex mastery helped him with Ed and I’ve read a comment or two from people saying how Sex mastery has helped them last longer. Is this true from users who ran sex mastery ?


@Grimm1390 - would like to know more details about this from users of Sex Mastery too.


Will tag @Elme and @kingr here since they both have extensive experience with SM. Possibly they will be able to give some answers.


I use sex mastery everyday, just one loop a day . Won’t change the topic so will stick to simple answer, does this helps . Yes it did help me last longer, I usually can have actual act for 40- 45 mins . I never had problem of ED so can’t comment much .


@rajeshwer - very cool. Do you orgasm after that time period of 40-45 mins? And do you have any instances when you can orgasm more than once in a day? Eg- 2 x 45 mins


How long did you last before SM


Unfortunately I do not actually have extensive experience with SM. Due to personal circumstances, although I have listened to SM a lot I have had no opportunity to put it to the test just yet.
@Grimm1390 Sex Mastery is a Weapon X sub and is very focused so it works very fast. When I first started with subclub I only focused on that one sub. I would play it and forget it like Saints calls it ( on ultrasonics in the background) and would even find myself doing Kegels for no reason ( it isnt a habit of mine) then I would play it at night as well so I would have crazy sex dream all night. I would wake up with a hard on, go back to sleep with a hard on, and feel like I have been erect all night.

From reading other journals ( i dont exactly remember which one though). It is when you put it use on a lady friend that Sex Mastery unleashes itself. Some talk about the best sex of their lives, being a beast all night, even having a spiritual experience. Does it get rid of anxiety I believe so… my two cents would be overflood your mind with the scripting and you will be the freaking king of fuck mountain!


I thought I would add this since Fire wrote this answer in answer to a similar question:

PE = Premature Ejaculation
ED = Erectile Dysfunction


Yes I could , even thrice when I was holidaying with her in Bangkok, I think I mentioned it my journal too .

On other days also , I can have her at night and then again in morning , but never back to back or without gap


For me it was always 15-20 mins , but it changed after SM , in one instance it was 1:10 mins also , but never got that duration again


How long did it take for “the lasting longer effect” to occur?


What duration do you get then if not the one hr plus one ?


I think I started feeling and performing differently hardly after week of listening .
Initially I listened it 2-3 days in loop , after that only while making love


As I mentioned , it’s normally 40-45 mins


I did run Khan for almost a year and now Emperor for testing purposes. Sex Mastery is included in each of these subliminals. Sadly, I did not notice any results in lasting longer, only my libido got higher. I know adding SM to my stack as an extra would put more focus on this area and therefore enhance results, however, I thought that a listening time of 1 year should be enough to experience real SM results only by listening to (main) subliminals like Khan.
Is anyone experiencing the same or has advice on that?


I would believe Khan to only Possess SM lite


It has the full script of SM included


My bad…:see_no_evil:


Sounds like she banged your kok alright! :grinning:


I only used Sex Mastery since Last november and still use it, normally 2 loops a day 30m each on the car but i am only doing one at the time since i have so much male sexual energy coming out of me that it was doing more damage than good.

Sexual effects :

  • Girls giving the fuck me glaze most of the time
  • Girls beeing overtly sexual and flirty when they engage with me
  • Holding myself between 30m and 1hour non stop agressive sex, my wife is a professional ballet dancer so she can do everything with her body… i want to go for the 3 hour mark but probably i will have to put tapes all night and since i have noticed harmfull effects on too much loops in a day.
  • my wife gets orgasms faster, she says i move dofferently now or do stuff differently.
  • my libido is skyhigh, hard erections and male energy through the roof.
  • male energy too intense had some guys trying to defy me for status position, you need to handle this properly or else you can get into non essential fights pretty easily.
  • In social status people see me as the alpha, also othet alfas started to treat me with more respect and also made friends with them.
  • Male energy polarity makes you take care of the qeak and the abused, also you will start looking and woman abd treat them differently.
  • So you can see this tape is so powerfull i am the leader of the sindicate here at my work and i am fighting for peoples rights here at work, nothing i was willing to do bo before november 2019.
  • i am more family oriented and dont tolerate bullshit from anyone, i put stupid people in their place.

There is so much more i could say, it had a profound impact on me. Right now i am only doing one loop a day, i noticed i was emanating too much sexual male energy and that was doing more harm than good.

Hope it helped…