Community Aspiration: Please consider this

I’ve not been here as much as I would have wished over the past 30 days.

I have had time to think about some things, such as how important this community is.

I want to give you all something to think about, and encourage you to do this. Now I realize some of you here are already doing these things I will mention in this post. Rather than mention a complete list of names of who is doing what, I just want to highlight a few examples.

The idea is reaching out. One way is to express concern. Another way is to get people talking with each other who may be experiencing similar things. Another way is answering questions. There are other ways, here are some examples.

I think it was @Hoppa who noticed @Brandon was having a rough time a while back. So Hoppa reached out.

When I noticed that @subliminalguy and @elementary_vision seemed to having similar emotional turmoils, I attempted to get them discussing their experiences with each other by tagging them in their posts.

@King mentioned groundhog day, and flagged @elementary_vision and @subliminalguy, which I thought was a good idea.

@SubliminalUser was having a dark night of the soul a while back when running DR, and we encouraged him.

And then there are @StateOfBeing and @Seeker, who are very quick to other people’s questions with official quotes from @Fire and @SaintSovereign.

Now I also see this every day I read on here, people encouraging each other.

If you are doing so, please continue.

If you are doing so and are willing to take it up another notch by tagging people who might be experiencing similar things, please do so.

If you would like to do so, please do. Your contributions in this manner will benefit people here.


Of course
I need some healing
So reach out for me :))


Let’s help each others here! We are a community.


I don’t know how other people feel, but personally I have trouble reaching out unless someone specifically asks for help or advice. I have a tendency to withhold unless there’s a sort of mutual understanding that’s what is wanted otherwise I feel as if I’m intruding. This is undoubtedly due to my own hangups, but I’m always willing to help.


How are things with you ? :face_with_monocle:


I’ve also not been around much, though I’m not too active in general so no major changes there!

I hope you’re well @RVconsultant, great thread btw!


Not sure if you’re playing around, but if you’re not, it takes a big person to admit that you need help. It’s the first time I’ve seen you say this, so good job on that.


Thanks, I need helps from subs/subliminal club to help me realize. Nor necessarily the forum members. But it is nice to have the forum members besides myself in tough times. Sometimes you get depressed and anxious because of recon and forum members help you a lot.
And I will also be happy to accompany them in tough times of their journey
Coming here and using subs is an articulation of the fact that we need help


Everyone please read this.

Here in the USA, we have this idea that independence and strength are absolute goals for mature personhood. You’re not supposed to need anything from anyone. You handle your shit. You grant favors and never ask for anything, because that might be a sign of weakness. And weakness is disdained.

Yes I realize if you live (or lived) in a dangerous neighborhood, such an image can get a lot of respect or fear, and perhaps make you more safe.

Unfortunately, there is a downside to such an image. In fact, having attitudes like that puts one’s health at risk. People who are involved in community are at much better chance for health than those who isolate and act as though they are invincible.

I agree with @SaintSovereign that it takes a lot of courage to ask for help or to admit your struggles.

I realize there are a number of people on here who are likely feeling very isolated. Maybe your friends don’t understand your journey to change. Maybe your ideas about your priorities are changing and your friends think there is something wrong with you, or they are making fun of you for changing how you spend your time. Maybe you don’t have any friends. Where ever you are, please remember that there is a community here of people who you probably have more in common with than differences. There are people on here who value personal growth. Maybe one person is trying to be a world class gamer, and another is wanting to attain the heights of spiritual enlightenment, and another is trying to become the best PUA in the world… to me, what I see are people wanting to improve their lives more. So although the goals might be different, the priority for development is similar.

There is the forum. There is customer support. There is ZP. You’re not alone.


I’m not sure I understand. Is there something specific you would like some help with?


Good, thank you. And you?


trust me man, if just seeing your behavior changing slowly can make us engage with you a bit more (pretty sure you realized we’re all replying to you more now), then just imagine how much better it will be if you were like this from the start?

if anything, you can reach out to me and i’ll help you, tag me whenever or come to my journal, but just keep in mind one thing: be accepting of the help, listen to what we try to tell you, because we want to help you in the best way possible, cool?

also @RVconsultant, thank you for this thread :heart:


Thanks bro
Actually I am raised in a very dangerous neighborhood and I never isolate myself, yesterday I nearly had a physical fight with 4 people, the reason I do not write journal is that I have ultimate belief in subs. I am result oriented and I know I am changing constantly, so why bother with journals. I know I am getting better and I really don’t need to know how much. Cuz subliminal club subs are the best
Alphas differ for real
I want and will be the Alpha male of earth, exactly what Elon musk is now, adding the highest value than every other men.
When sub club writes scripts about dominance and everything, it does not put the forum as an instance, that is why sometimes we try to dominate each other, cuz it’s our subconscious and I am totally ok with that
But if we want to minimize these conflicts and act as an inner circle for each others’ growth. We gotta write consciously, starting from myself.

And I have problem with discipline actually
I want to be ultimate disciplined


Thank you for clarifying.


Alright bro, thank you
I appreciate it
But lets do something, go and read my first arguments in the forum, people started shooting the player(me) and not the ball. I always sticked to my reasoning(which could be wrong), but this insulting that stop this, you are this, you are that, it all created some grudges that in the last few days I started also kicking the player, like telling you use brain and everything
I was aggressive and more importantly I got things personally and I could mot take jokes, but I healed from that particular trauma.
We have a long way to go, and we will have recons
So we should e patient with each other

And thank you again
I hope we could have some jokes in the forum, sorry if they are kinda dominating in a way. I guess I should also expect harsh jokes from, which will be fun‌😂
But the conclusion: no grudges


Well written words of wisdom @RVconsultant. We are all connected, every single living entity on this planet. I can attest to my jouney the last 1,5 years, where I have been almost completely on my own with minimal social interactions.

Looking back I can with confidence say that the subliminals together with the help of this forum, has made this period the most enlightening in my entire adult life, and it has truly helped me to get over most of my abandonment issues I had to the point where I now feel completely at easy with being by myself.

What helped me greatly during this period was realizing that I did not do this in anger or wanting the rest of the world to go away, but instead to block out all the distractions until I found my own center again.

And now since last Thursday, I’m slowly wandering back into society, and that with an overall sense of understanding and love for my fellow human beings. No one is an island, and that lesson did not come easy, but was the best thing that could ever happen to me.

It’s not an easy thing to change and go through all this turmoil and reconcilliation. But on this forum I find so much inspiration daily from reading about other people’s jouneys from all walks of life. Thank you all :pray:


From a person who’s experienced some trauma myself growing up, I believe it’s important to understand the person who’s asking for help.

@Alphamale, when I read your first reply in this thread, I remembered something I’d read of you that I can relate to. It’s the all-or-nothing mindset.

Do or DIE
Good or BAD
Alive or DEAD
Everyone or NOONE

I grew up like that, and I can pull it back up easily. Our main difference in life is I’m in a safe environment now, and you’re still in hostile territory. So your environment says “hold on to old ways to survive! You will DIE if you change!” Shit, I’ve not lived at home for 30 years, but I held on to those old beliefs for a very long time.

I do work with some guys here in the US who still live in unsafe neighborhoods (due to drugs mostly), and that thinking is completely normal. So it is with you. You have to survive.

And the truth of this? It’s a full-time stress load for anyone thinking like that. That stress strongly determines your reactions here and with offline relationships.

If I’m wrong, I’d like to know. What I’m wondering, truthfully, is what do you want? What is it you really need?

Remembering my own past, I never could find or mentally HOLD ON to what I wanted. Fear kept me extremely vigilant and guarded, ready for battle, so safe and pleasurable things weren’t given much thought at all. It just wasn’t my reality. But give it some thought. It might steer you later on.

We’re all in this together.


Thank you and everyone for this again.

That was a difficult time in my life, and this month marks a year since that happened. The people who jumped in here were are and still are the only ones who knew what I went through, AND helped me get through it. There was no one out there at the time, and to the uninformed observer I went through it all by myself.


Good Good RV. :+1:

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