Can We Get A Normal Product In ZPT Format?


Can you guys please release some normal/non custom products in ZPT and/or ZPT2 format?

This way people like me who do not use customs can try this new format?


I would put a request on the roadmap and see what happens, or send a support ticket


Me too

There is one. Ascension Chamber.
Saint said it’s between ZPT & ZPT2


Here it is

Feel free to repost. I think I may be in OP ignore list. Though, I doubt he will find the answer to his satisfaction.


OP must be building the snazziest OP custom ever.

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He’s asked this already. They said no


Unfortunately, we won’t be releasing any ZPT major store titles any time soon.


Can you tell us why this decision was made?

Also, you said no major store title anytime soon, my understanding is that products like beyond limitless and true social are NOT “major” products?

Is my understanding correct?

If yes, could you release a product like those in zpt and/or zpt2?

Forgot about that.

Thank you for the reminder!

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Buy a custom for god sake it costs you next to nothing. Stop being a scrooge and trying to scrounge stuff off SC.


as soon as they upgrade one people will complain and expect them all to be upgraded


This is tru btw. Didn’t think of it. I still remember when one guy spammed everywhere for zp update of blu just because limitless zp was updated but blu wasn’t :stuck_out_tongue::rofl::rofl::rofl::heart:

Pretty sure that was MU who exactly made this thread lol


He has to learn until he invests in himself he will never ever make progress. This is why he should buy a custom.

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You’ll just have to get a custom and be patient. I understand your concerns, I also had them but then I realized I just had to be patient and stick to the current zp format and when its served me well and I’ve achieved my goals, I’ll reward myself with a sweet custom which I’ve already planned out and written.
Ask yourself how will your life be if you never came across SC, you’d still be doing whatever it is you do. We just have to be grateful for the little we have and definitely more will be added unto you. Peace

Exactly. :joy::joy:

By “soon” he likely means not till full automation and personalized store titles.

And it’s not really the price of a custom but the cost of not having the life you want now… when you wait.

We’ll see a lot of cool stuff like Hero and Lifechargers much sooner.

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I know this is not going to happen now now as people are requesting lots of things right and left on the forum,

but is the plan to make some expérimental stuff avaliable for some member still planned? This could be part of it.

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He’s too rich to buy one that’s why he’s not getting one;)