COWolfe’s Ultima Stage3

Ok, I can take a week or two off my custom, I’m not in any real hurry with that, and this one sounds like fun.

  • as soon as I hit play, or at least within less than two minutes, I myself radiating a pretty massive amount of very tangible energy. It doesn’t feel all that sexual to me, but it’s definitely there.
  • About forty five minutes in, I’ve been feeling energy surging up my spine to my head, and I feel really happy. Like, I’m smiling without thinking about it. That’s not normal, I’m usually pretty stone faced.

Could you elaborate what this energy feels like and how long it lasted?

  • What the hell is in this thing? I all of a sudden feel super gregarious. I called my wife to share a horrible joke (I’m the king if dad jokes), and it was like a different person was talking. First off, my voice has dropped at least a couple of octaves, my vocal range has increased which is a change, a big one. I usually have a deep voice, but my tonality is very flat. Suddenly, there’s expression in my voice, a lot of it. And there’s a power behind my voice that’s never been there before. It was the same with the couple of people who came in to work the last couple of minutes. Powerful voice, and more emotion in the interactions, brief as they were. They were all guys, so I didn’t get any read on how this would work on women yet.
    I don’t know what exactly you guys have done, but it works.

A bit like I had a massive static electric charge built up. I’d say it maybe tingled a bit, and seemed to be radiating out from me. Then it surged up my spine for a while. It kind of came and went, being very noticeable for a few minutes then still there, but I wasn’t as focused on it. It’s still there when I think about it about fifteen minutes after my loop.

  • Three hours after my loop and I’m still feeling a sense of energy swirling around me, and I’m still in an extremely good mood. The energy actually feels like it’s heating my skin up sometimes. I’m also walking even more like the king of all I survey than I was before.
    I’m going to try a little experiment when I get off work. I’m going to stop at a place to pick up breakfast. The staff is mostly female, and there are usually many people waiting. We’ll see if one loop of this sucker gets me any kind of reaction.

Next time, try run it a bit closer to the time when you plan on going out, but this is helpful too.

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Sounds like a mix of commander and true social lol with maybe some ascension in there.

  • I did stop to pick up breakfast this morning. No women waiting, but the lady at the counter made really strong eye contact and was very friendly and talked a bit extra. I got the impression that that wasn’t normal for her because she was very businesslike and almost brusque with everyone else.
    I got home and woke my wife up for a little fun. She initially didn’t feel like it. She described a dream she’d had that involved her lack of sexual confidence and how she feels unattractive.
    After we talked about it, she became all about it and it was damn near mind blowing for both of us.
    When I woke up, I was very tired. That probably had more to do with how much I’m working than subs. I did have a case of morning wood that was downright painful. That’s not normal. I’m in my forties and haven’t had it feel like that once my twenties at least.
  • Yesterday was pretty low energy. I was tired, and my wife went out in hundred degree weather in a car which had malfunctioning air conditioning. Heat really hurts her these days, and that pretty much sidelined her for the rest of the day yesterday and today she couldn’t get out of bed until some time after I went to sleep again. (Sunday is my first day back to work, so I get up in the morning, stay up for a while and then take a few hour nap before work). So no more testing of the real fun aspects of this, and I couldn’t get a read on wether she was feeling more attracted to me or not.

  • I’m feeling the energy surges again during my loop. I didn’t feel anything when I ran it as soon as I got up. It may be the time of day, or it may be that my bone conductor headphones work a lot better than my good over the ear Bose headphones. I’ll experiment with that.
    I also noticed that once again, my voice becomes deeper and more resonant pretty much the second I press play.

  • I may not get as good of a test on this as I’d like. The days I was supposed to get off this week are now work days, so I’m back to six twelves this week. That’s been the norm all year so far. I do have some brief contact with women on this job, so I should still be able to gauge their reactions.

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Sounds like south florida lol 100 degree every day it seems like or feels like it with humidity and heat index.

  • I’m well North of that, and it’s still been brutal stagnant heat for the last few weeks. Nasty. It really makes me glad I work nights though.
  • About half an hour after my loop finished, I still feel the energetic effects something fierce. It’s very intense, and highly charged. The I’d describe it as heat and kind of a tickle feeling.
  • About five and a half hours after my loop, and damn do I feel good. The energy effects are still going strong, but they’re not as noticeable unless I think about it. I got up and walked and stood around a bit, and everything about how I was moving, standing and doing everything just felt smoother than it ever has. There’s no one around at this point in my shift, but I was imagining walking through a public area and having all kinds of people think “damn, that guy is awesome”. It didn’t really feel like a fantasy, and I have no doubt that when I am able to do that, that’s the effect I’ll have. I also realized that that is because I’M thinking “Damn, that guy is awesome”.
    I really can’t wait to get into someplace that I can really see that in action. I also can’t wait to see what this does alongside my customs. I will adhere to the test protocol though.
  • Today has been a little mentally rough up until I pressed play on my loop about two minutes ago. I had some negative thinking crop back up which has been pretty much gone since I started my custom and was well on its way out before that. This has caused me some stress and anxiety. It feels bad now, but I used to feel a lot worse on a daily basis, so I’m grateful anyway. I think that this is more a result of stopping my customs than of any reconciliation from this program.
    The first thing coming up is anxiety over our financial situation. This is nothing new, we’ve been struggling hard for a few years, and I’ve managed to keep our head above water one way or another. With Emperor, Khan, and my customs.
    The other thing is an intense dissatisfaction with my life as it is, and an intense need to change it. This is coming out as resentment of my wife, which is not entirely fair.
    The good news is that I felt better as soon as the audio came up on my loop.
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  • After my loop I’ve got a strong sense of my energy field again. This time it’s especially strong around my scalp.
  • I did a second loop just to see what would happen. It just ended, and I feel a physical sense of something pressing outward from all over my body. That’s a lot of energy release.
  • My mood is strange. I feel very intensely focused, but not on anything in particular. It is neither a good or bad feeling. I remember feeling like this at the height of our financial issues before I got on the real powerful subs, or maybe it was right after. It feels kind of like I’m walking down a road in the dark. I’m very intent on keeping going as fast as I can, but I have no idea where it leads. I don’t know if this is something this sub is doing or if it’s having been off of my custom for a while. I don’t like it much either way.
  • I haven’t been doing anything fun with my wife when I get home in the morning because her MS has really kicked up. Probably from the heat. She has been sleeping most of the day lately, and definitely not up for anything when I get in.

  • This afternoon as I was leaving for work, I gave her a peck on the lips like I often do. She said “do I get a real kiss?”. I obliged of course, and damn, she was a lot more enthusiastic about it than normal. A LOT more.

  • I was sitting in my car waiting to go into work when a very attractive woman walked by. There was something different about how I noticed her, but I can’t quite put my finger on it. I was looking at her for a longer period of time and didn’t have the usual worry about being caught staring. To be fair, I was in my car, and not real visible to her anyway, but I’d usually still have a flash of worry about it.
    Then that tingling energy I’ve been describing really came up. It was pretty intense, and I could feel it flowing off of me, and directly at her. It was a very physical feeling.
    There was no noticeable effect on her, I’m guessing because she was out of range at about thirty yards and not aware of my presence. However sure as shit, my energy system reached out for her and I felt it as solidly as I feel the phone I’m typing on.

  • I am continuing to get bouts of stress and frustration about our financial situation and frustration at my wife for doing as little as she does. I know that this isn’t fair, but it’s been coming up anyway. It all stems from a sense that I have allowed my life to get to a place that I don’t like, and I am afraid that I’ll never be able to make it better. It’s self pity, which I don’t like to see in myself. This does a good job of showing what my customs and the programs I was running before them were doing for me, and I expect that it will go away again as soon as I’m back on them.

  • The good news. I have consciously felt a bubble of energy around my body all day, and I feel myself radiating hot tingling Chi off of my skin. This feeling has intensified every day since I’ve started this test. This was from the time I woke up. In the shower, driving to work, the whole bloody day. That aspect is definitely working, and even more so since I started my first loop for tonight.

  • Once again, as I was leaving for work, I gave my wife a quick kiss. Again, she asked for a “better kiss”. That turned into a two or three minute very enthusiastic teenage make out session. She just wouldn’t let go, and was breathless when she did. She hasn’t responded to a kiss with anywhere near that kind of vigor in I don’t remember how long. Working in that respect too.

  • The bad news: This morning when I woke up, I was hit by a lot of stress and negative self talk that was very difficult to get rid of. I’d deliberately silence it, and it would come around again a few seconds later. This used to happen before I got on subs with parts that combat it. It didn’t last as long or cause as much negative feeling as it used to, but it’s gotten worse every day I’ve been off of my custom.
    None of the negative thoughts had anything to do with the goals of this program. It was about our financial situation, the general state of my life, and pessimism about making either better. I kept spontaneously envisioning bad scenarios that could happen.

  • I looked into the mirror this afternoon and thought “Damn, I look like a badass”. That felt good.

  • Other than that, I haven’t noticed anything today. The effects I’ve been noticing just weren’t apparent. This may be partly due to heat and fatigue. I didn’t feel any of the negative things I’ve been feeling either. Very normal feeling day.

  • I’ve already run one loop today, and I think I’ll run two back to back later to see what happens. After that, I’ll take my usual two days off subs.

  • I am really feeling the need to resume using my custom. The results have lessened a bit, but seem to have stabilized. I’m higher level than I was before, but I still have work to do. I hope that @HypeDaddySovereign gives the green light to go back to our regularly scheduled programming soon. I do intend to keep a loop or two of this in my routine though.