Building a stack, what works together/what not?



I’m putting together a stack. One question, one suggestion:

Does is it make sense, if you’ve run in a 4 stage sub S1, S2 & S3 seperately, to have a mixed stack of S2 & S3 before you “merge” them into S4?

It would be great to have a table for all the sub w/ key points to find the ones fitting/still missing from your stack containing

KIND OF SUB (4 Stage, major program, stack module…; maybe w/ annotations to use max. one 4 Stage or 2 major programs,…) - GENERATION (to use the latest) - CONTAINS (e. g. Primal contains Sex Mastery) COMPLEMENTS (Power Can Corrupt complements Khan, Emperor, Mogul, …).



Well, before any answer could be meaningful, it’s good if you shared your exact goals and what challenges you’re facing right now.

Otherwise, you’re asking people to guess randomly, or to just do all possible permutations of stacks, which probably is in the 1000s variations.


Right now I’m listening solely to EoG S3 (after S1 & S2). It feels right to move on now towards the next step, hence the question.

My goal is to grow a long running small business (online bookstore).

I’m comtemplating to use “Power Can Corrupt” with EoG S4 and as the forum is filled with questions like “Can I stack X with Y?” IMO a tablet with all subs would be very helpful.


I understand. And I personally haven’t notice many questions like that.

Could you please provide 2 or 3 examples of people recently asking that question?


Sure. I got the impression that pretty much in every Main Development Thread of stack modules the question or something close (is X already in Y?) was asked.

A table would make it more accessible IMO, but it would pobably be enough to put a “Works well with…” notion on the article page.


Yes, it seems every 3 months or so, someone asks that question.

It doesn’t make it an obvious pattern, though.

I believe everything works well with everything in SC. I am curious, @Mithras, could you give me an example of things that don’t work well together in the SC catalogue?


I’m pretty much a newby, so sadly not comprehensively. What might not work for me, might well work for others.

I find orientation difficult at times. Started with Ascended Mogul which didn’t really work for me (got some recurring headaches). Switched to Emperor which really worked from Day 1 exceptionally well.

Godlike Masculinity didn’t add much to Emperor, later used with Spartan it gave a certain spark & dedication. (That they worked the 2nd time around might suggest a longer period to attune though.)

There are a lot of infos scattered in the forum which would probably inform the choice of stack (older subs that would fit in principle but would be overwritten by newer tech etc.).

I don’t mind buying more subs than finally will end up in the stack. It’s really more the time to “test drive” that I would want to minimize.


No worries. It takes a long of courage to really want to stand out from the crowd, fix your limitations, and become exceptional. I salute you for that.

You seem to be jumping quite a bit there with your playlist. If you’ve found, for example, that Emperor works exceptionally well, why not stick with it for a while?

And if you’d like help, what is your most important specific and precise goal right now? You can use the “hivemind” of experienced people to help guide you until someday a matrix of comparison might be created.


Emperor is fantastic, EoG seemed like the logical evolution. (The buildup seems way slower but profound, really curious how S4 will be.)

I want to tackle two big fields: Economics (Grow the business, change the model to get more time for writing. Emperor is great for that.) and getting in shape (Sparta!)

Thinking about it, it is not just the direct effect of the subs that I’m interested in. The experimental self-experience & the interplay with mood, social structure, art (especially acting) are absolutely fascinating and provoke a bit of sub hopping.


Well, then soon you’ll be the best person on earth to create a table of all the subs with key points to share with all of us here and all future users!

It might be a project worth undertaking, because it will impact many people’s lives. What is your view on this @Mithras?


Well, why not.

Subs are an absolutely fascinating field. I’ll start making notes & a table.


I’m getting a bit of déja-vu here. Didn’t somebody recently ask about stacking multiple stages together?

One question, one answer it is. I’ll leave the rest to AMASH.

I think that S4 contains some extra scripting that blends S2 & 3 together more synergistically (new word!). So I’d say it would be more efficient to run S4 as compared to S2+3.

I’d love to see the table when you’re done.


This has been a brand new word since 1820 :rofl:


I should be careful, AMASH is hunting me. 4 replies and mentions in a row.

The word synergy has been around for a while, but its usage as an adverb is not generally accepted, smarty-pants. :wink:


It’s just love. Love, on our way to Open Heart, just like @throwthekitchensink does 24/7 in his final Buddha form :slight_smile: