Can I start khan with my custom?

Well the title says it all, but more specifically; can I do st1 khan with my custom or will it overpower it?
I mean my custom is basically 90% physical, so I don’t know what I could expect, any inputs would be appreciated

@Yazooneh you’re the only person who comes to mind right now for this question so what do you suggest

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Physical shifting while emotional healing is fine when I did it

Healing and other alpha programs together sucks


Oh I see, how would you recommend me do it?

Alternate them on listening days? Or do them same day then 2 days off instead? Or try the 1:1

1:1 and go
No reason to split it as far as I know

One loop each every other day

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Aight man thanks, I think this is the move but I’m still hesitant a bit between primal or khan to commit to one thing with my custom.

What’s your reason for starting khan?

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I also plan to start khan but I’m going to start with primal first to build a solid foundation.


I feel like there are too many things that need to be healed for me to become the best version of myself, and honestly looks and body isn’t everything, I want a reality change so big, that by this time next year, I would be telling u guys about my legendary stories :muscle:t3::sunglasses:


Would doing primal make it okay to jump to stage 4?

I feel you. That why I ran dragon reborn to get my inner game solid. It’s still a work in progress.

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I would still start with ST 1 even though I went though primal. There could still be areas that need purging.


What was wrong with wanted?

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Here’s what I thinking if you were to run primal

Khan ST 1 + Only Gains- Few weeks/months —> Primal + Only Gains —-> Subliminal washout —-> Khan St 2 + Only gains ——> Khan ST 3 + OnlyGains —-> Khan ST 4 + Only Gains

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Hmmm what’s the potential if I just do primal with onlygains :thinking:

It really slowed down the pace of my customs result, apparently too much physical tech isn’t compounding with me

Try it out and see. I think it’ll still be good

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Hmmm I guess I can’t go wrong with either, which is better for a guy in a committed relationship btw?

This is my fitness custom which also contains Wanted. Since I started doing FST-7 thanks to your Onlygains thread I am very amazed by my progress and I did not see any problem with my Wanted in it.

Fitness Custom

Emperor Fitness ST3 Core
Beast Within Ultima Core
Sexual Manifestation
SPS: Nervous System
Energetic Development XI
SPS: Muscular System
I.Q. and Cognitive Booster
Health Codex
Harmonic Singularity
Epigenetics & DNA Modulator
Physicality Shifter - Sexiness
Serum X
Facial Morphing
APS: Hair
APS: Head
A/SPS: Organs
SPS: Skeletal System

I would say primal

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