Brief Shot of Limitless?


I’m working on a deadline right now. I need to complete a written proposal within the next few days. I’ve got the core of it and am now working to get it into finalized form.

My question: As I work today, what might be the impact of temporarily returning to Limitless? (I originally listened to Limitless during October and November of last year.).

My actual ongoing stack is Emperor and Ecstasy of Gold. (Already played them all night last night and during this morning’s meditation :person_in_lotus_position:‍♂.). But I’m wondering if this might be worth a try. I’m going to play something masked, as a white noise buffer from outside disturbances.

Early Emperor v4 Impressions Thread

As Emperor V4 already has QL Lite, I can’t say if playing Limitless would help or not. However, I have tried BL in the mornings when I was using Khan and it helped.


It’s definitely worth a try.
There should be no negative impact; Limitless is not an archetypal program. Its more like a Major Stack Module. (Meaning: Lv2 enhances processing of your stack, without adding another identity to reconcile.)

I wouldn’t play Emperor v4 as background music though, because QT makes high use of brainpower.

If you want only Focus, and there is no need for any skill enhancements (you know how & what to do very well), simply play some Focus Music while working, not a subliminal. I prefer the free [email protected] sounds on youtube.

However, if the skill could use an upgrade, Lv2 would be preferable.


I have this same sense. Subjectively, Emperor really does seem to be a workout. I do use it a lot while working, not as an enhancement strategy, but simply as a consequence of my exposure schedule. And if anything I need to try even harder to focus on tasks. Emperor ‘is not for play-play’.

Ah! Thanks. That is good to know.

Yes, it’s definitely an unrefined skill for me.

Thanks again, @Simon . Was hoping you’d weigh in.


I don’t fully agree with Simon’s concept of a major stacking module, Limitless v2 is big enough to be its own program and it contains core scripting as well. That said, since Limitless is present in all subs to some degree to help you integrate them faster, so it does hook into everything.

Considering you ran it previously, you may experience the effect fast enough. Your subconscious is likely to remember it and will recall its effects, since your intent is on it. One sees the same effect with the Weapon X programs. After running them regularly, they tend to kick in faster.

d1gz’s idea of running Beyond Limitless is not bad either, just to flip yourself into the mindset. Helps with keeping out those outside distractions.