Crystals and Stones


Is anyone really knowledgeable about crystals and their uses? And whats good for your house or for you to wear?


I wear a hematite bracelet every day.

Hematite is supposed to help ground a person. I can’t say for sure if it works but it is no hassle to wear the bracelet, which I keep on my wrist pretty much all the time.


I would say your basic ones to own are. Amethyst, Hematite, Black Tourmaline, Smoky quartz and or tourmalinated quartz. So hematite bracelet, tourmalinated quartz pendant and or smokey quartz black tourmaline pendant and an amethyst to carry in your pocket and hold in your hand. :smiley: Those are my daily pendants and hematite bracelet and that’s a good start. Most of my crystals I keep in a box and don’t really mess with them.