C.I.A DECLASSIFIED - The Gateway Experience

Very interesting find today, I wonder…

Part-1 C.I.A DECLASSIFIED - The Gateway Experience: Brain Hemisphere Synchronization - YouTube
Part-2 C.I.A Declassified | Holographic Universe (The Consciousness Matrix) - YouTube
Part-3 C.I.A DECLASSIFIED: Intervening Dimensions (Traversing Time Space Reality) - YouTube
Part-4 C.I.A DECLASSIFIED | Advanced Techniques (Time Travel, Energy Healing, Manifestation) - YouTube

last part of part 4 talks about Focus 12, Focus 15, and Focus 21… first time I am hearing about this…


This is a classification from Robert Monroe’s The Monroe Institute, it’s based on very old tapes. There are newer ones made and others you can find on their website.


I guess I’ve a lot more research to do! thanks!!

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