Blue’s Subliminal Journey


Emperor is tough!
I’ve been running Emperor as my primary sub for about 35 days.
The first 2 weeks were kind of neutral. Then next 2 weeks I was feeling on top of the world, and now, for about a week, I’ve been feeling anxious, insecure and, as you said, not in control.

The anxiety is terrible to deal with sometimes. Couple days ago I was feeling this pressure in my chest, it was horrible. It was okay the following day, though.

This is definitely a long term sub!

I am also questioning myself a lot - who am I? who do I wanna be? etc.

I believe there’s light at the end of the tunnel :slight_smile:


Today i went to se my brother at his place. We meet around once or twice a month. I needed to borrow some money from him. We always help eachother whenever one asks. No questions no hesitation. And we always pay it back the first chance. One thing from to appreciate in my life.

He told me about that my vibe is off. Almost like from way before and reminded me on the importance to cut off people with negative vibes. Somewhere i lost perspective. The drive for improvment and success is always there. But i went soft and before long i stopped being proactive. No matter how hard it gets i always survive. But its way more than just surviving at this point. I want to do more. I have been stagnant for far too long.

  • After switching from 1 main subliminal + one more to runn at odd times i created a stack with 5 subliminals. I got improvment from only one and i got improvment from the stack.

Right now it seems that neither alone is right. I should only use one sub for about 5 days and use stacks for 2. I will reduce the stack so it can be focused. Running 4+ makes my brain adhd like. Especially since the stack includes big guns subliminals like Spartan, Limitless and Emperor.

The optimal stack should include 2 major subs, and 2-3 modules & or superchargers.

I will try the new routine and see how it goes


Going with Emperor full time and few Limitless loops in between for the time being. This seems to be rhe perfect choice. Its what im going through right now is being dealt with by Emperor. Things are looking very good at the moment


On Dat Grind Part I:

Got me a new part time job to fill in the time. I will now be able have better use for those 24 hours we all have. So far i have done little more than aimless surviving and that is exactly where i am at. Im starting to truly comprehend actions and consequences and the consequenses of inaction.

The importance of an important ” why ” has never been more evident. Can’t do shit with desire only… The goal all along was to be strong enough to never need anyone, to never feel weak and never being depending on a someone.

I wanted to be free. And i am exactly that nothing more, nothing less. Cant go much further with the old encrypted goal in mind.


On Dat Grind II

I was alone with a co worker doing some shopping. She was fun and outgoing like always. Today she hugged me no less than 3 times. The thrid time i hugged her back, backed slowly, stared into her eyes and made out with her.

Seconds later, my hands were going down to her lower back all the way to her thighs and i squeezed them. If this is going down, i need her to know i mean buisness. I back off smothly to avoid possible attention since we were at the mall and since i made my goal clear. She giggled and before saying a word i used a line from a movie i stole ” wrong place, wrong equipment ”

We go about our day and before leaving she kisses me and says lets be in contact.

Where the hell did all that come from? No idea. I gotta thank Primal Seduction which i was coincidently playing allot for some reason. Pure auto pilot epicness.

Im i ever going back to obsessing about one person, bending my codes for someone, or ever need someone to make me happy? Hell no


Current playlist: Ascended Mogul, Primal Seduction, limitless and Spartan. On repeat

Today i woke up from a traumatic nightmare. It was about my father meddling with everything in my life. In thr dream there was two occasions i screamed with all my might ” LEAVE ME ALONE!! ”

The second time i took a bike and went far away from home. I stop at a supermarket wherw my little brother sees me and tells my dad ” he is here ” and then run back to the bike and drive away seeing home running to his car to chase me.

I woke up panting heavily. Like i was running for my life…
And to think i was dumb enough to believe i let the past behind. Logically, it doesnt make any sense. But it seems that my subconcious believes otherwise


Good realization Saiyan :slight_smile:


I have been getting work done for almost 3 weeks now which explains the lack of posting. Getting out of bed is never an issue, all i think about is dominating ans getting more done. Im working 15 hours a day from with 2 jobs. I barly see my apartment anymore. Good stuff.

I had sex with the the co worker i made out with before. She was getting the Sex Mastery X treatment = pornstar stamina and tons of orgasms. She wants to come over my apartment on the weekend but even to my suprise i refused. I barly have alone time anymore. I dont really click that well with her.

In other news, i will be picking up Daredevil tonight. Its been along time coming. Lets see if this Daredevil INTJ could evolve into a mastermind ENTJ hybrid :wink: