Breakdown with Stark Q

I previously have done Khan with some benefits.

I am very charismatic with new people! Like extremely dominant and sexual. However, one thing that I have not accepted to myself, and have been rather ignorant until now is that i can only do this when i feel that the people are lower status to me, if they are people i already know or they have no previous knowledge of me, if they are people i don’t already know.

When people are the old people I know or the people are intoduced to me in a higher status context, I still go blank.

History of Usage: I started Khan in OCT 19, just passively listening and not really focussing on breakdown. In Nov i moved to St2. In Nov i went back home. In DEC- ST3 and Jan Feb March St4

Notable interactions while home

  1. My Fathers office Employees- I interact with them and interact with them has completly differently
  2. People Working in public places- Hospital Nurses/ Bank Workers etc- I am a beast when i interact with them
  3. My College friend core group- I perceive them to be similar status, the group as a whole - Previously, i would avoid hanging out with them outside college. But when i went back home, I made efforts to meet them. Although there was nothing different in my behaviours.
  4. School friends - I perceive them to be higher status - When i was back home, I completely avoided meeting them. Over fear of getting rejeted by the friends (former friends).

I have previously avoided acknowledging this, so that i could justify rushing through the stages of Khan. But yea, KSt4 won’t work with the limitations still there.

But yea Its is 1st of April, I am back in Australia and I am in Quarantine. Only an Aprils fool will not take this opportuninty for complete breakdown and healing.

This Journal Will Document my Breakdown and Reprogram which will go on until I am in Quarantine.

Stack: K1 (day 1) and Ql1 (Day 60)


That’s great to hear. Don’t lose focus.

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Got alot of hypnosis tracks on the internet to supplement the breakdown.
I don’t know how effective they will be

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14 days self-isolation or has Australia set up stronger measures yet?

Austrlaia is indefinitely in 3rd Stage lockdown. My University classess are all online.

Thanks! That’s the plan

Can’t find any of your journals yet though!

Damn… Did you get everything you need for the lockdown? I assume you are allowed to go to supermarket or something to buy more food?

I’m okay with not having a journal. I’ve noticed many things that have improved based on reflection and meditation. I am also noting down these changes. So far, so good. I will definitely leave a review. @SaintSovereign and @Fire Well done. Best Subliminals that I have ever used and I know it is getting better every time that I listen. Please make KhanQ.

I couldn’t stack up! by the time i reached australia the panick was already on, and stores had put the buying trestrictions.
I have to get daily stuff daily.


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Day 1.

I’ve been having dreams in which people have made me feel like shit. The dreams are still too embarassing for me to document or reflect on.

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Day 1.1

I’m playing Aegis as I am watching Contagion

Day 1.2

Major Domains in Life and the Bottle necks

Religion - Laziness, Procrastination
Business - Fear, Comfort Zone Bubble, Laziness, Procrastination, uncertainity, lack of Self Belief
Relationships- Fear of rejection, Insecurity, Low Self Esteem
Continuous Learning- Laziness, Procrastination

how do you guys manage to recollect your dreams? i wake up blank…

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I always thought it was a normal phenomena.

But I guess it’s different for different People.

I recently met a person who said he can rewind his dreams.

Day 19 of no sleep at night :frowning:

If corona doesn’t kill me, lack of sleep will

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Day 2


Khan 1 (2)

Ql 1 (61)

I am thinking of playing these 2 side by side today.

@SaintSovereign Please give me some advice.

I’m Doing Khan again from ground up for obvious reasons.

Doing Ql (QL st1 61 days) - To build up my intelligence which can help me pass through my last semester, but more importantly expand my family business after i go back home (learn and implement new technology and new business etc).

Would intelligence scripting of StarkQ be more suited in place of QL for my purposes? Or should i go through the QL stages first?

if StarkQ is better suited,

Will it complement khan Stage 1 well?

EDIT: Please ignore this query. I have figured out the answer on Day 4.

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Day 2.1

I can’t stand people giving me stupid orders. They should frame it as “they are requesting me and not ordering me”.

Today, something like this happened, where a class mate over text aasked me to do something which sounded like an order.

Due to the broken up part, i did not give in to the order!

But, due to the limitations still holding me, I could not directly confront her to not order me!

Feelings that prevented me: What if she minds? What if she gets angry? What if she gets annoyed?

Edit: That night she knocked me herself to check up what’s up with me.

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