Cautionary Post: DR Second Stage Was Rough and Realizations

So when they say that DR will fucking drag you through shit I wish that was an overstatement. I don’t know if it was because of being stuck at home again, realizing I’m about to turn 30 in May or what but last couple of days or the whole last week was awful. Normally I can either push through, laugh it off or whatever but not this time. My entire life and everything about me got dragged out. It’s one thing to acknowledge things, but to actually look it in the eyes is another. Friend and family support non existent, quality of life and skills shit, health ain’t great. Also all the shit I was suppressing just came out and I hated every ducking moment of it. I truly wish life was easier And the fact just about every fucking thing I’ve done is a struggle has been maddening. Hell I have intrusive thoughts every day and I do hate that I’m persistent and keep going. But despite all this i am continuing to go through life and DR. One of the weird things that really affected me was how much having a dog has helped me get through and the fact looking at him getting older just made me fucking break. On top of that dealing with depression and anxiety and what that shit feels like. Every once in a while it’s like being in a room in a straight jacket with lights flickering off and on with a mask made of metal weighing your face down. With this week of DR ST2 it Was like this everyday every couple hours awake. Also I know for those of y’all reading this are wondering haven’t you called or asked for help? That’s hilarious and it doesn’t it make it better being a military vet. Alls ima say to finish this is it’s gonna fucking hurt if you have serious shit. And when your going through it take breaks, and just if you have support utilize it.


I wish you well on your journey.

How long did you spend on ST1?

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Hey man. Sorry to hear about your experience.

Name-embedding made my journey on DR much more manageable (still rough at times). I know that it is a more expensive solution, but It really made a big difference for me.

Good luck with the rest of your journey.

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28 days with 5 days on 2 days off listening


How would you characterize your ST1 experience? Was it difficult, too?

A lot of people (myself included) are waiting for name-embedded mains.

Nowhere near as bad as ST 2


I’ve seen somebody discuss that, but I’m not sure I understand the difference between that and just going to Q store and ordering a core with name-embedding.

St 3 has been a very positive experience for me so far.
It might turn it around for you.

How so if I may ask?

After about a week I started to develop a optimistic mindset and a sense of purpose.
Faith in the future.


The Q store option is much more expensive than what name-embedded mains will cost.

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Ok. Makes sense.

How were ST1 and ST2 for you? How much time have you been spending with each stage?

@Pwnie21 btw I have to agree with you, ST2 is rough as hell sometimes (including morning today) and the messed up thing is that sometimes I don’t even know why exactly

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How many loops per day?

Please describe the listening pattern.

8 loops a night or maybe 12 every couple of days. I was also mixing up Ultimas

In other words,

‘nuff said’?

Makes me a bit envious that so many that are running Dragon Reborn apparently don’t have a lot to work through if they are running stage three and four so soon

It could be that those of us who take our time might have a better end result. It’s not a race.