Daredevil MODULES


Would like to know more detailed info for what modules it contains as on the product page there is no information apart from the brief overall description.


You mean like how Emperor has a big list?

Daredevil is a bit of a strange case, it has the price tag of a major program, but it is often used by people as a stacking module. In the store, it is listed under neither of those. I’m not entirely certain it contains many other modules. I think it was made do one thing very well instead.


My understanding is that the latest technology Subliminal Club uses does not rely on modules.

Modules were for older tech. The newer tech is scripted in a different way that is a lot more effective.

@SaintSovereign can comment on this.


What are modules in this context, really? Scripts taken from other products held together by lead-ins and bridges. If instead it is more effective to divide the script up into many pieces and makes those work more effective when sprinkled throughout, it is technically still the same script, just applied differently. One could still say that for example the script of Limitless is part of a major program. I doubt Saint would refrain from re-using scripts he’d already written, considering it takes a lot of time to write a good one. So you re-use them in one form or another like a programmer. Advances in script-writing would primarily make them more synergistic, easier to digest and flow where the subconscious is concerned. Greater than the sum of their parts. Actually, Saint does write them from scratch (see below)! That’s dedication.

But I’m going off-topic. I would really like to know where Daredevil stands though. Major program, stack module (can I still say module? :slight_smile: ) or something else. And @xanderson83 wants to know if there’s parts of other programs in it.


Again, about the difference between Major Programs and Stacking Modules.

My understanding, and I have been reading this forum for almost a year now, is that the difference is: Stacking Modules are similar to major programs, except they don’t have the core scripts and the healing scripts in them. The Core Scripts have things to do with sexuality, dominance, aura, leaning, etc. A somewhat basic version of all other programs, and some healing scripting.

Based on this definition, DareDevil is a Major Program, because it’s not just about social skills, it has healing and the core script in it.


@AMASH is correct – we no longer rely on the concept of modules. Originally, we made every program modular because we could get our products out quicker because of the modularity. We could reuse the same scripts over and over and change them toward a goal and voila.

Eventually, we realized we were sacrificing quality / effectiveness for production speed. Now, each subliminal is completely created from scratch. There aren’t any “modules.” However, we do understand that the modules list helps people understand what’s happening in their lives when they run the subliminal, so we’re working on “Intended / Expected Outcomes” list that will serve the same purpose.

Using Stacking Modules with Multi-Stage products?

Wow, that is a LOT of work. If I was wearing a hat, I’d take it off right now. I figured you had to reuse things, a least snippets. I’ll remember this, thanks for sharing.


Thanks for clearing that up , i already own daredevil so just wanted more info etc …looking forward to experinceing big socialising changes as an introvert majority of the time .