Can someone explain Pete Davidson

Picking up your mind gents and gentettes,

I am not from the US and usually out of the social media loops and I just learned about Pete Davidson. So this guy banged Kim Kardashian and Adriana Grande which mean he must have some perceived value.
But he is not handsome, nor jacked although he is decent. He is kind of a comedian celebrity, but not sure if he is wealthier than any other one in his demographics and market.
I googled him when I heard about him and he often looks awkward on his pics.

So he is not Russel Brands, or Tom Holland or Zac Effron in wealth/attractiveness and would I say success.
But he is smashing and upcoming from my understanding.

Does this guy move the needle on what is often said here about what is necessary for success / wealth / women? Not even sure this guy is working out (just kidding).
What does this inspire you? What this guy have that is so not obvious to me but women and celebrity flock to him (dont say d**k size please).

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My theory is coordination from the industry. Probably family ties and power.

His relationships with these hot women don’t seem to last very long. Plus his borderline personality disorder may not be very conducive to sustaining those relationships, but perhaps attracting women when he may be at a high and display high status qualities.

I like him though. No hate over here, but that’s just what it seems like to me.


My opinion:
Some women just like high value, some like equal value, some need a broken man to try to fix him, some need a bad boy and try to get him to the good side. But that also shows the reason why they break up then: if the high value man is not looking like higher value than her, it’s over. When the broken man is healed, she looks for the next broken man. If she converts him to the good side, he is no longer interesting to him.
That thesis only works as long as she does not develop a different focus type.


Perhaps money and looks don’t matter as much one would like to believe? Perhaps they matter to some and not for others? Perhaps attraction is not that complicated? Perhaps they are regular humans, with flaws and warts, and are attracted to unhealthy relationships just like me and you, or people around us?

Most likely he is just a fun cool guy to be around, not some wizard of attraction.

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Value @Martin,

This is not limited to romance but this plane is based purely on the exchange of value. That’s all it is.

I saw the hottest women fall in love with the ugliest shrub, simply because they provided value to their life — like fun, excitement, freedom, etc


Definitely a case of SMV plus the status they gain and attention from being another notch on his belt so to speak . Like you said he isn’t physically attractive in the traditional sense .

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Either he has a deep belief that he can date any celebrity and his profession gives him a high SMV. Or he is just an industry [please do not use the word whore or any variation there of] that female celebrities are passing around. Maybe a combination of both.


[please do not use the word whore or any variation there of]


He’s very open with his partners about his mental health issues.

They like his “vulnerability” and I think some of them probably want to be the one to “fix” him.

Hard to say, not knowing any of the involved parties.

Kim did say that the sex with him was the best sex ever.

He even was noodling around with Kate Beckinsale. That’s more impressive to me than Kim or Arianna.


You’re like 70 years old, how the hell do you know this shit?

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I read


Cosmopolitan apparently.

Riveting stuff.

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I would guess something with a total nonchalance module, joei de vivre, Ascension, and little bit of Wanted.

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Fucking hilarious that this popped up on my YouTube recently randomly as hell.

Here you go:

Edit: Maybe he runs S&S :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

I often wonder how many celebrities run these titles.

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I wouldn’t be surprised to see any celebs running subs especially these ones … once you reach a certain level in society the gloves come off and you are subjugated to all the tools the %1 actually use to keep being a 1 percenter