Building my empire - BLACKICE's Journal


After some deliberation as to what program to start with, I decided to go with Emperor. I managed to get my credit card locked during my first attempt to purchase due to letting autofill enter the shortened version of my name rather than the full legal name which is on the card, so not the most auspicious start to the program. Oh well, called Visa and got it sorted the next day and my journey begins!

I started listening on Nov 5th, masked V3 on repeat with the VLC app on my phone. The first thing I noticed was that I was antsy about sitting at my desk. I have a motorized standing desk, which is usually lowered and used with a chair. I kept getting up and pacing back and forth, and finally realized that I need to be doing something while listening to this program. I also bought Sanguine at the same time, but didn’t listen to that until just before bedtime. I got 3 loops of Emperor that day, plus 1x Sanguine.

The next morning I woke up and went about my normal routine. Stretches, deep breathing, 20 mins of meditation. During the meditation, I did an Ideal Day visualization about the upcoming meeting, in which I imagined the other company agreeing to every major ask we had. After finishing the meditation, I reached for my phone and started up Emperor. I got 1 play in before I noticed my wife was up, and I went to make coffee. More on the meditation after…

Normally in the mornings we sit quietly on the couch and read books or something on our phones.

Not that day.

My wife was snuggling up against me, and kept asking what I was reading, and I told her I was catching up on some discussions on a forum (this one, of course). She hasn’t been that… snuggly? in the mornings since early on in our dating, so that was new. I had some documents to read before I left for a business trip, so I stayed in the living room on the couch instead of going into my office. I’m glad I did, as a few minutes later she came out of the bedroom in yoga pants and a tank top, and set up her mat right in front of the couch…

Goodbye focus and productivity! :rofl:

After a few minutes, I was glad I wasn’t wearing jeans, as that would have been uncomfortable.

I stood up and um. pointed at her… she just raised her eyebrows and smiled. I decided to be funny, and thrust my pelvis toward her a couple of times and just raised an eyebrow as I nodded toward the bedroom.

She laughed and said “what, now?” (normally she would roll her eyes and say maybe later or something like that)

I said “yep, now.”

she laughed again, and said no… but I said “yes?”

I stepped over and picked her up with one arm (I’m not terribly strong, she’s just tiny) and carried her into the bedroom while pulling off her shirt with the other hand. She was laughing and said “hey, I was doing pilates!” I replied “now we’re doing you!”

And we did. Twice. That’s happened lots of times before, but not on a weekday morning just because I got hard after seeing her do pilates!

After I showered, I read for a while longer while listening to more Emperor, and then got a text from my EA that she was coming to pick me up for the flight.

The meeting was with the CEO of a lab company that I’ve been trying to put together a deal with. (I work in the biotech sector) There were a couple of sticking points on the deal that my business partner was firm on, and it was my job to make sure we won those points in the negotiation. I went over the talking points for the meeting with my EA before the flight, and then listened to Emperor during the flight. It was my business partner’s private plane, so we skipped all of the TSA crap, which was nice. Plus, I felt like a bit of a baller… :sunglasses:

We got to the meeting, and my EA still had no idea how we’d convince the lab to agree to our terms. They wanted to put their logo on the product (powered by X), but my business partner said no. “We don’t co-brand.” full stop. But that was ok.

I had such a feeling of “f*** yeah, we got this.” going into the meeting, that I didn’t even worry about it… when the meeting started, I launched into all the details about what we were looking for, what kinds of sequencing, etc. I just plowed ahead, and finally they had to get their head of microbiology on the phone too, just to see if they could do what we wanted.

They ended up asking us if we’d be ok designing the product and just letting them do the back-end lab services. I nearly had to restrain myself from high fiving my EA, but instead I acted as if that was a burden for us, so they knocked the project quote down in price! We were initially expecting nearly $50k in setup cost for this project, and they came back with a quote of about 1/3 of that for the setup and billing the rest per user. They even agreed to move the launch date to January, whereas before they said there was no way to get it out the door before March. The rest of the meeting was effortless, and everything just felt natural. I was negotiating a deal that will be worth a ton of money, but I was calm and self assure. More so than usual.

We not only got the project at a fraction of the cost we were expecting, they were fully on board with every major point we raised, in our favor. It was counter to our previous call, but was EXACTLY what I’d visualized hours before.

On the way back to the hotel, I received word that I’d been approved for an additional $20k in a business line of credit… not something I applied for, they just offered it, and I accepted. It hit my account this morning.

I got back from the business trip last night, and took (most of) today off. I’ve had Emperor playing since just after lunch, and my head is spinning with new business ideas. My wife also told me today that I seem “bossier”, but in a good way. I think that’s her way of saying I feel more alpha… I certainly have no hesitation about expressing myself now, and asking for what I want. And getting it, apparently.

Damn this was a long first post, but I gotta say, I really like Emperor so far.

How to be Iron Man (biohacking my way to awesome)

Damn dude! Seems like you’re really getting the most out of Emperor. If this is just the beginning I can’t wait to see where you go!!


Do you run Emperor with QL or only emperor?


So glad you chose Emperor, you’ll fucking knock it out of the ball park.


Great work. I’m running exactly the same menu as you’re. I almost hit three weeks on Emperor and It’s working GREAT! Having loads of boosts in my productivity and thinking. Taking action, is the main thing you should do when listening to this subliminal’s. Many people talk about the Law Of Attraction these days and forget the important part in the method, which is taking action. It is the same thing really, but then you consciously force subconscious believe system into your brain. Which in fact with subliminal’s, is the best way to do it. It’s important that you take action so that your conscious starts to see the results, gets hyped about it and reaffirms what your subconscious is working on. This has a very positive feedback on your subconscious by which it’s starts to accept the way programs easier.


@BLACKICE - great job. Subliminals are really working well for you since you are already a man of action.

You were already Iron Man before. With SubClub subs you will be Superior Iron Man


I’m doing 30 days of Emperor first, then will buy QL.


I’d been intending to take the weekend easy and just relax.

However, my mind had other plans.

Saturday’s leisurely day involved reading a new sales book (Flip the script) cover to cover, while listening to more Emperor. Our short walk ended up being a 6 mile/10 km hike instead, and rather than picking up some takeout on the way home as we’d planned we got ingredients to make a big pot of chicken soup from scratch.

I’ve re-written this section twice now, and each time it’s too long and rant-ish. The TL;DR version is I’ve discovered I’m even less tolerant of useless people than I was before. I got angry at a socially awkward store clerk who inexplicably thought it would be a good idea to read us several pages of a profanity-laden humor book despite us walking away, and then again at a cracked out lady with missing teeth that literally grabbed at my wife’s arm while we were crossing a street. She was asking directions to a particular store, which was about half a block away at another major shopping center. I ignored her, but my wife answered “it’s a half block up, next to Walmart.” The lady replied “There’s a Walmart???” as if it were the biggest revelation in the world. We just walked away, but she followed us rambling about trying to follow directions etc. We walked faster, and I know she overheard me refer to her as a “f***ing crazy”, and I didn’t care. I like the city I live in, but damn some weirdos come out after dark.

After we got home, we made dinner and I listened to more Emperor that night before falling asleep around 11.

Yesterday morning we ordered a bunch of stuff online that we’d been meaning to get for a while, including supplies for one of our seasonal/holiday side business projects - we started making artisan candles last year and this year we’re adding handmade soap. (Because, you know, I have so much free time). We also booked a cabin for our Christmas vacation. Basically just knocked a bunch of things off our respective todo lists, without really planning on doing so.
During this time I listened to 3 loops of Emperor. Around noon my wife headed out to meet a friend for lunch, so I figured I’d just heat up some of the leftover soup, kick back and watch some YT videos for fun. I got about halfway through a build project video from one of my favorite channels (one I support on Patreon too), and just got… bored. I finished the video, but felt that I’d wasted my time.

After that I put Emperor back on, and was just really restless, and realized my thoughts were drifting to clothing. Wait, clothing??

I’ll dress up a bit for meetings of course, but at home I’m a relaxed jeans/t-shirt guy, add in a hoodie when it’s cold. Many mornings I’ll go right to my home office desk still in sweats and a t-shirt (PJs) if I’ve just got a project to work on that morning, or an audio-only call. In terms of clothes shopping, I rate that about on the same level as going to the dentist… has to be done periodically as clothing needs to be replaced, but not something I think of as enjoyable.

Which is why it was so weird yesterday that I felt like looking for clothes online. I spent at least 2 hours looking at shirts on J Crew, A&F, and some more casual stuff from Cabelas. I even watched some style videos on YT (Alpha M… interesting character!)

More of Emperor pushing me to better myself?

I did an extra long meditation session last night, and when I finished it had been about a minute over 1 hour; new personal best.

Before bed last night I listened to 2 more loops of Emperor while reading through more journals on the forum. Just as I finished the 2nd loop, my wife came over to the couch and climbed into my lap to straddle me. She kissed me, and then climbed back off and pulled me toward the bedroom. I’d just been reading on my phone, but yeah, ok!

Later after sex, I was back in the living room finishing up reading one of the journals on my phone, and my head started hurting. My wife was listening to one of her own brain audios, an alpha wave relaxation one on YT, and for some reason at one point it just started bothering my head, like the whine of a dentist drill. It was about 10:30 at that point so I just brushed my teeth and told her I was going to bed and would see her soon. The headache was bad enough that it hindered me from falling asleep for at least another 30 mins, usually I’m out like a light within a minute or so.

When I did fall asleep, I had 2 dreams that I can recall. The first one was relating to someone I used to know in high school… not a real friend, just a friend of convenience since we grew up on the same street and always went to the same schools. I last saw this guy on the last day of high school, many many years ago. No clue why he showed up in a dream… can’t be too important as I don’t recall any of the context.
The next dream was more like an action movie, I was with a crowd of people and we were on a hilltop, with a city in the distance. There were large aircraft (maybe spacecraft) attacking the city and destroying everything. Nobody seemed too disturbed by it, more relieved that we were far away (evacuated?) I remember being able to identify the different vehicles (that one is a blah blah type bomber, that one is a model X fighter etc), as they were large enough to see from far away. They were huge and just hovering over the city just BLASTING everything. I seemed most focused on trying to record video of it to show someone what had happened, but I don’t know why or who.

Woke up around 8:30 feeling pretty good, but thinking that I may have some aggression that Emperor is bringing out. The neurofeedback brain training I’ve done was supposed to reduce amygdala activity and make me feel more kindness toward strangers… Nope, didn’t do that.

So, I adjusted my stack playlist to:
-1x Emperor V3 Masked
-1x Sanguine Masked
-1x Emperor V3 Masked

I’ll play that once each morning, again after lunch, and then either again before dinner or after dinner, depending on my schedule. My wife wants to start listening to subs as well, so I’ve decided to get SM2 as we can both enjoy that one… :sunglasses:

She’s got ambition and drive to start stuff but procrastinates easily. She often tells me she admires my ability to power through work and not stop until it’s done or I’m physically too exhausted to continue.

What subs would be good for her to listen to for business mindset/productivity? Mogul is the only available one that I can think of. Thoughts?


Love your posts man! So much detail and really cool inside look into your world. Mogul is definitely a good base to start, maybe combine it with Limitless for an extra boost. Ecstasy of Gold is also an option but it is a way more dense/in depth program


If she already has a good money/wealth base, and her big challenge is procrastinating, I’d look into Asension for Women. Alpha Female stuff, includes a module for eliminating procrastination.

If you’re worried about the other modules of A4W messing with her too much, I’d include Sanguine to smooth things out.

You could also stack A4W with Mogul to get Ascended Mogul for women I guess.


Thanks, I’m glad you like them!

I’m going to get Quantum Limitless next month after I finish 30 days of Emperor, as she’s interested in doing QL together. Is there a point in getting Limitless before then if we’re starting QL in 3 weeks?

Right now for her I’m thinking Mogul + Sanguine + SM2.

I’ll be stacking QL ST1 with Emperor and Sanguine.


Definitely a good money/wealth base, her family is extremely entrepreneurial (and decently successful too) so she grew up with that mindset.


I’m not sure if there’s a point in getting Limitless or not, I’m sure there are some benefits but f#&k it, it just got for QL. Might as well go big, especially if you were planning too anyway. That stack for her looks good to me. Might I suggest that you both listen to QL & SM2? I think you’d both benefit from the two and have not only lots of growth but also lots of fun :wink:


@Blackice Ascension for Women definitely.


Limitless is already inside Emperor. I’m running Emperor and Quantum Limitless as well. They fit really good together. Because of what reason did you chose to stack it with sanguine?

By the way keep an eye out on my journal. It looks like we have kind of a similar stack.


Ahh yeah, I’ll be running SM2 in the evenings as well, just forgot to mention that. :slight_smile:

I’ll check it out, thanks!

I’ve had some anxiety due to work stress, though it’s gotten much better lately. I paired Emperor with Sanguine to develop an “unshakeable core”, or to put it less delicately, to be unfuckwithable .

(TBH I’ve also taken some of the tasks that caused me stress and delegated them to my EA, and that’s helped a lot as well.)

(edited my separate replies together to tidy up the journal a bit)


I like that. I’m stealing it. And don’t try to fuck with me, because well, yanno…


Haha go for it, I stole it from someone else already, Vishen Lakhiani I believe.


Ah! The guy from Mindvalley.


No need to get limitless before. Looking forward for your journal when you add QL