Dandelion's fantastic journey!

I made entries about my customs previously but I intend this to be my journal.

A bit of backstory

I started with Dragon Reborn as my first Sub a year ago as I was already experimenting with subliminals on YouTube but they were mostly made by teenagers for teenagers so I wanted something more.
Went halfway to the Dragon path (it was tough so I used it along Rebirth) but started again when V2 came out, experimented with StarkQ a bit with good results (getting the interest of strangers on the street) but it wasn’t really what I needed at the moment so I stopped. Then I made a physical shifting/attraction custom (Love and Beauty Shock) this was before Wanted came out.
Stopped DR when ZP came out because I was super thrilled to use it, great smooth and gentle healing compared to the crushing Dragon.
I made a custom based on Music including Ultimate Artist and Reinassance Man (Euterpe) and right now I am listening to both of my customs along with Wanted ZP.

I finished my first 21 days following the instructions, gained great emotional healing, results from Euterpe mostly on songwritting and a bit of singing at the moment. Not physical changes (just a bit of better skin maybe) on the custom or Wanted, feeling very loved, but not really Wanted but I’ve been getting more attention from strangers sometimes.

I’m doing another 21 day run of Wanted and feeling very positive about it as the healing has been great so now it can start working on the physical side. I just purchased Ascended Mogul (this will help me with my art custom) so I can use when it’s upgraded to ZP and my second round of Wanted is over.

I’m emotionally in a much better place than last year when I was awfully depressed and started my healing journey. I had several self image issues growing up and in my early adulthood, there was a time when I couldn’t even see myself on the mirror.

I grew some confidence later on so I may have a bit of resistance on the love/attraction/physical but I remain hopeful. Thrilled to see and experiment all the wonders ZP has in store for all of us.

Thanks for reading

I’ll be updating when I feel like it lol


Went out three days ago to the mall to have something to eat and distract myself, people noticed me a lot more.
Emotional healing is up the roof, I believe all the time I spent on Regeneration and DR is showing now, I just feel really content.

Edit the one I used is Rebirth not Regeneration, dunno why I keep mixing their names.
I’m so happy I found SubClub, everything that haunted me for a long time started to fade away.
I’m feeling really good and optimistic about the future.


Now that I feel in control of my feelings it’s a bit of a struggle to deal with people who don’t, at least I’m able to make myself clear and don’t indulge or take part on their little games.

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I feel you.

For me, the best thing is to just not pay any attention to them and stay focused on your goals and what interests you.

I stopped arguing a long time ago!


I didn’t argue, but I made my point about not taking sides in other people’s troubles not involving me. Is very draining to speak with people who only complains.
Happy to be able to tell my feelings in a civilized manner without being involved in more drama.

I can’t stop mentioning it, but I feel soooooooo good :sob:
I feel warmth inside my heart, and very blessed.

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I’m glad you feel good :slight_smile:

Is it euphoria or just a general sense of peace?

A couple of weeks ago it was Euphoria. Right now very content and peaceful.

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I am not a fan of euphoria, I find it to be very draining and kind of scary.

Content and peaceful sounds wonderful, keep it up! :slight_smile:

It wasn’t scary at all, it was just having a break from work to dance a bit lol

Hahaha okay that’s good!

Maybe the euphoria I’m referring to is more like a “hypomanic state.” I’ve experienced some strange euphoric states… more frightening than you might think!

I hope you can manifest a more permanent break from work if that’s what you desire. :slight_smile:


Having interesting dreams lately, have you ever dreamed of being naked on the street? Like losing your pants or something similar?
I dream about losing my pants but instead of being embarrassed I said, “you know what? I have amazing legs” and I kept walking confidently, a bunch of teenage boys saw me and took their own pants off and started running down the street, I laughed thinking I started a trend lol

People seem nicer or maybe I’m more confident to start conversations with strangers.
I’m feeling the urge to run StarkQ again, I’m feeling a bit egocentric right now lol.
Really enjoy the attention.

I’m really happy to experience all the mentality change with subliminals, been using them for a whole year and I’m surprised about how much it changes our perception.

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Wow, that’s an amazing dream!

One part of your mind tried to bring you into a state of fear… but the other part of your mind refused to be fearful and made a joyful moment out of it!

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Of the most beautiful things I can tell about my healing journey is to know I’m allowed to not feel OK all the time, no I’m not sad but now I know that I if I was it will be alright.
When you feel depressed you may want to escape from all the loneliness and despair, the apathy and the anguish. Like everywhere you turn they all are there, always around you, and maybe you feel so down you no longer expect happiness just wanting to be able to not feel pain, even if it means you can’t feel anything at all.
But I’m feeling, and now I know that sadness might knock on my door every now and then but it will leave as it no longer lives here.

Thanks a lot reading, lots of hugs

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Yes, admitting that everything is not always be going to sunshine is very important. It’s too easy to pretend otherwise, tricking both ourselves and others. Nobody can be happy all the time. Nobody in this forum, no Zen monk (well, unless they’re in Nirvana, I guess), no billionaire. But even though you may not always be happy, you can always be peaceful. That’s being peaceful in the sense that you describe: knowing that it will end, you’re not in war with life and your mind, and trusting that everything happening is a bridge to a manifestation of improvement (however it may seem at the moment).

It will go up and down, but you can only go forward!


Yesterday night I was lying in bed, thinking about the meaning to run any sub intended for love or attraction. Does that means I no longer want to be alone on this bed? The thing I noticed the best is how I didn’t want anyone lying beside me at the very moment. I brought back the person I’ve been missing the most the whole time, myself.
I didn’t need anything more.


Today I decided to keep using my three subs art custom, attraction/physical custom and ZP Wanted.
I finished my washout and I’m starting my third round of 21 days, haven’t got the physical blooming yet so I’ll be consistent and try at least 90 days.
Got some recon on this washout, felt kinda lonely TBH.
People are getting beautiful hair (growing new hair!!!) and I’m still eager to get that among other things lol

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I was recently advised via support ticket of using a single Qv2 custom a week.

"Given the fact that your customs use modules that hit very deeply emotionally, it may take a bit more time for the results to really manifest. You may also need to cut back on the loops a bit more (I know, sounds crazy), as you may be stuck in light recon that doesn’t feel too bad, but still impedes results from coming to the surface.

I’d alternate customs week by week. So, on the first week, I’d run custom A on the day when you listen to your customs. Next week, custom B. Keep running the ZP track as normal. This will lower how much information your subconscious has to process. Then, washout as normal and gauge your results."

So this is how I will be listening from now on

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I’m doing things at singing class I wouldn’t dream some time ago, enjoying the coquette side of Wanted when someone I fancy is around I notice my body language changing.

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I’m getting so much recon lately, I think it may be wanted as I’m feeling very lonely. I spent good time with my friends but at the moment I’m alone I feel terrible. My Washout starts this Friday and I think it started like a week ago. I found myself very sleepy and with less energy, fatigued.
Right now I feel my head kinda stuffed, dunno if having recon is OK or I’m doing something wrong.

Edit: I’ve been on Wanted since the ZP came out, should I stick with it after the washout now that it’s hitting me or should I try something different? People around me has been telling me I have a highly sexual energy (I’m a contemporary dancer and it has to do with the way I move), little they know I haven’t been sexually with anyone in a very long time.

I’m feeling very lonely but not unloved, just grieving a little bit for the past maybe?
It’s been a long time since I felt this way.


I have dreams about exes, is my subconscious trying to heal old and unnoticed emotional wounds?

Healing and transformation is not without cost and some pain in the process, maybe that’s why I’m so tired lately.

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