C.I.A DECLASSIFIED - The Gateway Experience

Very interesting find today, I wonder…

Part-1 C.I.A DECLASSIFIED - The Gateway Experience: Brain Hemisphere Synchronization - YouTube
Part-2 C.I.A Declassified | Holographic Universe (The Consciousness Matrix) - YouTube
Part-3 C.I.A DECLASSIFIED: Intervening Dimensions (Traversing Time Space Reality) - YouTube
Part-4 C.I.A DECLASSIFIED | Advanced Techniques (Time Travel, Energy Healing, Manifestation) - YouTube

last part of part 4 talks about Focus 12, Focus 15, and Focus 21… first time I am hearing about this…


This is a classification from Robert Monroe’s The Monroe Institute, it’s based on very old tapes. There are newer ones made and others you can find on their website.


I guess I’ve a lot more research to do! thanks!!

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I started the Gateway Voyage tonight. I plan to run one track every night before bed and get all the way through in 42 days.


Gateway, the first time I experienced proof we are more than our physical bodies.

For me it was a great experience.

Enjoy it. Have fun.


lol I literally just came off my first session, the orientation right now. Planning on same. Super excited!

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man how ya’ll get your mind calm tho? At bedtime, every ounce of stress rushes through my head… Doc wrote me Buspirone to help with that but I don’t feel much out of it yet. there is a track/guide I listen to that does take me elsewhere but not to the fullest effect.

even keeping up with Black Emperor has been tough I can’t seem to get consistent listening time, I was on a solid Mon Wed and Friday listen and sat sunday off but then certain things went in not such a great direction with my employment and my consistency broke.

Restarted again today and hoping to keep it going this time at the very leave for one to 2 months.


I don’t know and it’s a really good question. I wonder if two things contributed to experiencing a full on vibrational state day 1.

At the time I was living in a very sunny place and spending a lot of time in the sun.

The second was when I heard about gateway I thought it sounded silly but I was already involved with our things I didn’t think would work but had been. If it matters some nlp rapport stuff.

I was tan and in a state of mind where I realized I knew nothing. So I didn’t have expectations, was just experiencing what was happening while over exposed to outdoors in a really sunny place. Outside of Miami sunny.

You’ll see a lot of people talk about did I or did I not experience this state. In my experience there is no question. When it happens you will know.


What helped me and my fiancee was actually children’s bedtime stories. What ever is available. Spotify has a lot online.
It just takes our mind somewhere peacefully and keeps us so occupied that we can fall asleep.


the videos have gotten deleted


I don’t know exactly what this “gateway experience” or is it harmful? but these are viedos(look at the yt channel)


Good thing we know their titles. Search and you shall find … on Bitchute.



If you want to find the tapes, they are all on the Gateway Experience subreddit.

The tapes are great. I have done wave 1 consistently but am focusing on other goals at the moment. I will go back to it eventually. If you are going to do it, make sure to master Focus 10. It is the foundation for everything else in the program.

I’ll finish this post with a funny story about doing the tapes. During the beginning you do resonant tuning to increase your energy. It involves humming along in a low pitch. I sometimes would do these in my living room, my family is well aware that I’ll try anything at this point, so they are mostly unfazed. The second day of doing it in the living room I start doing the resonant tuning. I hear my son go, “oh great, not this again!” I could feel his eyes rolling as he said it and it completely broke my state because I could not stop laughing and I finished the tape there.

For those who have never heard of Resonant Tuning here it is, the gateway tapes sound exactly the same but it only lasts for like 3 minutes.
Resonant Tuning (youtube.com)