Comeback Story of The Great Badass. Khan and Wanted Road to Power

The Great Badass
I have initiated my journey with Khan and Primal. This ascension and transmutation is about once again unlocking my personal power and getting what I want in life. Back in early college days, I got a taste of what it’s like to be a strong, masculine, leader that oozes the swagger, the charisma, and attract women like bees to honey. After a lifetime of choosing all the righteous paths, being the nerd, and not putting my needs first in some tough environments, to being treated like a king and admired overnight was profoundly liberating and gratifying. Also receiving the respect of a tough underworld was unfathomable to me. It was all a dream though. A preview that lasted for a short duration, went away, and was only a foretelling from some higher power to stimulate me to endure, pull myself up by my own bootstraps and put in the work. How could I expect to just be handed easy shit?

Old Business
I previously participated in effective activism for the socioeconomically challenged in a town full of extreme opposition and old-money. Before I can return to old business, my table must be established and I need to master my life in every aspect. When your mentors who have worked their entire life building their resources, are attacked, it’s time to go underground and put in the work to be prepared for the latter victory. After years of people just like you and I working on self-improvement and enhancing our position in the world, the 2020 era came along. Which was a fantastic boon of opportunity for the few, although, strenuous and challenging.

New Business.
Key goals during this ascension process are:

  • Renewed, magnified confidence.
  • Stronger leadership.
  • Greater sex appeal and attainment of sex.
  • Finish degree and get into great Master’s program by the end of 2023.
  • Open a franchise.
  • Build an empire in front of a city full of haters.
  • Being badass and there’s not a damn thing anyone can do about it.

This is a log of major achievement. There may not always be frequent posts. Bless everyone here who is fighting for an improved life. You deserve it for your hardass work. I realize this is a whole new arena for me, and I am grateful for you all and the knowledge we can support each other with. In style.

Swag King Main


@SwagKing Blessings to you on your journey to greatness.:+1::muscle::pray:


Salutations to the Primal Khan!


Day 12 of Khan ST1 + Primal + Wanted (Just added):

Left My Family
It’s been a bumpy ass ride the last few days. Not gonna lie. Jumping into Khan was absolutely no joke and I grew quite a bit of balls I didn’t know I had. I’ve been meaning to fully embark on my completely independent life away from family this year, but haven’t been able to due to feeling extreme responsibility (I am not responsible for other grown adults, especially ones that choose to be losers). My uncle who happens to be a 40 year old convict that lives with his mother is use to bullying, intimidation and violence, happened to rub me the wrong way and I stood up for myself in respectable fashion. Pure assertiveness, with no disrespect. He did not take too kindly to such a gesture and boundaries, so his natural response was threat and intimidation, insulting my military experience and background, and trying to diminish my manhood. I figured it was better to lose the battle and win the war, so I packed all my shit and finally left the house that was meant for me to inherit. I have a separate place, unlike him. I do not live with my mother, nor does my mother pay my bills. I am my own man. Something he could never be. My ego has been a bit battered this past week, but I’m recovering. A little pain cannot stop a warrior. This is a very dark time for me, but necessary for a new beginning. I handled my emotions in a calm manner, I did not overreact or act disrespectful. Pure boundaries and standing up for myself. I win this war.

My colleagues and superiors alike were very swayed and captivated immediately after I added Wanted in the stack. I was applauded for taking more responsibility in my life and showing that I am well worth the investment and development they have bestowed upon me throughout the years. Truly a superstar. The camaraderie, the spirit, community… is all back, after many rough years. I can see opportunity on the horizon and it feels great. Also got some great compliments from other family members about how I am walking much more confidently, and I ooze confidence. They said they wish they had a camera to record me walking. Definitely the swagger.

Rough times, great payoffs. I’m gonna need the encouragement, because this shit is gnarly. Though the results are like something from the Twilight Zone.


That was kewl and smart the way you handled your business with your family. Onward and upward. Bravo!


Day 15 of Khan ST1 + Primal + Wanted

A strong feeling of divine purpose and awakening. Like I’m being guided back on my path and purpose in life. Who I am, who I’m suppose to be and what I’m suppose to be doing. I feel my power, my authority, my charisma, my strength, and I know what direction I want to take it and what my values are. As tempting as great power is to use for a variety of ends, I have the desire to be fair in my dealings and utilize win-win strategy with the world. I win, you win. Of course this does not always work, and that’s why I will always look out for myself and use the warrior strengths to ensure order and security in my life.


Day 16 of Khan ST1 + Primal + Wanted

Shocking changes are really at play here. I know this because a lot of the music, tastes, ideas, I use to love… are sickly and repulsive to me now. Music I use to love back in the day and would jam over and over; I cannot find myself playing it anymore as I feel extremely repulsed. I believe it was just a period in my life I used the music as a theme to cope with those chapters, and it is no longer useful. Perhaps because Khan is breaking down a lot of trauma and limits. If there is healing, the old tools are no longer needed? But there is an enduring sick/repulsed feeling in my gut and it is not a bad meal. It’s like everything that was old to me is repulsive and I want to get as far away from the old as possible. Things I use to embrace deeply.


Day 17: Refining My Practice. Confidence Realization.

I realize at this point that running 3 subs may not be optimal so I am going to just run 2 for the time being. Also a realization that the main priority at this point is decisiveness and action. Courage is many things and great. Having extreme potential in life is a great thing. The injustice I do to myself is basking in that potential, not being decisive and taking action, and never building anything substantial. I need to exercise the courage to make a decision, and take a risk (my time being at stake), and giving it my full intensity. I do not fear conflict, nor normal dangers. However, wasted time is utterly terrifying. Developing the confidence to know I will be successful and just jump in… that’s the goal.

Craving for power has increased significantly. Though, I am focused more on prestige methodologies and achieving win-win scenarios. I want power, but seeing others derive joy from that power heavily satisfies me as well, so I’d rather be magnanimous and giving.


Day 18: Where were my balls? (RECONCILIATION)

I remember all the days I was a timid, weak boy growing up (an intelligent one though). It makes me quite angry knowing people just allowed me to not live up to my masculine potential. Although I was stubborn as hell also. I regret not going to martial arts growing up when my family was paying for it. I regret not playing sports and being athletic. I was lazy and allowed far too much time in my imagination. It makes no sense to be upset about the past because I cannot change the past, only now and the future; but I am mostly angry because it seems like I was set up to fail.

UPDATE: Been feeling more carefree and joyful.


I made the same mistakes brother. I didn’t realize their value. I didn’t understand the importance of being a warrior.

But yes, I will not make excuses for myself. Will see how I can grow regardless.


Most definitely. I read this today so I’ll take it as a synchronicity:

Thanks for your support bro @Lion . It just takes 2 witnesses in life.


Day 19: Being The King


"You kicked down the door of financial prospersity for this family."
I’ve been having a series of epiphanies for the past few days; especially after my family situation. I have been away from my family home for 10 days, and my family went from being extremely stagnant to having dramatic changes overnight. Ultimately, it was shown to me that I am indeed a Guide, and it is my job to make up for the lack of balance, stability, and grounded energy, while adding an impetus for greatness. When I make big changes in my life, it affects my entire environment and everyone… swiftly. If anything this just encourages me to go further and make even bigger, more daring changes in my life. Life is a gamble, and fortune favors the bold.


Day 20: Award Ceremony


On occasion my subconscious mind will throw what I like to call award ceremonies in my dreams where it plays back my greatest achievements, or moments where I made great feats in my life. Just the boost I desire and assists in reminding me of my path and who I am.

Alpha. Luminary. Star. Symbol of Excellence. Great Man. Guide.

What makes you those things?

I’ve inspired people consistently throughout the years based off my actions and how I conducted myself during obstacles.

It’s in everyone. The average person is only average while their potential is not activated. My ancestors worked way too hard being warriors since the beginning of time for me to relax the standards. The old ways may not work, but that doesn’t mean come to a stop. Transcend the methods, the traditions and establish a New Order.

The price of leadership is being the solid, stable ground when the rest of the world is in a cataclysmic earthquake. No man is perfect, so I am striving for excellence. That’s what makes a champion. The champion goes the extra mile when everyone else said “good enough.” I’m not crazy, I’m built different. I’m not angry, I’m passionate.

When they say he’s way in over his head, I double down on the ambition.


Day 21: Extreme Sexual Charisma. I am the Man.

I don’t know what the f**k happened, but my sex appeal shot up overnight with women and men both (bi) . I could have what I want and it is readily available to me, but for some reason I am a bit shocked and feeling like it’s an “out of my league” situation. I could have a very hot woman or guy, because that’s who I am attracting, but I need my confidence to increase.

I also notice I am flirting with others unconsciously in regular conversation. I didn’t notice it until someone brought it up. It could be because I was running Wanted ZP earlier. I am currently full of fire and passion (loving energy) and it is burning inside me and needs an outlet. I cannot help that it colors my conversations. It’s a weird feeling of wanting to express Daddy energy in a supportive manner or just being affectionate with someone.

Example 1: 2 years of friend zone and now

The other example was more explicit.


Damn dude. Sounds like you are killing it on Khan, and this is just the beginning for you.

Why wait? Get the real world confirmation as soon as you can, and your confidence will go through the roof.


Will do. Have something planned tomorrow night brotha. The thing is, I had what Khan (and Primal) aims to assist with. My confidence and pride took a fall. I was the Great Leader during a real emergency, I had my time to shine for a year (2020) and when it was all over… I kinda just faded off into the sunset. I need that oomph back. @COWolfe


I love that you chose Cyrus The Great’s art as an image for the post named by “Being The King”. His personality fits perfectly for the being the king and the man.

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how long that has lasted?

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Thanks for noticing the pic and it lasted a few days. I definitely think Wanted activated very fast. Like immediately (1 day). It was more of a charm that could hold a room. One where your exec boss will tell you to call him by his first name :rofl: . Women were digging it, my family was really digging it. I think that was more of a preview showing what it could do over a long period of time. I had to cut down on it because I am still in Khan ST1 and I really just need to let Khan shine alone and do its job, and then expand. One of the administrators compared me to the Drug Lord Big Meech and was bragging about me in the office @SaintSpring


wisely planned. I’ve read you journal and obtained a big interest in how you will acquire a great success, hence I turned on notifications for this topic, so I will notice every single post created here.

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