Bone Conduction Headphones


Last night on a whim and out of obvious curiosity I purchased a pair of bone conduction headphones online. I have quite a bit of hearing loss in my left ear and I thought I would give these a shot to see if they make a difference. Has anyone else used these type of headphones for subliminals? If so have you noticed any difference in results between using them as opposed to regular headphones or earbuds?


Yes, and they’re at least as effective.


What model did you get? How do you like them (both for subliminals and normal listening)?


Very interesting experience you have with bone-conduction headphones…


@King Thanks for posting that. Makes me more excited


@Kaprice it didn’t say the brand name when I the purchased online and I have yet to receive them. I hot them for both the subliminals and music.


Just looked at my order and no specific date yet for delivery. Probably the middle to end of next week as it’s a holiday weekend here in the States. I asked my wife if I could purchase a pair on Amazon. She said to wait to get the ones I already ordered first to see if they work or not. Frustrating to wait but I see her point. Trying to curb my spending and not blow money so I told her I would run every wanted purchase by her first


Any pictures on what that looks like? I can imagine it might have some interesting effects with ultras actually…


@DarkPhilosopher . I was thinking the same thing. Here’s the link


How are these working out for you?


They’re ok. Didn’t do what I was hoping they would but whatever


I have a pair of Aftershokz Aeropex and they work great.
Compared with my Sennheiser headphones and the phonespeakers (s10) they come out on top.
I don´t use them with Ultimas.


I may give them another shot. I have a pair of Aftershokz as well. Probably wouldn’t hurt to use more often so I can hear when someone is trying to talk to me or get my attention


Well, being able to hear when other people in the household are speaking to you will increase peace.

They work on ultrasonic tech so it is possible they would be able to run Ultimas on, but I´ve not tried it yet.


@Gemstone Starting to feel I had the headphones placed wrong or not as good as they could be because I have playing around with where they sit on the sides of my head and the sound is way better


Yes, placement is important.
It feels almost as if the sound originates from within the head. I like it!
And the bonus of having the ears free for hearing is great.


I use aftershokz aeropex with all my subs, customs, and ultimas. They work well


I use them at work. They work great.