Count Your Blessings


Hey guys,

Let us count our blessings. Write what we are grateful for. Let it expand this way.

As we read this what great things others have and what we have, when we think of it, it expands. And it brings great energies and vibrations here.

So that’s the idea.

I am so grateful for all the great products I’ve discovered here. And that I can afford to purchase and use them. And all the great results I’m getting and I’ve been getting. And I would like to thank Fire, Saint, and all others involved incl DarkPhilosopher and RV Consultant.

Your turn. Feel free to come back here and write as often as you wish. It’s like a combined gratitude journal and more :smiley: Whatever you like it to be.


Great idea!


I’m genuinely grateful for every single person who has helped me along my journal and has assisted in my growth in the forum.

For those of you who have answered my many many many questions about what sub to use, how to use it, what loop to be on, how many times a week, how to alternate etc I’m beyond grateful for allowing me to annoy the fuck out of you and still be patient with me.

I’m grateful for each sub that I’ve used because so much time, thought, effort and beyond went into each one made and I’m super grateful for the ability to have a fast track into changing my life and learning how to.

I’m super grateful for the upgrades being free too if we’ve bought the prior technology or so. This is something people can easily charge for and we get it for free? Holy fuck. Pushing the boundaries and allowing us to change our futures even more, I’m thankful as fuck.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Thank you to everyone. I love you guys, genuinely.


Agreed, the free upgrades are a really really cool thing SC does for us.

Thank you guys :smiley:


I’m grateful for my continued desire to learn and grow.
I’m grateful for the gifts I’ve been given and those I’ve yet to receive.
I’m grateful I haven’t given up.


You make good contributions here. Thank you.


Thank you very much. Yourself thousand-fold so!

Thank you for all your amazing contributions.


I am grateful for the food I’ve got to eat. Damn.


I’m grateful for my roommates, my friends and my family without whom I only could have interesting conversation with myself.

I am grateful for last night where I ordered general tao poutine and ate all of it… it was delicious.

I am grateful for this forum, which helped me tremendously in my growth.

I am grateful for tomorrow night having the chance to see a cool girl and know that it will be fun.


I’m grateful I’m alive and have my hopes of a good future. There was a moment I was hanging on a loop and the world was getting dark… but my life has changed, I have changed and I have someone to love and I’m being loved too, I’m really grateful for that love too.


So grateful I have these subs here

They are great tools for personal development and empowerment

We are really blessed guys.

Like we are so fucking blessed. WE know about these things, and we can afford to get them and use them. We are really lucky.


What about thanks to the Almighty?


Who do you think I’m grateful to then :wink:


I’m grateful I’ve got some good ass progress.

  • Grateful I found a good new training program and some info that is really helping me out on my journey.

Hope y’all find reasons to feel good today too.


Hey this is a good thread.

I’m grateful for my new headset, it’s very comfortable.


I’m grateful I live in Canada where there’s socialized health care and I won’t have to pay out-of-pocket for my surgery/follow-ups


What subs have you thought about for your healing from your surgery?


I’ve been running Dragon Reborn, might use that + Elixir U.


I’m grateful for my gf. She’s so sweet a girl! :heart_eyes:


Grateful for the food I get to eat every day!