Boxing joshua vs ruiz


Whos watching the Joshua vs Ruiz fight tonight,? i got Joshua by points but Andy is a animal


I’m going to try. Company Christmas party tonight, but I’m rushing home as soon as it’s over to catch the title fight.

My money is on Ruiz.


Hope you didn’t put too much on him @SaintSovereign! I was quite disappointed by Ruiz as he didn’t give himself a chance by coming in that heavy, although Joshua boxed well he still looked uncomfortable in exchanges, think its a flaw that will show itself again against the right opponent…

I know you’re a big boxing fan and knowledgeable about the sport and training… Come on man, can we please get a Boxing mastery x with QL tech?? You guys are the only ones with the knowledge of scripting and combat sports who could bring such a beast into the world!

Or at least a sub that can apply for all combat sports and not just Muay Thai?


With a masked version of course. :wink:


Lol, lemme see what I can do. I do have an itch to get back into the gym, and @Fire is in the early stages of working on Emperor Fitness…


Thank you man, that would be a real fucking game changer