Changing your “identity”

There’s a story about how Marilyn Monroe could turn off her Marilyn persona/”vibe” and be “just” Norma Jean Baker.

And nobody would notice her.

She had a reporter/interviewer with her one day out in town and showed them.

Out in town as Norma Jean. No attention.

Then she told the person “watch this”. And “turned on” Marilyn.

And instantly people are like “OMG! It’s Marilyn!” and they’d flock around her.

Talk about a shift!

I’ve done something similar once while walking around late one night in a Walmart.

Started thinking “I am a powerhouse of sexual magnetism” over and over until I started feeling different.

At which point women started in with the lingering gazes. And even an old guy started checking me out :joy:

Anyone with similar experiences?


Man I know this story haha


I’ve been doing this for some time now.


“I have now fully and permanently dissolved all limiting beliefs/harmful programming/shame/anxiety/etc.”


“I feel so happy and grateful now that everything just works perfectly for me.”

I do sense little internal shifts and people acting differently. Sometimes little manifestation where my subconscious confirms which command is responsible for it.

The stronger my sense of internal power, the better results I get. Doing this in meditation works beautifully.

I’m sure one can expand on this, doing queues etc.


James Clear discusses identity based goals in his book Atomic Habits. Benjamin Hardy has a book Personality Isn’t Permanent

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The first time I saw that story is in the beginning part of the book “The Charisma Myth”. Seen it elsewhere since though. Pretty interesting.


I do this sometimes, but its more like a State Change than Identity Change.

I haven’t built an Alter Ego yet.


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What kind? Example?

the downside of me overdoing this identity/state shift is people getting confused and avoiding me owing to not knowing how exactly to interact with me.

Like visualizing that I have large angelic wings and halo, while walking on the street. Leads to people giving me more space and respect.

Or silently singing Hungry Eyes when at a mall or club. Gives me that sexual gaze, makes it natural to approach women, plus communicates the confidence that DTF ones strongly respond to.



State Change? That sounds like NLP

It depends on one’s meaning of the word “state”

NLP “state” and Neville Goddard “state” are different. Neville’s use of the word is more in line with what NLP calls “Identity” in the Logical Levels construct.

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Deep Trance Identification (i.e. Vladimir Raikov method).


New Identity


Yes, its a basic/advanced technique actors do to enter desired new state.

Best works when in alpha/theta state (i.e. relaxed).

Some methods work like this:

“I pretend to be X” and take your time to ENTER the state/role, because it takes some time for neurology to get accustomed to it.


Win Wenger called his take on Raikov/DTI “Borrowed Genius”.

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Also, Stephen Gilligan models Milton Erickson.

More about DTI in a book:

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I think this phenomenon could be analogous to Multiple Personalities or Dissociative Identity.

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I did this kind of thing in clubs where i expanded my sexuel irresistible aura on the dance floor and in less than a minute i was surroundet by many women.
Sadly i dont have the stamina and control over my aura like i used to

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When i expandet a love aura in my mind over the planet like a beacon and send love to my grandparents every now and then my grandma saw and felt the love in her dreams…she was an empath

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Maybe khan black could restore and build up my energy and give me a better control over it.
I think that its one of the thinks its suppose to do

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Everyone here focuses on turning on auras; I would like to have the ability just to turn it off when appropriate. Libertine is amazing but not appropriate for every situation.

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