Deep Dive with StarkQv2 + The Executive UltimaV2

Hello guys, this is my first journal post. I purchased StarkQ and The Executive a few months ago and ran the subs on and off but failed to maintain a consistent listening schedule. I’ve maintained an offline journal but decided to join the forums for a few reasons: keeping myself accountable, receiving input from other users, and potentially persuade any lurkers to pull the trigger and start a journal of their own.

So far in my listening experience some of the benefits and result that I’ve noticed are:

  • An improved sense of peace in social situations
  • Increased drive to work on a business that I’m starting with a close friend
  • When in group events people come up to me and introduce themselves, overall very friendly vibes
  • An improved sense of mental clarity and level of articulate expression of my thoughts
  • A more upbeat attitude and quicker wit

Some of my goals:

  • Continue making headway on my business
  • Create additional streams of income
  • Increase network of business connections
  • Increase social influence

That’s all for now, wanted to keep the post relatively short. Looking forward to future input from members of this forum as well as future results.


Excellent, I’m also running Stark Qv2. Looking forward to read more about your experience, and congrats with the results.

I noticed being approached more on Qv1, I’m glad to hear this is happening with Qv2 as well.

How many loops are you running btw?

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I usually run 2 loops. I agree with you about getting approached on Qv1 as well. It was an interesting celebrity-type effect. For example, I was at a party full of people that I didn’t know and was kind of keeping to myself. I then get approached by one guy who said that I seemed interesting and wanted to know my story. By the time I was finishing up telling him about my experiences, there were six other people standing around listening to what I was saying intently. After that, they started introducing me to their friends and I was very well received. I went from not knowing anyone to getting to meet almost everyone at the party. Interesting experience.


Writing here to follow this thread.

Ran 2 loops of StarkQv2 and 1 loop of The Executive UltimaV2 today. Today wasn’t really eventful honestly. I mostly spent it studying for my final exams next week. Got some more things done for my business today, working on revenue projections and cost models currently. I ran Stark in the morning before I got out of bed to start the day and fell asleep while running it. Had a very interesting dream about accepting a prestigious business award and getting into contact with old friends. Later on in the day, I ran the Executive after I had finished classes. Before listening I was being a bit lazy and watching some random movie while playing the executive in the background. I could barely spend 10 minutes before I felt the urge to get up and engage in more productive endeavors. I have this underlying feeling of guilt about not doing enough/ not living up to my full potential. I’ll keep you guys updated.


Back again, took the weekend off for my 2 rest days. During this time I’ve been having extremely vivid dreams about various areas of my life. The dreams themselves seem simple at first until I realize that they actually represent things that are much deeper. For example, one recurring topic that I’ve noticed in these dreams has to do with standing up for myself and being impervious to other people’s attempts to manipulate me. The attempts ranged from ignoring small put-downs to standing my ground against aggressive gaslighting. These dreams so vivid and realistic that I would wake up and temporarily forget that I was dreaming. I take these dreams as a sign that StarkQv2 is working on something deeper within me. Do any of y’all have similar dreams on Stark? @Apollo


My dreams are more of an intimate nature lately, or going out and just having a good time, like the one I had today, but I think Khan is influencing this.

I was okay being assertive in the past, I usually pushed myself even when it didn’t feel good or congruent inside, but my fuel had to do more with pride.

What I want is to be truly calm, collected and wise in any situation, not just winging it and hoping for the best when things really get tough. That said, I want an easy, enjoyable, happy life.

I think your subconcious is reacting to the sub very well, if this was unusual for you, I would chalk this up to results.

Stark has PCC in it if I am not mistaken, and the part about you standing your ground against manipulation sounds very much like Stark to me.

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Ran a loop of StarkQv2 and The Executive UltimaV2 today. Spent the beginning of the day completing coursework and working on app design for my business. The dreams continued last night as well but it was not as memorable as the ones before. Later on in the day I went to martial arts and had a good sparring day. Something pretty interesting happened on my drive back home. As I was stopped at a red light, a car full of girls my age pulled up beside me and they rolled down their windows and said: “oh my gosh you’re actually cute as fuck can my friend have your Snapchat?” I’ve been approached when I’ve been out at bars and clubs but never in my life have I had someone get my social media while driving. I thought it was pretty funny so I gave it to her, we’ll see where that goes. I’m not really that interested in relationships at this point in my life because I have so many things that I want to achieve that could get hindered by the stress of having to maintain one.

To respond to you @Apollo I definitely think that my subconscious is accepting stark pretty nicely. I haven’t run into any forms of reconciliation as Stark seems to fit my personality pretty well. If anything I’ve noticed that it enhances my personality like a nice polishing touch. Stark makes me feel a sense of calm similar to flow state in which I can focus on work for hours but also be super social when the time calls for it. How long have you been running stark?


Not for very long, I’m around 32 days this time around. I get recon from time to time, as Stark and my personality reconciled.

Outstanding results my friend, sounds like you found your best sub. I recall another listener of Stark had a similar incident happen, it was also in a car, I think it was rajeshwer if my memory serves me right. I’m under recon right now and I could be mistaken.

Been running at least 2 loops of Stark and the Executive over the past few days. Here some interesting things that I’ve been noticing.

  • Increased drive to work on my business
  • Receiving more warmth and attention from strangers (ex. I was at a bar and a guy sitting a few seats down from me looked at me and said “you’re a super cool guy I can just tell. Yo doesn’t he just look cool?” the ladies sitting next to him started a conversation with me and giving lots of compliments.)
  • People have been coming to me explaining their businesses and how they think that I could be a useful addition.
  • Calmer in social situations, becoming more comfortable with increased attention.

Overall I’d say that Stark has been working nicely. I don’t think I’ve encountered any kind of recon so far and hope to keep it this way.


I’m glad you’re seeing results so quickly!


Thank you @RVconsultant ! I’m happy as well, I see the manifestation aspect of Stark coming in nicely. Recently I’ve been able to see the bigger picture for my overall vision of my business. The inner-circle module has seriously been in effect. I’ve made a few high-profile connections and continue to meet more. I definitely feel as if I’m am rising to a completely different level in life. The past month has really placed a lot of things into perspective for me. StarkQv2 is truly helping me bring my dreams into reality. I can’t say much yet, but I have the feeling that amazing things are waiting for me in my near future.


It’s been a while since I’ve updated this journal. A lot has happened since my last entry. I’ve been more involved in my business and have been meeting with potential clients and investors. I’ve also had to deal with an increased amount of old friends reaching out and trying to get involved. I think StarkQ is testing me especially in the PCC aspect of it. Recently I’ve been finding myself in certain situations in which I question the motives of those around me. I get the feeling that they want something and are attempting to utilize a more indirect approach to do so. I’ve learned that business and friendships don’t always go together and at the end of the day people do what serves them best even if it is at the expense of others. If anything I’ve become more cautious and less trusting.

Running the executive has been very helpful with maintaining focus when working on my business and everyday dealings. I’m starting to see more of my true potential and know my worth. No person’s journey follows a straight path, there are many unexpected twists and turns. However, the twists and turns help one to be aware of some circumstances and situations in which they never would have prepared for. So overall I am grateful for what I have experienced so far.

StarkQv2 and The Executive Ultima V2 are taking me places I never knew I could go. I look forward to what the future brings.

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Back again after almost a month of not journaling. I’ve been running Stark on and off throughout that period and I have to say that I’ve definitely noticed Stark’s social effects. I’ve been going out to bars more and have very nice experiences. I’m much more relaxed and upbeat in these situations. Women have approached me more as well.

One interesting thing that I’ve noticed is that I have a significantly lower tolerance for disrespect. I’ve been a lot more confrontational and command more respect from my peers. People happily introduce me to their friends and only have good things to say. Multiple people have pulled me aside and things along the lines of “I really like your vibe/ energy”.

In terms of my business, I feel like I’ve hit a roadblock of sorts. I think my issue is really just figuring out the things that I need to be doing since it’s me running the company so I’m in charge of telling other people what they need to be doing. A small sense of imposter syndrome has set in but I believe that I’ll overcome it.

Overall, I have to say that Stark and The Executive are really changing my life. I’ve had some friends who also use Subliminals see me and tell me that they see the effects.



New Beginnings?

Very cool!


@RVconsultant Thanks for interacting with my journal! I always appreciate it when other users provide their input. I definitely think I’ve been experiencing some sort of “New Beginnings” type of circumstance. There have been a lot of changes in my life recently and I find myself in a completely different circle of people. I definitely feel that my status is rising and other people treat me even better than before.

On an unrelated note, I have added WANTED into my stack and have run 2 loops so far. DAMN, this shit works. I went out last night and was getting hit on left and right. I witnessed women trying to make excuses to keep making conversation with me and follow me to various places that I was going to. I have a few examples. There is this one girl in our friend group who is very attractive and I have only recently started spending time with her; however, I’ve noticed that she makes a lot of effort to hang out with me specifically and tries to get us alone when in a group setting. Last night another guy in the group was trying his hardest to seduce her to no avail. Every time he would go try to make a move, she would make some sort of excuse to come back to me and dance or flirt. This went on all night to the point where the other guy was asking me what I was doing that he wasn’t. The funniest thing about it is that I wasn’t doing anything special. I simply made conversation and was having fun while doing it. Another woman in the friend group is someone that I’ve been friends with for a super long time, we’ve had some history but nothing serious. Last night she was also trying to dance on me all the time and was way more flirty and physical than usual. I’ve also noticed myself being a lot more mischievous with my humor amongst my friends.


I suggest you get accustomed to how women are treating. :grin::wink::+1:


Such great results overall especially on the social and attraction side. Congrats, bro!

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I guess I should lol @RVconsultant . I didn’t realize the results would come this fast.

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Thank you @raphael , I’m happy about my progress with Stark, The Executive, and WANTED. I’m excited to see the long-term effects that these subs have.

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