Can't submit a support ticket

I haven’t used the new support HUB yet but I get the error message “You are not allowed to submit a ticket.” when I try to open a ticket.

Anyone that can offer any insight?

All I cay say is try again in a couple hours


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No luck as of yet, keep getting the same error.

Just trying to chase up a custom I ordered on the 21st and paid express for

Would you please post your order number?

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Yeah of course.

Order number is #2022496

Thanks for looking into it for me

I contacted staff.

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Had the same issue, contacted SaintSovereign and it was able to be fixed!

Don’t mean to keep replying to you man but I literally have no other way to contact, any update you could give? I’m yet to hear anything

I understand your enthusiasm for your answer. However I don’t know about support ticket status, or any maintenance that might be done on the support ticket system.

I would encourage you to keep trying to submit a ticket. I did notify staff, so I’m confident the difficulty is being addressed.

Have you also done things such as turning your device on/off, clearing the cache, removing cookies, logging out so you can log back in, or restarting your browser?

I have tried these yeah, i’m not overly concerned with the inability to submit a ticket tbh, most of my queries are dealt with pretty well asking here on the forums.

It’s more the fact that I paid for express 1 day guaranteed on a custom and 5 days on I haven’t heard anything beyond the confirmation email i initially received and the order is still showing as processing under my account.

If the next day deadline is missed, it converts into a standard delivery order and when Q-Engineer processes the order, they refund the $75 charge. We’re really backed up because we’re upgrading Q system itself (still getting ready for the full automation project), so it’s possible we missed it. I’ll look into it in a bit. Keep in mind that our business hours are M-F, all the staff is off on the weekend.


Yeah, Q-Engineer missed the deadline. We refunded the express charge. The order will go out by Tuesday, most likely. We’re also looking into your support ticket issue.

Everything has been resolved, so I’m closing this thread. @Pilkington, if you have any more issues on this order, feel free to respond to the PM I sent. Your ticket account has also been fixed, so you’re good on submitting tickets on future issues. Thanks!