Chris’ Emperor Journal


Today I am one week into Emperor v3 ultrasonic version. Not too much to say so far - BUT where I saw the first and very hard changes were when I hit the gym. Tuesday I was listening about 9h while working and in the gym it kicked off. I felt so much power - I couldn’t believe it - In terms of getting the workout done. And always further always more. Absurd feeling ! Yesterday the same . Workout for 2 hrs and still had the freilich g there is more to come. Very very cool stuff this emperor program !!! Thanks so far.


Welcome @Chrismonroe and I look forward to reading more of your journal :slight_smile:


I wonder, is the world big enough for so many Emperors, or are we going to need an Octagon to divide it soon? :slight_smile:

Good luck, Chris!


No division .
:fleur_de_lis: :smile:


Question: in the emperor product description is stated the limitless script is included - can someone explain why limitless should be used as stack ? Or am I getting things wrong ?


It’s not a “should.” Some people just want an even bigger boost in learning.

There is flexibility and freedom in the stacks of Subliminal Club.


I was traveling all week long - using masked version in the aircraft - with noice cancelling headphones- didn’t track the correct hrs though - but recognized that I am getting more and more upset if things are not getting the way I want them to go. Not getting things immediately drives me crazy.
Using v4 now for a couple of days - lets see how this goes - Laser like focus in the gym continues ! Also by working emails - it is getting absurd in what Time I get things done.
Keep you posted


Quick update:
Logbook: 19% of 500hrs achieved - thus using admiral on the stack ( admiral 1x; v4 10x; admiral 1x) about 11 hrs a day. Starting at 5.30 when wake up with commander meditation :person_in_lotus_position:‍♂- then starting the day, reviewing goals…coffee… and getting at work.
I was on a client meeting these days - with very, let’s say „strange“ people in, but most on c-level. I was leading the meeting - keeping strong eye contact and was able to respond to their satisfaction. I was able to talk without feeling fear by speaking up in such round or infront of such people. Didn’t recognize myself - but my assistant told be: man your were very strong today. On my way home I was rethinking the whole meeting and find my self laughing - because one of my goals on my goal list says: I am leading meetings, I am the leader and I do not let other overrule myself. This whole v4 seems so strong, especially with commander supercharging it - I am feeling a total strong self confidence. And this is also appearing when talking to women. I was never shy but felt uncomfortable- that is is history.
On my flight back home, passed security and waiting for my assistant. While there staying a cutie passed and said: what are you waiting for here ? with a smile - with hard eye contact. My immediate response to her: waiting for you. (Not thinkable in my past - the words wouldn’t just come out of my mouth ) we laughed and had a conversation and exchanged numbers ! Wow !
Amazing how the impact is coming when taking action. I really do enjoy v4 !


Very impressive


Quick Update:
Just rethinking the last couple of days and come to the conclusion that I get lately faster to the “impatient” point when people talking BS - the worst basically is when family members are telling me their life story over and over again and I just want to leave … I feel a certain “please stop talking - boring you” because the deeper I am into v4 I see things happen - just taking care of my own reality and literally not giving a sh** what others think, do or what so ever - this is currently the best feeling I am getting out of this.


Current Stack:
v4 x 5 loops
TS x 2 loops
Emperor Fitness Day 22x all ST
The Commander 2x
The Beast Within2x
The Beast Unleashed almost listening during the traning

So what I can say after using the unleashed beast during Workout: I started with German Volume Training and was never before getting in the region to finish the 10th cycle - today I did !

I will monitor that further.

From the Feeling EF is creating: totally absurd - feeling like He-Man " I got the power" I would basically say it is a stage further than I felt with v3 and v4 alone.


I have changed the current stack to Stark Q v4 and Aegis due to current crisis. Stopped with EF for the time Bering.
The interesting now is that I am dreaming quite old crap - especially when I am not listening to any sub - in the dream J was thinking of my teenage time and remember exactly things that happen ( bad and worse ) and also people faces and names which I have already forgotten.