Dating - The Dark Avenger Rises

About to jet off to Poland and visit a few cities focusing on Krakow and Warsaw. I am a middle age guy my ideal woman is in her mid to late 20s.

The plan is to visit the cities and integrate this with meeting the local women.

I have several customs the first one is a wanted custom which I have already ran one loop of this morning together with a loop of stark.

After the loop of standard Stark it sent me into a highly charismatic chat mode. I am already charismatic however Stark took it to a whole new level.


Holy fuck, I’m following your story :palm_tree::sunglasses:



On the way to the airport in the bus the weather was bad. Dark clouds and rain all morning. There was a girl in her mid 20s sitting next to me with a huge bag.

I turned to her and commented “escaping the bad weather” she smiled and said yes and turned away. I continued with “you dress like your french” she laughed and said that she was not french. She then continued with “come on have another guess” I responded nayyyy just tellme.

It turned out she was from Italy and was living here for a few months but was now returning to Italy to wed her fiance it was only then i noticed the ring on her finger. Wished her well an got off at the airport.

I was still full of charismatic energy on the stark custom. I started a small talk with a cute blonde dutch girl sat waiting for her plane. We had a chat however it transpired she was heading off to Italy to meet her boyfriend.

I commented that having a boyfriend in another country does not count. She laughed tried to get her contact details but she only offered instagram. Which i rejected by telling her “do i look like an instagram guy”.

I personally think instagram is the worst way of contacting women. My french ex had thousands of messages in her instagram mail box from desperate guys, she never ever checked the messages lol.


Landed in Krakow hit the streets and opened 10 girls nothing happened.

Following morning i ran another loop of the stark custom which was a stupid thing to do. As i should have taken a days break. Felt really shitty all morning.

Towards the afternoon i hit the park and got chatting to a ukranian girl sat on rhe park bench. I invited her for a coffee. We sat and chatted later she had to go back to work. Will try and get her out on another date in the evening.


Such a weird name for your dick “DarkAvenger”…

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Well i am dark right :slight_smile:

So a blonde with amazing legs walking down the road with her travel bag. I stopped her and gave her a compliment.

She responded with “i have a boyfriend” i replied with “so you put your boyfriend in your bag you control freak”.

She burst into giggles and we began chatting. It turnes out she had just finished a photo shoot.

Arranged to grab a drink with her tomorrow.

Had a harsh blow out with a cute girl i approached in the shopping mall. Two guys who were watching started laughing. I didnt flinch and kept my cool. Its very easy to get disheartened when people laugh at you from a point of wanting to belittle you.


They were jealous you had the courage to talk to her, the will to endure arrows of outrageous fortune, the steel to ignore them, and the mettle to keep going towards victory. I think later that day they hung their heads in shame because for them it’s “bold” to slide a message into a woman’s DMs. You are light years ahead of them.


At a risk of going into overload i ran 2 loops of primal after running my stark custom. Within hours the dynamics of the interactions had changed. Younger girls were taking an interest in me and smiling at me before i even opened my mouth. It was like they were giving me this dreamy look.

Already got 2 more dates lined up.


Yooooo I would of freaked out, that’s impressive! GG wp

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The two dates i had on both occasions i ran a single loop of libertine zp, was already going over the top when it comes to best practices for listening to loops.

I DO NOT RECOMMEND you do this as there is a very high risk of recon. On both occasions the girls submitted to making out with me within minutes.

Perhaps the fact i waa activily, constantly interacting wirh women reduces the risks of recon who knows. Upto now i am still good.


DarkAvenger you are becoming a real legend of Subliminal Club.


You are such a beast, no woman is safe with you :D.
About Libertine, I am usually listening 5 minutes to a sub. Yesterday I have been going to a social event so I listened to a quick loop of Libertine for 3 minutes. Absolutely nothing happened and have had 13 days of no sexual activity.
But since Libertine is not in my stack I am not going to try it further.

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On the contrary every woman is safe in my presence :blush:

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What is your stack mate ?

Right now, Spartan, Paragon, and DR st3. Healing phase.

I always complement libertine with a sexual sub if you have primal try stacking it with libertine. What seemed to work is primal at 2 loops and libertine at 1 loop. Perhaps primal helps fire up libertine perhaps with us both being middle age men we need our sexual energy to be amped up before libertine can function correctly. Maybe we can get SC to modify this in the next release of libertine.

As i said earlier careful you dont overload yourself. I think i did 5 loops yesterday, this morning i am still good in a cheerful mood. The thing is recon comes out of nowhere and hits you when you least expect it.

Nevertheless i am on holiday no pressure of work and i am experimenting outside the realms of SC best practices :slight_smile:


I have Primal in my next phase, but I am not gonna do 2 loops of one title at one day any time soon I like myself too much :). But you are probably right, without the seduction title I can not probably use Libertine’s whole potential.

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Why have not you gone for a Khan? Seems that this would be absolutely best for you.

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Khan i have been contemplating for a while as its one of my favourites.

I am planning on a Khan custom in the not too distant future.