Can we expect any new subliminals to drop soon?

The suspense is really high. Can we expect any new subliminals to release at the end of this month or the beginning of next month?

Will it be Emperor Fitness? Quantum Limitless? Mind’s Eye? All of them?

Do let us know if it will come in a few days, @HypeDaddySovereign, @Fire


I hope commandant is also there as a surprise relsease. Fingers Crossed!


The real question is ‘‘do you prefer a company to give constant updates what they are going to do or keep silence?’’ Discuss

I personally prefer constant updates, like once a week to write something but i am not involved in this business and i dont know if it can be done


Ofc constant updates, without giving out any business info but just keep us in the loop as to what is going on


I’ve been here for a while, and I check the forum every day.
There’s this thing I’ve seen not only here, but at other forums as well - Shiny object syndrome.

Most people here are literally unable to stay with one sub/stack for a substantial period of time.

“Oh my god there’s Khan I need that… OMG! EOG! I … now I’ll definitely become a millionaire … but you know what? There’s The Alchemist coming out in a while, so the millions will have to wait.”

Now the same thing is happening with Quantum limitless, and with whatever other sub will be released next.

I’ve been guilty of this myself. But sooner than later I realized, that this doesn’t really go anywhere.

Do you really think that a 4-stage subliminal can be “completed” in just 4 months? Are the results really so convincing that you can say “Well I am the KHAN now … what’s next?”.

Come up with goals and choose your subs based on that. This is a prerequisite for success.

Does Quantum limitless fit your LONG TERM goals? GREAT! Add it in. Otherwise you’re wasting time chasing the next shiny object.


@pakr93 - yes, many of us are waiting for the “shiny object” and we have been waiting for it for a long time even while we continue patiently with our stack. It is not an either or situation to be excited for new launches OR staying with one stack.

We don’t need no judgement of our wishes. It’s the same type of judgement people make when they tell us to not use subliminals and just use our willpower to push through.

Sure, you might feel that you don’t need any new subliminals for a while but please spare us the lecturing.


What if someone doesnt really know what he wants? Or he wants too many things and he is getting confused?


I know for myself I’ve slowed down and focused. I haven’t bought a Sub since Ultimate Artist was released, and haven’t purchased any of the four stage titles, yet.

I ran Regeneration and Ultimate Artist from early June to Early September, ran Ultimate Artist by itself for a little over a month, and recently added Spartan. So right now I am running Ultimate Artist and Spartan.


@rising - or some of us know exactly what we want. Like out of the possible releases, I would like Quantum Limitless and possibly Emperor Fitness. I have not purchased Limitless because at first I wanted to focus on my current stack. And when I wanted to add Limitless, I heard of QL and waited for it. And maybe I will update Spartan to Emperor Fitness when the latter rolls out depending on its features.


You’re correct. If you want results you’ll have to stick to your stack. Anyway a program like Quantum Limitless can definitely be added to your stack without a problem. It might even increase your progress. I’ve been running emperor for one week every night when I got to sleep. I’ve had major results already.



“Come up with goals and choose your subs based on that. This is a prerequisite for success.”

Expressing Ego towards someone’s opinion is a serious limiting belief brother. It also accompanies faulty beliefs of mind reading capabilities. These are more detrimental to success than having abundant goals.


Guys, guys, you are weirdly sensitive about this. I was simply stating what is obvious on this forum, like it or not.

You obviously dont want my advice, and I don’t really care. I just wanted to express my OPINION.,not ego.

Moreover, I hope you’ll enjoy all the upcoming subs :wink:


Brother, including negative language, always miscommunicates the message. I’m glad your intention wasn’t what it appeared to be!


@pakr93 - it’s fine. I am getting tired of listening to advice like this. They sound preachy even if you don’t intend to be. It’s okay, bro. Must be my Khan ST2 speaking haha.


I do believe this is a bit of an odd time. Even though last-minute delays are a bit of a thing here, whatever is going on in the background is apparently really messing things up this time around. By now there should have been an Inner Circle, Mind’s Eye & probably Quantum. And on top of that there are those plans to start another company start of the year, so it won’t get any easier. I guess we have no choice but to wait and see.


I hope Fire is ok he is our main man.


@DarkPhilosopher another company?


I think Fire is fine, although he may be crazy busy being a mad genius, constantly coming up with new stuff to try out. But with Saint apparently running the public side of things being a bit indisposed… I don’t know, maybe they’re taking on a little too much?

I’ve suggested (in another thread) letting someone mind the store why they do whatever, be it movies, experimentation or other venues, but it would be obvious I’d like to be that guy. Don’t want to come across as being too eager. :slight_smile:



Hope @HypeDaddySovereign will get well. I remember him mentioning something about kidney stones once.


The last update was when Fire tested the new quantum LImitless on Saint. We have no idean what happened after the exposure.