Custom Ultima Build Thread


Post your ideas for custom Ultimas and why you think they’d be dope here.

Custom Ultimas Are Here!

I wanted to propose some stacks, and encourage people plan what they want while we wait.

@SaintSovereign and @Fire If you see anything “off” on these Ultima stacks, please say so.

Focus I think is key with Ultima.

These lists of topics or specific modules are not meant to be exhaustive, only to give you ideas and start you thinking.

Transcendental Connections
Alpha Body Language
Mercy Protocol

Secret Source
Financial Success Reality Shifter
Positive Being Attractor - wealth
Secrets of Akasha - wealth
Instant Business Tactician

Sex (remember the limit of 6 maximum):
Gorgeous Manifestor
Sex Manifestation
Long Range Seduction
Focused Arousal
Instant Spark
Direct Influencing Aura

Manifesting (remember limit to 6 maximum):
Gratitude Embodiement
Divine Will
Current Invoker

Alpha of alpha
Leader of men
Power awareness
Direct Influencing Aura
Power unleashed

Healing (remember limit of 6 maximum):
I am
Discordia Deliverance
Eye of the Storm
Growth through Pain
Harmonic Singularity
Information Releaser
Inner Voice
Negativity Displacer
New Beginnings
Stress Displacement

Social life and popularity:
Dragon Tongue
Transcendental Connection
The Spotlight
Alpha body language

Physical Health and good looks (remember to limit to 6):
Health Codex
Facial Morphing
Physicality Shifter - sexiness
Serum X
Harmonic singularity
Epigenetics and DNA Modulator
Male Enhancement
(I suppose women could try Seductress, but remember that is a major title and may not yield the results you might hope for)

Notice how in all selections, these are modules rather than full programs… except Seductress.

Personally, unless I get the okay from @SaintSovereign or @Fire I’m going to stay with modules, not full programs with Ultima.

So as for “cores” … @Fire and @SaintSovereign what about Inner Circle in Ultima?

The dopeness justification:
They are focused on more or less 1 theme.
They’re my ideas.
They are common topics in the human condition.

Still, I’d like the official Saint/Fire input on “Inner Circle” on Ultima.


RAPHAEL ULTIMA (named after the angel of physical healing and ahem myself lol):

  1. Asclepius
  2. Health Codex
  3. Serum X
  4. Stress Displacement
  5. Epigenetics & DNA Modulator
  6. The Architect

With inputs from @renet1 & @RVconsultant

Since loads of people (including myself) looking to rid themselves of physical ailments, this stack would be cool. Of course, SubClub disclaimers apply.


These are some really great stacks, great job. If anyone wants to see the best way to use Ultima Customs, look here.

I think Inner Circle is one of those cores that would work really good in an Ultima Custom. It’s extremely light and the scripting shouldn’t trigger a lot of reconciliation.


Another good one.


Physicality Shifter – Sexiness
Aura of Craving
Seducers Gaze

Sex and Seduction ? is that light weight enough to be ultima ?


Thanks for the official thumbs up, and the comment on Inner Circle. I figured it would likely work because it’s light, but it’s important to confirm with the experts!:grin:


I’m going to disagree with you on a few of those. I would do Debt Annihilator and Wealth Limit Destroyer instead of Positive Being Attractor and Secrets of Akasha. I think with creating wealth that getting your debt down and eliminated and busting through any wealth ceiling is infinitely more pragmatic and pragmatic. That said I would replace Secret Source with Attachment Destroyer so a person isn’t hung up on one souce that income is made


:thinking:How many aura modules are you using?

Personally, it’s tempting. But I wonder if “too many” aura modules might cause a nothing result.

In theory, I would think an aura module in Ultima should work, but I try to limit my number of auras.



Intriguing ideas! This is why I like this forum … it makes me think … I would not have thought of these concepts!


My latest core has no auras so I am thinking keeping a single aura might be the best for ultima.


This makes sense, and as I am guessing, one aura in an Ultima should yield results. Please keep us informed.


I have a lot of meetings (well… Zoom calls now, but anyways) and a pre-meeting boost would be awesome.

  • Instant Business Tactician - business advice
  • Unrelenting Wealth Motivation and Energy - keep the eye on the prize
  • I.Q. and Cognitive Booster - be smart and sharp!
  • Lion IV - maintain calm
  • Submodel Alpha - see all possibilities (Mastermind would also be a very good option here, maybe even better)

To that I’d probably also add either:

  • Alpha of Alpha if confidence is required
  • Dragon Tongue if convincing is required
  • Approachability Aura or Transcendental Connection if a stronger bond is needed


@RVconsultant I am an ex self help addict and I have seen how magical thinking and believing in fairy tales can keep someone from accomplishing anything because they end up thinking that some diety, angel, demon, vision board , praying , or putting it out in the universe ( whatever the fuck that means ) can keep someone from being willing to do any work to achieve whatever it is they want.
Maybe I’m pessimistic but I don’t believe the universe gives a flying fuck about what anyone wants.


I want to be absolutely fearless in life.
So I might go forth an build something like this:

Limit Destroyer*
Attachment Destroyer*

*optional modules


For a kickass learning/knowledge Custom Ultima:

Merger of Worlds
Intuition Enhancer

IF this could handle a core, I’d shoot for either/or:

LimitlessQ core

IF those cores are too dense/won’t work for Ultima, I’d leave it with the 4 modules above


How well would Sex Mastery work in an Ultima custom? I feel the core is pretty light weight.

Also how dense are stack modules compared to Q modules? Would a Ultima custom consisting of Sanguine, Rebirth, Limit Destroyer etc be too dense to recommend?


Thats it !! RV


Hi John please be more open minded about these things.


Super Cock Ultima (run 1 hour before sexy time)

Male Enhancement
Prevent PE
Rock hard erections / overcome ED (hopefully this module gets added)