January 2020 -- We're going to revolutionize the game again


Can we expect any new subliminals to drop soon?

Well well, something new here.
Hope to hear more about it.


Makes you wonder what the meaning of that Eiffel Tower is, doesn’t it? :wink:


Hmm…using our newly-gained mind powers to steal the Eiffel tower? :smile:


@SaintSovereign Well it’s Jan 2020, so what’s this all about then?

Is this related to the Paris trip you mentioned in your journal?


There’s an Eiffel Tower in the picture above. Where’s that at? :wink:


Spill the beans, what’s “game” here?


Ultimate Croupier

Well, a girl’s gotta earn…


You are planning a trip to Paris! You mentioned that in previous posts!