COVID-19 preventative measures


Thought we could have a thread with useful information on preventative measures we can implement and general information regarding this virus without getting philosophical or discussing conspiracies.




Some information to see for yourself how dangerous Corona is and could be without proper preventative measures. Understanding the numbers is a great way to analyze the situation without the added panic.

When it comes down to what you can do to prevent the outbreak and help the people around you, follow the guidelines shared by the WHO etc. (Only leave your home for important appointments, wash your hands etc)


i thought the covid19 wouldnt touch this forum, atlast i hoped.
cause its the only thing ppl are sharing / posting and talking about.
at least if we ban it from this forum, it would allow us to focus on the important stuff.

cause all this media propoganda is really more than one should be exposed to.


If you dislike it do not read those threads and posts. You can make your own choices as can others.


I’m working in the heart of where this virus is spreading literally. Also i work out doors in the public. So general knowledge about the virus and how to take preventative action is quite necessary for everyone in my opinion. No need to panic but just be aware of what you can do to help minimize the chances of getting it or spreading it. That’s all.


I agree. I have found the posts on here about the pandemic useful, positive and helpful.

No doom and gloom, just the desire to help people respond more effectively to this crisis.


I closed the last Coronavirus thread because it went a direction that I wasn’t comfortable with. No fear mongering, conspiracies or wild claims. As @dorfmeister said, there’s nothing wrong positive, helpful information regarding the pandemic. Also, this is something that’s affecting the world and will probably do so for quite some time. We can’t put our heads in the sand and just ignore it. However, we shouldn’t be ruled by fear.

As I mentioned in the other thread, I’m blessed enough to be able to work remotely and I have enough supplies / resources to relax for quite some time. Take this as an opportunity to disconnect from society for awhile and work on yourself. Read some books, take an online class, start an online business that can help others in their time of need. This is not the end. Society will go forward.


So there’s places where it spreads figuratively? :wink:

I think 80% of people will get it eventually. If we isolate ourselves now, it will simply wait and hit later. Or a small mutation will. I don’t know what I’d like better.

Of course, those that are obviously at risk should isolate themselves. As for the rest, the sooner we get it, the sooner this will be over because there’s no fresh bodies left to infect. At least now we are given the space to recover.

Like Saint, I’m comfortably working from home. I can pretty much not set the alarm and work after waking up, falling gently into a rhythm that works. It’s funny how everybody in video meetings is now sporting a work-from-home beard.

Unlike Saint, I do not have supplies. I would have, but my house doesn’t have room for too much stuff. I do have a lot of Whey protein powder though. Tastes like a MacDonald’s milkshake. I have to stop myself from reaching for it. I wonder if a human being can survive on Whey powder mixed with mineral water and high quality vitamin pills. Plus maybe fibers to massage the intestines. It works in theory.

I got a package today. The delivery guy put the package in front of my door, knocked on the door, then ran several feet away so he could wave from a safe distance. It was funny. Tomorrow I’m going to see if the girl at the grocery store register likes it when I throw my items to her from a legally mandated distance as well.


Haha, you know there are some people who as soon as they read about the symptoms online they start thinking they have it. I think they are called hypochondriacs.

Lucky you. I can’t deliver fuel from home yet,! :grinning::+1:

That’s funny.

Hahahaha please post an update on this one!



Unfortunately I couldn’t, the stores have been busy placing glass plates between the register and the customer. I can now breathe on the glass and leave a message about how cute she is (only with the overage ones of course).

They also put tape on the ground for people to keep their mandatory distance. I had to hop-skip-jump through the line.

I did try and throw my debit card on top of the machine to activate its near-field chip. After the 37th attempt the people in line started to get annoyed. Don’t know why, I was only sticking to regulations.

It wasn’t until I got home that I considered the machine wasn’t gonna throw the card back even if I had succeeded. But that’s a puzzle for the next time.


Fingers crossed that this Coronavirus thread stays good. Personally, I have been staying indoors more often. Still, I maintain some social contact via calls/video chats!


FYI, these are the World Health Organization Recommendations

I may be branded “reckless” again :slight_smile: , but masks and gloves are still not recommended for the general public unless displaying symptoms - please do not stock up on these, healthcare workers have a severe shortage and need them more than you.

But if you do wear them:

Masks - dispose of them after use as germs proliferate on them once they’re damp from your breath, i.e. these are basically one-use items.
Gloves - germs on the outside can still contaminate whatever you touch, including your face. These are also one-use items.

Both can give a false sense of security, so be sensible with both if you’re using them. Best preventative is to stay isolated at home, but obviously we’ll all need to go grocery shopping etc at some point, at which point keeping your distance, washing your hands, using hand sanitizer and not touching your face are the best things you can do.

And remember, according to the experts you most likely will catch it at some point, and recover. The goal of the current isolation recommendations isn’t so much to stop people catching it, it’s to slow it down so the hospitals don’t become overwhelmed. IMO there’s no point living in constant fear, just be sensible, take all recommended precautions, and accept that most of us will join the COVID club at some point.

Oh, and listen to Aegis Initiative: COVID-19, obviously :slight_smile:

Good luck everyone.


Here’s what to expect asfar as symptoms in the stages.


Very detailed explanation


Not really a preventative, but in terms of preparation for your self-isolation …

Do you really need that extra pack of toilet paper? Is it worth fighting over?

Find out here: Poop Tool


Haha freaking awesome @bujin . That struck that Extreme cheapskate tv show i was into at one time.

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So, they found a cat with corona in Belgium apparently. The good news is it won’t be that hard to keep your distance even though cats own the streets. Nor will it be hard to avoid being sneezed or coughed on by a cat.

The bad news is… well, those poor cats. Why couldn’t it be dogs? Nobody dare kill them! By the time the first one shows symptoms, it’s spread out of control anyway.

Oh, and the fact that it jumped to animals. Prepare for corona world domination.