Bujin - Call of the Wild

I’m creating this journal specifically for Chosen - The Way of Nature.

This is an interesting one for me, because I live on 20 acres of woodland in upstate New York, so I’m completely immersed in nature and surrounded by prolific wildlife. As I type this a deer is outside my window enjoying some of the abundant foliage. I consider my property a sanctuary for all wild animals, and the residents include bears, coyote, foxes, bobcats, deer, beavers, muskrats, opossum, groundhogs, rabbits, squirrels, chipmunks, heron, geese, ducks and an iterant grumpy swan.

I already feel connected to nature. However the practicalities of living in the wild combined with my spiritual interests having a different focus means that connection is currently mostly physical and emotional. So I’m particularly interested on how this affects my spiritual practices.

Of less interest are the societal effects. Before I bought this place I lived in a modern city apartment, enjoying all the social activities New York City provides, but a few years ago I felt a deep yearning for a more natural way of life develop and grow, so I bought this place 5 years ago. Since I moved out here my interest in people has declined. That accelerated significantly when the pandemic hit, and I’ve been enjoying the solitude the last couple of years. I have little interest in rejoining regular society, with the exception of my (mostly remote) job.

So I’m going into this with a focus on the more spiritual aspects of the sub, but otherwise without any real preconceptions of how it will affect me.

I’m currently only planning to run it for 2 cycles, as I have some other goals I’m focusing on for the remainder of the year, so this won’t be a long-term journal. But for now I’ll run this solo to get a taste, and maybe introduce a compatible sub in the next couple of weeks to see how it works in a stack. I haven’t decided yet, but the stack options I’m currently considering are:

  1. CWON + Sage Immortal
  2. CWON + Survival Instinct

I ran my first loop of CWON about an hour ago and I’ll will be spending the rest of the day working outside.


how did your testing of limitless ZP end?

i remember you having really good results from that if im not mistaking?

Limitless is one of my favorite subs, running it gave me phenomenal focus at work, so I added it into a custom alongside Stark. Obviously the effect is more diffuse and less potent in a custom due to the other core/modules, but they provide their own benefits so it’s a trade I was willing to make. Being focused simply isn’t enough in my work. And I’m only prepared to dedicate 1 sub slot to my work, so the custom was the obvious choice, despite losing some of that beautiful Limitless focus.


I spent the day working outside. There were no profound moments of connection to nature, but I’m always connected out here to some degree anyway, so I suspect any such feelings that arise would be somewhat subtle. What I did notice was that my emotions were very stable today, even when some annoyances came up.

Also, apart from Limitless and Executive which were immediately effective, every other ZP sub I’ve tried tends to have a 1 day delay in effect from listening, so it’s possible I’ll notice more tomorrow.

Additionally, I’ve noticed with several ZP subs that I get heavy recon the day after my first loop, but subsequent loops become enjoyable to run - I guess I go through heavy integration from that first loop. CFW and my Paragon custom are perfect examples of this, they were both brutal the day after but became very enjoyable with further listening. So tomorrow may suck, or it may not.


Curious, what industry of work are you in if you don’t mind me asking? Reason I’m asking is Limitless seems to work best in technical/complex fields/industries so that’s why I got curious about what you used it for.

It’s funny that I’m the exact same. Usually I get results right away after listening to a sub then get heavy recon and then I get big results again after a few more loops

I’m a systems architect at one of the large investment banks. Half my job is technical, the other half is interacting with multiple global teams (and hundreds of developers) to get them onboard with proposed changes and all moving in the same direction. Hence why Stark is equally as useful as Limitless.


I have 2 cats and I love them dearly. But both have health issues, and one recently underwent major surgery, so it’s been a difficult few weeks.

But looking at them right now, I can feel my heart open up and envelope them with my love. I’m blessed to be sharing this life journey with these two little derps.


I have a “survivalist” custom based on Spartan + Survival Instinct that could be really interesting to stack with CWON.


Holiday weekends are nice, but I was completely swamped with work yesterday so I barely got to leave the house.

But I was thinking a lot about purpose.

What I know is, I don’t care about IT, or the finance industry I work in. I woke up yesterday feeling annoyed that I was going back to a job that doesn’t mean anything to me other than an income. This technology, that technology, whatever.

My career in IT has been good to me, it’s relatively interesting, pays very well, and has allowed me to live and work on 3 different continents. No complaints. But I don’t care about it.

I’m open to exploring alternatives. Maybe CWON can help.


Minimal recon from my first loop, so I’ll try 2 loops of CWON today.

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A couple of weird things to mention. I’m not sure if they’re related to CWON, but wanted to record it here in case it comes up again.

On Monday after my first loop I spent the day working outside. Normally I get mild hayfever around this time of year, but on Monday is was really severe, but is almost gone now. And yesterday the neuropathy in my left arm and leg that disappeared after running my Paragon custom, came back with a vengeance. For a couple of hours it was the worst it’s ever been, then it disappeared completely again.

My guess is they’re both just temporary healing crises triggered by bloom from my Paragon custom, but CWON appears to also target “natural health” so there may be some connection.


The healing wouldn’t have caused this. It’s very light, minimal scripting. I suffer from neuropathy too, in my legs and finger tips, but it’s caused by caffeine, pastas, etc.

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The emotional stability and balance from CWON is really quite something. I had to do something today I normally find really stressful, but this time it felt almost like an external emotion - I could acknowledge the stress but wasn’t feeling it in my body at all.


There’s a thunderstorm going through here right now. It’s pitch black, but the lightening illuminating the pond, through the trees and the rain, has a surreal, dreamlike quality to it. I get a lot of thunderstorms up here, and stopped paying attention long ago, but I’m feeling a reawakened appreciation for the beauty of it.


Haiku poetry is quite beautiful.

It, traditionally, is only meant to capture one still moment in nature. Or one brief instant of time, if you’re a rebel that goes outside of nature. It’s meant to be purely sight and observationally-based.

Your comments on the thunderstorm feels like you’re taking a haiku-poet’s level of appreciation to nature, now!

You could even write a haiku (5-7-5),

Pitch Black - Lightning Strikes! (5 syllables)
Illuminating the pond (7 Syllables)
Through the trees and rain (5 syllables)

Or, you could write a Tanka! (5-7-5-7-7)

Lightning strikes the pond! (5 syllables)
Illuminating the dark (7 syllables)
Through the trees and rain. (5 syllables)
Feeling a reawakened (7 syllables)
Sense of Appreciation (7 syllables)

Another example of this today. Something occurred which normally makes me angry, but when it happened I started to react, through habit I guess, then immediately realized there was no anger there at all. So I just sighed and dealt with it instead.

It was actually kind of weird.


Linking this to the CWON thread.

(Tell me if you want me to delete that link.)

@bujin I discover your thread on this sub, thanks to @Malkuth

You call it emotional stability and balance, I call it inner peace, it is a fantastic feeling, 100% stronger than with Sanguine.

How was your listening twice the same day ?


Nice thank you for sharing! Which one would you say was better for you for productivity and intelligence? Limitless or stark? (For technical things)