Creating Specific Subs by the community


Hello everyone,

I was creating some subs for myself and was tempted to let this idea sink in on everyone’s mind, why not create specific subs shared by all the people in here on the community?

I know competition-wise people could steal your ideas, but what if we sent all these ideas directly to the Admins and they would compile all this for us?

One of the most powerful subs I ever created with tremendous results was made this way.

What do you guys think? :wink:

Blessings to all you :pray::pray:


I’m not sure what this means. Do you mean sharing recipes for customs?


I mean for example sharing affirmations for making a specific sub…

Example for attracting woman :

  • i am deepply desired by beutyfull woman everywhere i go
  • beutyfull woman are attracted to me and make their intentions known

We could compile specific examples and then @SaintSovereign and @Fire would compile all that for us and made a paying sub, ofcs the affirmations in the thread would have to be deleted so competitors wouldnt steal the ideas but that is just an example how we all could accomplish something great together.


These kinds of affirmations were likely used by them in the past, but at this point the real affirmations are probably like nothing we’ve ever encountered. For good reason, they’re going to keep that structure hidden.