Book Recommendation

I came across this book today by accident and because it’s a free download on the site with no strings attached

Oddly enough or not his brother Kamal wrote a book I read recently about loving yourself like your life depends on it which always makes me think of Love Bomb

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I have that one, but alas I’ve not read it yet… my reading list is 500+ books long and I tend to prioritize ones that are immediately actionable for my projects etc.


Feels weird getting tagged; feels weirder with the names around me lol.

I haven’t heard of this book. Have you read the whole thing?

I guess you missed where I said I came across it today
So that would be a " no "


I didn’t click the link 'cause I wasn’t home yet so I somewhat assumed that it was one of those neat, compact books that you can read in one sitting, but gains something new from it each time you do :slight_smile:

I just got home so imma take a look at it.

Edit: Okay so cool, this was a fast manifestation. I decided today that I needed to stop pretending that it was okay that I don’t understand the actual nature of money in the world today, which I’ve been refusing to acknowledge when it has come up. Which has been often, since I started with Stark ZP. Emperor has not let me off so easily.


This alone caught my attention. The next chapter looks just as great. :+1:t3: