Daily habits that have improved your life


Thought i would start a thread of daily habits you use besides using subliminal which you have learned from books or mentors or anywhere that has improved your life in any area such as health, wealth, confidence/motivation, healing etc. Three of mine i am using at the moment are the 5 second rule by Mel Robbins, faster eft and Wim hof method.

5 second rule is basically away to kill procrastination and fear when you are about to do something it sounds really simple but it works well especially with using the subs as well
Here is a video on how to implement it

faster eft is similar to eft but its shorter and you can do it much quicker to heal emotional issues and blockages

wim hof breathing technique( you most probably all heard of this) i do this every morning when i wake up and i find it gives me a lot of energy and clears my head. I also have a cold shower after i do it and do some stretching exercises which gets me ready for the day
Video tutorial


Taking care of getting proper sleep is what I’m going to mention. This is a foundation for everything in my experience. It makes such a difference for everyday performance. So I have started to do everything I can to facilitate good sleep like not drinking coffee or tea after 2 pm, starting to wind down 1 hour before bedtime, having a blue light filter on screens etc.

Also, waking up early and utilizing my biological prime time. For me that seems to be the morning, but it can be different for someone else. If I’ve gone to bed early enough and had proper sleep, then morning is usually my most productive time.

I also second breathing exercises. I haven’t done the Wim Hof method, but I’ve tried other kinds. The one I do now and meditation both help in winding down at night.