Brand spankin' new here: my intro and questions

Greetings! :smiley:

I discovered SC just a few days ago and been really enjoying reading this forum looking to make the right choice on where to start, everyone here is so supportive of each other and passionate about what SC, it really sold me on it and so I’ve decided to take the plunge. Wanted to tell you about me and ask for recommendations on which path I should take going forward. It seems like I’ve come at the right time with all of the subs now having this ZP technology. Last night I bought Regeneration and Elixir and would love any advice on how to proceed. (summary at the end if you don’t want to read this novel I just wrote)

I’m a 43 year old guy and up until now my life has been rather… underwhelming, consistently underachieving due to what I can only assume are stubborn limiting beliefs I’ve tried to uncover and let go of. Took me 10 years to get my bachelor’s degree (business) and since then I’ve mostly drifted between contract and temp jobs, long periods of unemployment and driving for Lyft. I know I’m not stupid, I did extremely well in the high level courses my last year of school, I just have had a very hard time focusing on and sticking to things that don’t interest me. Hasn’t been all bad, I’ve had a lot of fun in my life but I’m held back by something or somethings in my head and not sure what.

Meeting and attracting women has been a major challenge for me. I’m a short dude (5’5) and that is constantly in the back of my head even though I know logically it’s really not that big of a deal. But years of bullying and teasing about it have taken a toll on my confidence. For a few years in my late 20’s/early 30’s I managed to overcome it for awhile and was meeting and hooking up with a lot women, so I know for a fact it’s possible, but I needed to be totally plastered to talk to girls and I just can’t do that anymore nor want to. My age is also making me insecure now even though I look very young for my age and am in extremely good physical shape due to my great diet and exercise habits. My goal is to be able to go out and meet women in the daytime sober without hesitating, and there is a ton of knowledge I have that I’m excited to work with, I just cannot for the life of me go up to a girl and say hello, it feels almost criminal to do so and rejection is really discouraging. The good news is I have a great personality, am always positive and make people laugh, but I’m an introvert and this fear is getting worse and needs to go as I am not getting younger.

I landed a well paying job a year before the pandemic and had saved up a lot of money, then got laid off as the pandemic started and made good use of my time. I found out both through a self study and aptitute testing that I was doing the wrong type of work and that my brain is made for visual design work, so I took some great courses, learned how to design and build websites and started freelancing on upwork about 6 months ago. I get contracts once in awhile and every time I get stellar reviews from the work I do, but it’s just so competitive and I’m not making nearly enough enough money to cover my expenses. I have enough savings to last a few more months and my landlord gave me a notice yesterday my rent is going up $200 in January. So I need a breakthrough in terms of income from my work. I’m learning new things all the time and been working on my portfolio, but remember what I said about limiting beliefs? Yeah that’s getting in the way and holding me back.

So I’ve been devouring a ton of knowledge lately on communicating with my subconscious mind, looking for the right formula I can apply and am very motivated because the clock is ticking. My searching led me here and what I’ve been reading got me excited. At first I thought to start with Emperor or Ascension, then almost purchased Ascended Mogul, but something felt off so I grabbed my pendulum and asked my mind questions about what to buy, and the answers I got were the healing subs is what I needed first. Read some more about those and bought Regeneration and Elixir as that seems to be the magic combo from what everyone says.

Question time:

  • Should just let one run for awhile before adding the other one in later or go all in with both, and what I should expect generally from the combo?
  • Does it matter which one to play first in the stack?
  • Since Elixir ZP is pretty new I didn’t find a lot of info on how this new version combined with the Regen ZP manifests results so any experiences on that would be greatly appreciated.
  • What would you recommend after letting this stack run for awhile and how long before adding it?
  • Will Regen and Exilir help me to make growth in these areas alone?


  • 43 year old dude who’s underachieved and accomplished little in life due to lack of confidence and limiting beliefs that have been resistant to change.
  • Am short and painfully shy, but look young and in great shape, and need to somehow find a way to release my fears and find the confidence meet and talk to women anywhere without feeling like a creep or getting discouraged by the loads of rejection that would require.
  • Have started a new career as a freelance designer, and making some progress but not nearly enough to break even and need to start making enough money to cover expenses before money runs out in the next few months and rent goes up.
  • Have a ton of great knowledge to work with on programming the subconscious and achieving goals but need better focus and motivation to apply these things and take action to actually accomplish these goals.
  • Bought Regeneration and Elixir to start out with clearing the limiting beliefs and crap in my head holding me back and looking for advice on what to expect, how long to run these before adding a more focused sub for my goals and which one to add when I do (see questions above).

Thanks so much for reading and hope you all have a great day! :grinning:



You seem to be in a really great place for using subliminals.

You seem to have all of these tools, resources, and even past positive experiences that you can draw on. You just need to make some key shifts to get things properly aligned so you can make more effective use of them.

That seems like a great starting point.

I don’t have any very specific advice. What you’re choosing to do already sounds pretty good to me. And I think that other people will have useful points to share with you.

One general thing I’ll say is that, for me at least, the first months of listening to subs was a period of becoming familiar with how they work and with how they work for me.

Some people show up and just blast right off. For me, maybe with my learning style/personality, I have taken things more gradually.

Well, that’s personal, so it may not even apply to you, but my general point is, if you’re willing, give yourself a little time at the beginning to get a feel for the programs.

Welcome, and look forward to hearing your good fortune.


Hey Malkuth, thanks so much the for warm welcome. :heart:

That’s actually great advice, it’s a good reminder that lusting for results is one of the best ways to actually make things take longer so patience is key for things like this. One quote I read that resonated with me is that if you want something to show up in your life tomorrow, you have to first be willing to wait a year for it. Definitely plan to take time each week to journal what changes I notice.

Oh and btw, I work with Damon Brand’s stuff too :wink:


Welcome to SubClub, my friend. You made the right choice in terms of choosing quality products and a friendly, intelligent forum.

I had run Elixir and Regeneration together and let me tell you, it is the best beginner healing stack. I still remember it bringing me tons of profound realizations and helped me grow in my subliminal journey. Absolutely a good choice to start.

I can relate with this. I am an older gentleman myself. I am 41 and I am not impressed with my own resume and would like to change that. I still have a long way to go but the subliminals over here have given me hope when before I thought my best years were gone. But with SC, your best years have only begun! That I promise.

The fact that you could get girls (even if you had to take liquid courage to do that) shows that it is possible to do so. Plus, women love older men so use that maturity to your advantage.

But all in due time. Lets get you on the healing journey first. Am sure Elixir + Regeneration plus a bit of action on your part will help you understand many things and remove the things within you that stand in your own way.

Similar to your dating life, you have been a rockstar in your financial life before which means you can do so once again. There are plenty of wealth subliminals here that will help with this.

As I said, Elixir and Regeneration is an excellent combo and they were made to be run together. It won’t hurt running them as a stack from the get go and in fact you will surely enjoy doing that rather than doing one and then adding the other.

In the long run it doesn’t matter since you will absorb the programming of both in a wholistic way and the goal is to get the benefits of both rather than worrying about which program is coming in first and which second.

Elixir and Regeneration complement each other beautifully so no need to worry about it.

If you really want a first and second though, run Regeneration first and then Elixir. Elixir has a calming effect on the healing Regeneration does so running in that order could help with that in the short term.

Elixir and Regeneration are old titles. They have both been upgraded to ZP that’s all.

Would recommend a minimum of 2 or 3 cycles of Elixir and Regeneration. I think that would be enough to begin your journey and start other subliminals.

Yes they surely will. They will help remove a lot of limiting beliefs and emotional baggage that you have with regard to your dating and success goals. And I won’t be surprised that you will get better at them while in this healing stage.

Have already answered the first part. Regarding the second part, I think you will be ready for Emperor and WANTED to get both areas of your life handled after doing some healing.

I normally recommend Ascension or Ascended Mogul to beginners but since life has taught you a lot already, I think you can hit the gas and get going without having to wait.

I think that is enough advice for starters lol. Do start a journal in the appropriate section and write down your thoughts when you start running your Elixir + Regeneration stack. It will help with your growth.

Welcome again!


Thank you so much! There was a brief moment after putting all that down when I thought “does anyone really care about all this?” You and Malkuth have showed me the answer is yes, really appreciate it.

Awesome, yeah I’m excited. Been reading about reconciliation but I feel ready for it, I’ve learned how to face negative emotions, detach and let them go. I believe that anything that comes up internally can be resolved, learned from and released.

This is great thank you, Emperor was what I originally wanted to go with but knew I wasn’t ready. It’ll be between Wanted, Daredevil or Primal Seduction to go with that if these first two bear fruit. Daredevil sounds really good to me.



Listen to this man, he knows what his talking about :wink:
Regeneration and Elixir was my first stack ever exactly 3 years ago. It worked wonders on my life, it was the first time I ever used subliminals and Ive been a SC user since then.



Welcome to the Sub Club family. You have really done your homework. As you can tell, there are many wise people here. You are doing all the right moves. Enjoy your journey.


Welcome @PHURP,

Take your time, have patience but always be taking action.

Innovate. Consider how you can stand out in comparison to others. Something unique that only you can offer. Don’t handwave away your ideas under the pretense of “I could never do it”.


I would encourage you to consider starting with 1, then perhaps after 2 weeks, add another. The ZP format has its own effect that might take a week or so to get used to it.


Refer to what @Lion said.

I would encourage you to read about Ascension. How about running Regeneration plus Elixir for at least 6 weeks before adding a third one.

Another option would be at some point to design a custom.

They will likely help you grow by removing metaphorical garbage, and then, in theory, the other subliminals (such as Emperor, Ascension, Wanted, etc.) can work better because your mental garbage is reduced.