Carth Onasi has Entered the Chat

Hey everyone!

Been a lurker around the forum for a little while now as I’ve dabbled in SubClub’s products. Moved over from another Sub company, and I felt like I was making some progress with the purchases I made but the stacking element of SubClub and what appears to be a supportive community pushed me here.

Shoutout to @elementary_vision whose journal with Ultimate Artist and StarkQ inspired me to actually join, reading as they were opening up about their experience and it was resonating deeply with me as I run a similar stack: UA and Stark but with Emperor and R.I.C.H Ultima thrown on top.

Still navigating the forum as I figure out the best places to post things but I think this is a great start!


Welcome to the forum!! How is Emperor and R.I.C.H going for you?


Still really fresh, just getting serious with it these past couple weeks, and the biggest places I’ve noticed are manifested opportunities, particularly as it comes to business development and Money.

Stumbled on a 5-day mentorship program surrounding online business stuff and learned so much, but within that they had a prize for taking first place in their challenges and I did and got access to some more elite trainings. Then just yesterday I had someone reach out about paying me to help them take care of some stuff they don’t have time to do themselves. They were going to pay a stranger and thought they’d rather pay someone they know and thought of me.

One of my big goals for the next year is to rewire my mental money programming, and I feel like it’s off to a solid start.


I’m going to read your OP more fully in a second but…

Is your profile name a Star Wars reference? It stirs a faint memory…stemming from long ago… In a gala-

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I was an elegant soldier from a more civilized age. If you know your Old Republic history, you may have heard of me…

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Ahhh, a man of culture.

Indeed, if i recall my KOTOR game, you (roleplayin’) were a soldier fighting on the side of the Republic. Brilliant, brash and confident if memory serves, and a friend of Revan during their memory loss stage.


I feel like I’m in good company here when I say that the mind is a terrible thing to waste, and to help a friend in need is to be a friend indeed.


I like your intro post. What are your current goals with Stark, UA, R.I.C.H and Emperor, with the new business training?

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This tickled my memory muscle lmao but I admit I don’t remember the reference. If it’s a reference.

Fun fact about me: I admire the Sith of that age. Darth Revan and Darth Bane are the absolute business.

Derailment over.

Or is it?

Darth Caedus is my spirit animal.

I’m in a creative field and content creation plays a big part of that. I have been really letting myself slide in that department (Which is why Ultimate Artist is in the stack as well), even pre-Covid but more so during.

I had some bad experiences that put me mentally behind and shot up my confidence and ability to create so the biggest things I’m looking for within these subs is to rewire things back (and be stronger) while relighting my fire for creativity in a way that not only inspires me but also is profitable.

The trainings were helpful in alternate approaches to profitability and getting my mind flowing with ideas, both in a practical business way but also a creative way.

Edit: Darth Bane is a badass and could wipe the floor with any other Sith Lord


Question: how do you feel about Renaissance Man?

Not an edit: Darth Bane was quite literally my favorite villain for a very long time in my younger years. Caedus is the only one I’d consider in a versus fight with him, besides the legendary Revan themselves. :slight_smile:

The new booty Sith make me laugh in comparison.

I was stuck between Ultimate Artist and Renaissance Man! This was prior to hitting the forums for in-depth research and it was pretty much a coin toss decision. They both sounded so good for my needs.


The reason i asked about Renaissance Man is that you could potentially get what you’re getting out of UA from RM.


Renaissance Man has been around for a shorter amount of time, but, perhaps considering ‘graduating’ to RM from Ultimate Artist once you feel you’ve gotten what you desire from UA.

I believe RM is deeper in scope and feels like an ideal option for you, based off of the OP and your first post :slight_smile:


Yeah reading its description again I think it’s something I will definitely want to add to the rotation once I get the hang of the stack and navigating my optimal daily/weekly rewiring schedule.

Thanks for putting that back on my radar, honestly there’s so many I want to do from SubClub that it seems like my next 10 years have been blocked out!


No worries :slight_smile:

Edit cuz quick submit fingers: if you can recall, tag me in your journal if/when you get one started, I’d like to follow your journey.

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Thanks man! UA is a good one. Unfortunately I had to step back from it and fix my foundation a bit. I’m looking forward to returning to it in the future.