Choices of custom


So much to choose in the store.

I was thinking 3 major core , like:

Khan core S4 + QLQ S4 and Mogul or EOG S4

Khan + Stark + QLQ S4

I was also thinking
AM + PS + DD + QLQ S4, maybe this is too much :sweat_smile:

I will think about it, maybe there is some other way i didnt think about yet.

And then there is the modules, have to find the right ones.

I think i need some stress down module after looking at this store :thinking:


You could if you had the money do 2 custom subs… I am thinking about that because i want to run emperor and stark plus QLQ st4 and UA


Curious to know what the mods think about combining 2 “Stage 4s” in the same sub. Does that overwhelm the subconscious?


I want a healing sub and a sub to remove negative thinking …any suggestions?


I do too. Tinkering with the healing modules and the results enhancer module…


I was thinking the same thing but you know Emp and stark are basically stage 4 subs too lol. And i am sure people will be combining them with other stage 4 cores lol.


I keep getting to 20 i want then see something else and restart lol


Will these hearing modules be better than regeneration?
I want to run something along the lines of ascension emperor khan and sultan…and some sex subs…it’s really hard to pick


Lol i am having such a hard time i might make 2 custom subs.


5 custom subs.


My idea was to make 1 sub for wealth with result enhancement modules then the other could be power/status and sex/romance


Results may take longer ?


5 custom subs sounds interesting lol


Ya they probably will but they will also possibly be more profound.


Is khan stage one really hectic?


1 for healing, 1 for relationships, 1 for wealth, 1 for physical performance outside of sex, 1 for spirituality

Fuk i need to be rich


My taught is that I rather spend time healing and repairing instead of jumping for the big guns …what u guys say


Lol yes it breaks you down totally tearing through everything negative holding you back which could be a lot of things. The reconciliation process for khan 1 will probably make you feel like depressed and not want to do anything but everyone has different reactions. It will shake you to your core being and break you down.

But once it does all that over a month of listening you will feel much better with life.

I played it for a month almost 2 and it was a roller coaster ride lol.


Ya i would probably do that too if i didn’t spend the past 1 1/2 months on khanq stage1 and stark with emp and QLQ stage1 mixed in here and there lol


I agree, before Q store came out I was looking at a stack that heals all aspects of one’s being.