Brand New to Subclub


Hi all, I’m new here and have started to brainstorm on a stack that will help me hit all my goals of strengthening my masculinity, increasing both my personal and social power, building wealth and getting better with women and sex. Seems the winners are Emperor V3, Power Can Corrupt, and Aura. I was wondering if combining these 3 may be too much to handle all at once. Any guidance is appreciated.


That doesn’t seem like too much! Aura is a stack module and PCC essentially is as well. That would make an awesome stack :slight_smile:


Also welcome to the subclub family! :smiley:


Thank you @Neurokinetic. Believe it or not I actually added on to that list. Spartan, The legacy, daredevil and true social. Now if I were to play these all in a list and give it around 2 full years to work, would you think this could end up as overload?


2 years? I’ll give you compliments on your patience, it’s a good thing. I would suggest you add them one by one though. Build your stack over time. This gives your mind time to adjust to the contents of every module, instead of having to deal with 4 major programs, 1 stacking module and 2 superchargers.

Also, your stack doesn’t contain much in the area of women & sex. If you had to pick the most important one between women/sex and wealth, which one would you pick?


I agree with @DarkPhilosopher. Start with the stack you began with then maybe add one major program and either a stacking module or supercharger every month or so following until you’ve built up to that. Starting with all that is going to be a lot to process. You won’t be giving your mind/subconscious time to adjust


@DarkPhilosopher It seems like all of those could help with women and sex (directly or indirectly) in some way according to the descriptions I read. I don’t have much trouble with women anyway and so wealth would ALWAYS be more of a priority for me, given that I could use it to enhance all aspects of my life.

@Neurokinetic seems like a good approach.


Well, there is wealth to the point where you can do what you want and live a good life, in which case I would recommend a different stack. Then there is wealth that is more than you need, so you can use it as toilet paper and leave some to your loved ones. And I don’t recall seeing any report of Emperor helping with women and sex. But I have seen some that state the contrary.


Emperor is definitely supposed to have be dating/romance scripting in it, though most people use it primarily for wealth


You kinda described Khan’s sales page to be honest


@rising I basically just want a stack aimed at hitting as many areas as possible for further strengthening the alpha traits that I already possess. I’m talking about on every single level, accept for spiritual since Alchemist core exists on its own. The only other way I can see myself pulling this off all at once is probably by ordering a custom sub.


Just posting this as a reminder to myself:

My first bulk purchase from subclub and stack will consist of:

Commandant (if it comes out in time)
Power can corrupt

Still using a sub from another vendor. I plan to give that a rest as of tomorrow and let that programming sink in for a couple weeks, so that I can start fresh with subclub, and hopefully end 2019 having found my new favorite subliminals producer.